Monday, October 15, 2012

God's Train fills the Temple!

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the skirts of His train filled the temple.  Isaiah 6:1 Amplified

I recently discovered an historical tidbit that I hope will encourage you as much as it did me.  Kings of old wore elaborate robes to signify their majesty and authority.  The longer the train (the back hem of the robe), the more powerful the king.  After a king defeated an army in battle, he would cut off a portion of the defeated king's robe and have it sewn onto the train of his robe. Hence, the longer a King's robe, the more victories he had won! And the more authority he possessed!

All through the Bible, robes bear a special meaning.  
  • In Exodus you can read God's directions on how to make the priestly robes the Levites would wear as they served in the temple. Every little portion of the robe had deep meaning.
  • In 1 Samuel, when Jonathan made a covenant with David, he took off his robe and gave it to him
  • Also in 1 Samuel David heartily repented for cutting a slice off of King Saul's robe and thus insulting his authority
  • In Esther when she fearfully approached the king to beg for her people's lives, she put on her royal robes
  • In Job when he found out all his children had been killed, he tore apart his robe indicating his grief and laying down his authority
  • In Ezekiel, the stripping off of robes and laying them aside is a symbol of humbling and submission
  • In Matthew, the Roman guards placed a scarlet robe on Jesus to mock him for his claim to be a king
  • In Luke when the prodigal son returned, his father put the best robe in the house on him to honor him
  • In Revelation, we the saints will be robed in pure white to signify our righteousness before God.

So you see, robes are symbols of love, authority, power, and victory! And the longer the train, the more victorious the King.

Therefore it is said, When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive [He led a train of vanquished foes] and He bestowed gifts on men.  Ephesians 4:8 Amplified

In fact, the longer the train, the more robe there is to cover us up with. Everything we bring to God is  covered by His victorious robe. Every problem, struggle, sin, weakness, and fear we bring to Him is defeated. God's Robe signifies the defeat of the enemy, His Blood seals our redemption and our righteousness (past, present; and future). 

We are covered by the robe of the King who has conquered death! And there's more than enough room beneath it for all of us!


  1. Mon Oct 15th ....
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Once again, Amen and Amen to all that you shared on today's blog. How magnificent is our God and King, and I am SO very thrilled/honoured/blessed, to be covered by His robe !!!
    What a Great God we serve !
    Thanks for sharing, MaryLu.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Hi Brenda! I thought we all could use a wee bit of encouragement these days and when I discovered the meaning of the long train of God's robe, it seemed just the ticket. We do serve an incredible God! Have a wonderful evening!

  3. As I'm reading this, my brain starts playing a song ...

    "I see the Lord -- and His train fills the temple -- I see the Lord -- He is high and lifted up ... "

    I like this thought ... that His train is SO BIG because He has won SO MANY victories. And it's big, and rich, and plush -- and I can curl up in, snuggling in the safety of His Victorious Presence ...

    Needed this visual :o)

  4. I love that song, Rebecca! And you're right.. what a great visual.. to snuggle up in His magnificent Train!

  5. He is over whelming Majesty yet the tenderest love at the same time , marvellous

  6. Hi thank you for sharing. I've been looking for proof of kings cutting a piece of the robes of defeated kings, and adding it to their own. Do you know if it's in a history book? or the Bible?

    Thank you. Grace and peace, Jenny

    1. Hi Jennifer. I couldn't find any exact historical references online, but as you probably have seen, there is a ton of sites that swear this was an historical practice. The only thing I can point you to in the Bible is 1 Samuel 24 where David cuts a piece off of King Saul's robe. Afterward he feels horrible about it. But why? Perhaps because of the significance of the meaning that David defeated Saul. ??

    2. Marylu, just saw this, as I was making up a song that included Isaiah 6:1, His train filled the temple. What a great teaching! Learned alot! But I also noticed your question about why David felt so bad about what he had done. As you know and David Knew, one does not touch Gods anointed, 1 Chronicles 16:22
      "Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." This is why he felt bad, as he had touched Gods anointed King. You see, Saul would not relent in pursuing David, and David was tired of this running. So, I think, in desperation, he did this to make Saul aware of his close encounter with death, as David could easily have killed the King, instead of just cutting his robe! Thanks

    3. Tom, thanks for your post. Yes, that makes sense! :-)


    1. The word "Train" in ancient days did not refer to a locomotive but meant the following: "series, progression, succession, continuous course"

  8. I just want to thank the HOLY spirit my friend for sending me to this page. This is my first time here and I liked this so much. Thanks for sharing this awesome revelation.

  9. Very encouraging and I am so blessed, thank you.

  10. Shermane MiddletonNovember 1, 2017 at 4:58 AM

    Thank you for sharing this. We are blessed to have such a powerful King. Never lost a battle. I love Him, honor Him and worship Him even more. I love my God so much. Just so happy to know that I live to serve the Undefeated Champion!!

  11. Oh what a mighty GOD we serve!! He's our Champion, Undefeated and never will!! Cause He's Intentional!!

  12. Please where did you get your history from thanks God bless you

  13. Splendid, am so touched by the insight on the train of His robe. I have been reading this particular scripture since Dec 20 whiles trying to read further online the Lord led me to this site. God bless you.

  14. Im always hungry for knowledge that brings revelation. This brought revelation to me. Makes me want to search it out more. A friend sent me this. Im glad!