Sunday, February 3, 2008

You and your household

Another thing about Noah that struck me was that in Genesis 6:8, right after God was declaring how wicked people were and how grieved He was that he made them, it says: But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD. It doesn't say that Noah and his wife and sons found favor in the eyes of the Lord, does it? Only Noah. The very next verse says this: Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. I'm going to assume here that Noah's wife and son's were not as righteous and blameless as he was. The next chapter repeats this The LORD then said to Noah, "Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.
This is my question: Why did the Lord allow Noah's family to be saved even though only Noah was righteous? I believe because as you read and search scriptures, you will see that God is a God of families. He created families. He is the ultimate Father. He understands the intense love that exists (or should exist) in families. He saves whole families. Now, I'm not saying that members of a family are automatically saved by the belief of one member. I'm saying that if one member is a solid Christian who loves the Lord, who serves the Lord and who is fervently praying for his or her family to be saved, they will be. They will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at some point. The Bible is filled with passages about God blessing and saving families because of one righteous member.

Consider Lot (who was a pretty sorry dude). Over and over God rescues him for Abraham's sake. So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived. Genesis 19:29

In Joshua, the prostitute Rahab was saved along with her entire family because of her faith in the God of Israel.

And don't forget the jailer who asked Peter after Peter was miraculously delivered out of prison:
"Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."

So, don't be disheartened. Search the scriptures for other instances where God saves families and descendants of the righteous. And pray, pray, pray and fast for your lost loved ones! Don't give up. God is a Father and He understands your love as well as your fears.


  1. This is a very timely post for me to read, MaryLu. Thank you!


  2. Wow.. I never realized this. I mean, I know God is an extremely loving God and that He answers prayer, but I never thought about Him saving a whole family because of one person. That's great news. My immediate family are all Christians, but my mom's parents and sister and other relatives are not, as far as I know. I know we've all prayed for them, but your post has kind of given me new hope for them. Thanks again