Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jacquotte Delahaye

Jacquotte Delahaye (17th century), was a French pirate, or Buccaneer, and together with Anne Dieu-Le-Veut one of very few female buccaneers.
She was active in the 1660s, came from Haiti, her father was French and her mother Haitian. She is described as a great beauty who became a pirate after her father was killed. It is rumored that her mother died in childbirth. Her brother suffered from mild retardation and was left in her care after her father's death.

To escape her pursuers, she faked her own death and took on an alias, living as a man for many years. Upon returning she became known as "back from the dead red" because of her striking red hair.


  1. Sounds like she lived a very unhappy life. I guess most pirate's turned pirate due to a bad life. So sad. I wonder what happened to her and her brother.

    1. Disagree, i like to think they made the most of a bad situation and had their fun with it. I mean, if they didn't why would some of them go back to being pirates after being pardoned by the king?

  2. Thanks Debbie! Yes, most pirate's lives ended badly. These posts give me great ideas for pirate stories. I could do a whole series on lady pirates! Anyway, hope you are doing well!

  3. A whole series on lady pirates is a great idea! I want to read them now. :)
    All is well. Just waiting for Jackie to go into labor. It could still be a couple of weeks. Ugh.

  4. Is that really a picture of her? That is very RED hair. :)

  5. i declared myself a female pirate in Jamie's quiz, ending up as the Dread Pirate Cash! aaarrgh! what tales i could tell...

  6. The picture is really creepy but really pretty at the same time--creepy.
    Well...her life was horrible!
    Outcast of society?

  7. Faith.. ah yes,.the Dread Pirate Cash!! Glad you enjoyed Carie's quiz.

    Yes, this picture is creepy pretty, isn't it? There isn't much known about her. I imagine she was an outcast. Sort of sad. I wonder what happened to her?