Friday, March 14, 2008

My cover for The Falcon and Sparrow!

Here's the cover for my next book, The Falcon and the Sparrow, to be released this coming August. There's always something so cool when you get your first glimpse of the cover of your book. It's like seeing your characters come to life. It can be a scary thing too because most writers don't get much say on their covers, but I have been really pleased with the covers that my publisher, Barbour, has designed for me so far. I don't know about other publishers, but with Barbour I fill out a form for the cover designer that describes what the book is about, what the characters look like, their personalities, anything I'd like to see in the background, and any pictures that I think would help. It always amazes me that from that, these talented and creative artists can create such awesome covers.

I am also in the process of creating a Book Trailer for The Falcon and the Sparrow, and I'll post that when I finish it, probably sometime next month.
Anyway, I pray you have a wonderful weekend! On Monday, I have another guest blogger, author Laurie Alice Eakes and a book giveaway for her latest release.


  1. My inner costume geek is going crazy over how BEAUTIFUL her dress is!!!

  2. Next step, the feel of the cover and the pages within it in my hands. lol

  3. The cover looks GREAT!! I want to grab through the screen and read it! :)

  4. oh I love the cover! I figured that authors kind of dictated what they wanted on the cover and watched the artist create it. I didn't realize you had little say in it. But I think it came out really nice!