Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arg, me Flintlock pistol

I just had to share. I'm so excited! Sunday was my birthday and my wonderful, incredible husband got me the greatest gift ever. A 17th Century replica of a Flintlock pistol! I know most women like flowers or a new dress or jewelry, but my husband has learned to deal with my oddities quite well. In fact, he doesn't even flinch when he asks me what I want for my birthday or our anniversary and I say a cutlass, a cannon ball, an old ship compass, a bicorn or better yet, a treasure map! (In fact, I think he quite enjoys it) Anyway, see how great the pistol looks on my writing desk? Perfect.


  1. Ohmygosh that is so cool!:) The pistol looks like it belongs on your desk:D
    And your Birthday is in Feb also? Sweet:)

  2. Hey that's so cool! I like your mouse pad, too, by the way :p

  3. LOL. How inspiring. When does your next book come out? I just posted my reviews to Amazon and Shelfari.

  4. Very cool. Happy belated bday!! ((Hugs))