Sunday, August 3, 2008

Introducing Edgy Inspirational author, Michelle Sutton!

You do not want to miss reading the books of this up and coming new author, Michelle Sutton. Her first release is entitled It's Not About Me, and I had the privilege of reading it before it came out on the market. Here were my thoughts on it:

"It's Not About Me is a must read for every young adult in today's world, boy or girl. Not only does it explore in depth the intense sexual pressures placed upon today's youth, but also the serious effects of alcoholism and rape. More importantly, it addresses issues of true Faith and Christianity which cut at the core of our beliefs: issues such as what does it really mean to follow Jesus? Does going to church or even being a pastor's son make you a Christian? As you follow the lives and the ardurous love triangle of three young adults, Annie, Tony, and Dan, you'll not only fall in love with them, you'll cry with them, yearn along side them and weep for their heartaches and struggles. Kudos to Michelle Sutton for addressing such timely topics with such finesse."

Michelle has graciously answered a few questions for me:

1. How long have you been writing and what aspect of being an author do you find the most difficult, and what do you find the most rewarding?
I began writing fiction in August of 2003, so it's been five years ago this month! What I find most difficult about being an author is having to work a day job as well as find the time to write, etc. Plus, all the waiting kinda stinks, too. People who don't like delayed gratification need to self-publish. I've learned to be VERY patient.

2 I notice you lable yourself an edgy inspirational author. Can you define what that is? And why have you gone that route in your writing?
People actually labeled me as "edgy," including publishers who regularly asked my agent for less edgy novels. I tried to change that but decided it's who I am and how I write, and if I changed that about myself I would gut my voice and my unique style. So I kept it and made a brand for myself. So far it looks like I achieved that. As far as what it is? To me edgy is daring to say what most people think and do and writing about real situations.
3. What prompted you to write "It's Not About Me." ? Was there something in your own past or something you've seen in young adults these days?
Ah, probably both. I know a lot of young girls (especially through counseling them as a social worker) who allowed themselves to be pressured into doing what their boyfriends wanted only to get dumped anyway. I've also worked with people who have addictions such as alcoholism and have worked with some capacity with pretty much every type of vice.

4. What do you hope young adults or anyone who reads your book will come away with? Is there a lesson or some moral truth you hope to convey?
Yes. The takeaway value of my story is that God is always good and He uses even our poor decisions to lead us to Him. I also hope young adults will examine their own hearts and motives and make better choices in life as a result of reading my story.
5. I see you are editor in chief of an online Christian Fiction Magazine. Tell us a bit about the magazine, how it got started and your hopes for it. Also how can we suscribe to it?
Christian Fiction Online Magazine was born July 1, 2008, but the owner, Bonnie Calhoun, and I began working on it since April when we decided to plunge ahead and make a go for it. Bonnie does the website and billing and I work with the columnists and content. We have great columns totally focused on Christian fiction. No non-fiction allowed. Traditionally Christians have been big purchasers of non-fiction, but many have stereotypes or simply aren't familiar with current trends in Christian fiction and the quality of it. We're trying to bridge the gap and advertise to the world that Christian fiction is top notch reading material. To subscribe all you have to do is fill out the form on the home page that says "subscribe" to the magazine.
6. How closely knit is your writing and your spiritual life? My spiritual life is who I am. Not perfect, but forgiven and willing to extend grace to others as it has been extended to me. To write a story without some faith element would not work for me because it's so much a part of the fiber of my life.
7. What is on the horizon for you? The sequel(s) to INAM are coming out and I have other surprises up my sleeve that I am not at liberty to discuss yet. Sorry.
That's okay. I guess we'll have to wait. (Sigh) But thanks so much for visiting us today!

You can find out more about Michelle at her website: or her blog

But most importantly, you can order a copy of It's Not About Me here

And don't forget to view the book trailer

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