Monday, August 18, 2008


The Black Cloister
By Melanie Dobson

Trapped inside an abusive cult, one woman is dying to break free.

After her mother commits suicide, Elise Friedman travels to Germany to search for answers and discovers her mother's dark secret inside the walls of a medieval abbey. When the man who destroyed her mother threatens to destroy her as well, Elise fights for a way out of the darkness before she is consumed.

"From the moment I opened up to the first page of The Black Cloister, I was hooked. This intense, well-crafted story about a modern day cult will have you wondering long into the night." --Linda Hall, Shadows in the Mirror

#2 in the Piper Cove Chronicles
by Linda Windsor

Avon Inspire ISBN 978-0-06-117138- 3 $12.95

Ellen isn't sure true love exists…until she landscapes the estate of the widower next door. Adrian has it all—at least on the surface. He's engaged to a beautiful woman and he'll soon have a stepmom for his troubled son, Pete. Yet from the moment Ellen rescues him on her Harley, his well-ordered world turns upside down. With his business under investigation for espionage and his son pushing for the tomboy-next- door as his new mom, Adrian's fa├žade of happiness shatters. As Ellen's three best friends step in to help her navigate the uncharted waters of love, she must ask herself if she's ready to risk her heart and trust that God has brought this family into her life for a reason. [Available at local and online bookstores.]

BEST BOOK AWARD, Long and Short Reviews: "Linda Windsor will have you laughing, hurting and loving along the way...packed with chemistry, emotion, action, suspense, laughter, fun, faith and love. It is truly one of a kind. There was not a boring moment among the pages and I found myself completely drawn into the lives of these characters and the town of Piper Cove."

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