Friday, June 27, 2008

How savvy are ye--answers and winner!

"I'll watch ye dance the Tyburn hornpipe" = "I'll watch you hang!"

Tyburn was London's traditional place of public execution where immates of NewGate prison were hanged. The dance refers to the involuntary jerks of someone being hanged. (sorry for those weak at heart)

Sarah said "hanging"
Angie said "walk the plank"
Remnant said "a pirates' death"

All great answers! But Sarah got it.

"Yet ye're aggrieved, being a poor-spirited, crossgrained cur." crossgrained means perverse or troublesome.

Sarah said "Stubborn"
Angie said "Dumb"
Remnant said "easily argued with; hard to manage:

Great answers too, but Remnant was the closest.

"Had yer tongue pruned?" = "Cat got your tongue?"

Sarah said "Cat's got your tongue?"
Angie said "Why so quiet?"
Remnant said "At a loss for words?"

All three of you got it correct in my book!

"Here's paltry invention" = "That's a lie!"

Sarah said "dumb idea"
Angie said "little"
Remnant said "Despicable; have ye ever heard such a thing?"

I'll have ye talkin' like pirates soon enough. Good job!

"Passion is an ill word to steer by." = "Don't let your temper get the best of you."

Sarah said "Don't act by your emotions."
Angie said "Don't let your passions lead you."
Remnant said "Don't let emotions gee the best of you"

I told ye, ye were pirates! All 3 correct!

So, ho now, ye hear him, Cap'n, this paltry skipjack?" slipjack = fool.

A slipjack was a fish known to jump out of the water repeatedly and vigorously and to the pirates it looked like a crazy foolish fish.

Sarah said "conceited person"
Angie said "New crew member"
Remnant said "a fish"

You all did great!

Congratulations to Remnant! Send me a note and let me know which of my 3 pirate books you'd like me to send you.

Thanks to all of you for playing. That was fun, wasn't it??


  1. Congrats, Remnant! :)

    I did better than I thought...guess watching all those Pirate movies helped me some. ;)

  2. Yes, that was fun. Do it again sometimes.

    Thanks for the book. I'll enjoy it.

  3. Good job, Remnant.

    That WAS a lot of fun!