Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winner of Talk like a Pirate day contest!

Wow! Everyone did such a great job interpreting the pirate phrases! I'm a bit weepy jest at the thought of havin' such pirate hearts and tongues still around in this age.

Here's the answers:

1. Show a glim: "Show a glim, ye drunken dogs!" Move Quickly, get to it, let's go, come on!
2. Open yer lugholes: "Come over 'ere and open yer lugholes." Listen, listen up!
3. Scut: "Why, the yellow scut!" A scut is a coward or a spineless person
4. Cold-gutted: "Ye cold-gutted shark!" Heartless, unfeeling
5. Fo'c'sle: "Belay there ye fo'c'sle swab!" Common, brutish, insignificant. the Fo'c'sle is the foremost part of the ship where the non-officers berthed, hence the origin of this slang term.

And the winner is! LISA!

Thank you all for playing! I hope you had as much fun as I did. An' ye best be bonin' up on yer pirate speech fer next year!

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