Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ten minutes on stage

What if life is merely an act in a play? Behind the curtain to the right, your birth pushes you out onto the stage, and to the left, you exit in death. Beyond the curtain exists an eternal world that is beyond your comprehension. Because all you can see, all you can hear, and feel is the stage. Your alloted time before the audience is exactly 10 minutes. And during that 10 minutes, you are given a task to perform, a role to play, important things to do that impact lives and destinies of others either on the stage with you or who have not yet made their entrance. On the stage is everything you need to complete your task, to fulfill your destiny. What you do in that 10 minutes determines what you will be doing for all of eternity. Just 10 minutes. What will you do?

Will you, like most people on the stage, spend your time gathering arm loads of "things" that give you momentary happiness? Will you seek the comfort of the beds and chairs strewn about and spend your time napping and resting? Will you sit at the huge table centering the stage and feast on all the delights set upon it? Will you allow the other poeple on the stage to distract you or dissuade you from fulfilling your destiny?

What will you do?

All of eternity is waiting to find out.

"Will you set your mind on things above or will you remain double-minded and half-hearted and spend your God-given tenure on earth making no discernable difference?" Beth Moore.

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