Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is having a great 3-day weekend! My prayers go out for the people enduring Hurrcane Gustav. Having lived through several hurricanes growing up in Florida, I understand the terror of being in the middle of such a ferocious storm.
Here in CA, it is warm and sunny, and I have to work today due to a looming deadline on Book 2 of my Charles Towne Belles series, now named The Blue Enchantress.

But, I wanted to share a couple of things: First, I added a link on my website called "Tall Ships". If you share my obsession with the romantic age of sail, please check it out. I have a whole page filled with pictures from the HMS Surprise. (very cool)

Secondly, I wanted to post this picture of me and my fellow Barbour authors at the ICRS convention last July. From right to left is Kelly Hake, Mary Connealy, Christine Lynxwiler, Wanda Brunstetter, the winner of our drawing, and me!

I'm also planning on having a book giveaway later in the week, and I'm thinking of starting a study on Fear. More on that later. but for now.. enjoy your day off!

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