Thursday, March 6, 2008

Are we supposed to live 120 years?

According to Genesis 6:3, we are. "Then the Lord said, My Spirit will not contend with man forever for he is mortal, his days will be a hundred and twenty years." The context of this scripture is right before Noah's flood and God is describing mankind, how "every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time" And God was sorry he made man. In this context, it would appear that God limited our lifespans due to our wicked nature, because before the flood, people were living nearly 1000 years! I can't imagine living that long! Yet how many people do you know make it to 120? The average lifespan of a human male in 2004 was only 75.2 years, a female only a few years longer. My question to you is why aren't we living out our intended life spans? I'm not going to presume to know the complete answer to that. I'm sure it has something to do with our environment, pollution, stress, and disease, but I also firmly believe that what we are eating is killing us at a far younger age than we would normally live. All our food today is "Processed, refined, frozen" and filled with dozens of additives that we can't even pronounce. The more processed something is, the further away that food is from its natural state and the less nutritious it is.

Take white enriched flour for example, found in breads, crackers, cookies, etc.. Enriched flour is flour in which most of the natural vitamins and minerals have been extracted. This is done in order to give bread a finer texture, increase shelf life and prevent bugs from eating it. When the bran and the germ (the parts of the wheat that contain vitamins and minerals) are removed, your body absorbs wheat differently. Instead of being a slow, steady process through which you get steady bursts of energy, your body breaks down enriched flour too quickly, flooding the blood stream with too much sugar at once. Your body then has to work hard to absorb the excess and stores it as fat. This causes quick highs and lows in your blood-sugar level which can lead to type-two diabetes and obesity. All this and you’re not even getting close to the amount of nutrients that whole grains contain.

That's just one example of a food we eat everyday that is not only not giving us the nutrients we need, but poisoning us along the way. By the way, 100% whole wheat flour is a much better choice, but make sure you read the labels.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a health nut. At least I really do try to eat all natural foods as often as I can. But living in the big city and being as busy as I am, it's not always possible to eat well. Let me tell you about a product that I use that I highly recommend. It's called Juice Plus and it consists of 4 simple pills you take every day. These pills contain 17 different fruits and vegetables that are picked fresh, whole, and organic and then freeze dried into these small pills. So, even when I can't eat right, at least I know I'm getting the right nutrients. I've been taking Juice plus for over a year and I feel great! And I rarely get sick. Here's the website of my Juice Plus representative if you're interested: Juice Plus

I am not affliated with Juice plus, nor do I get any discounts by mentioning the product. I just believe in it and wanted to share it with you.

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