Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do bad things happen to good people--part 4?

The answer to the question this week can be summed up in one word: Humility. Have you ever given much thought to the destructiveness of pride? I've heard one preacher describe pride as the ulimate sin, the one sin from which all other sins come from. Beth Moore describes pride as the complete anti-God state of mind. Have you ever met a really prideful person? Perhaps you can think of several right now. Do you find it an attractive quality? I know in this culture, we admire self-confidence, but I'm talking about something that is far worse. A prideful person is someone who is completely focused on themselves. Everything that happens around them is viewed only in the eyes of how it affects them. They are often volatile when crossed, unwilling to compromise, stubborn, self-centered, and live for the praises and accolades of others. Sound appealing?

It was pride that caused Lucifer to rebel against God. He grew tired of serving God and decided he'd become God himself. It was pride that caused Adam and Eve to eat the apple. They also wanted to be like God.

One of the benefits of suffering is that it exposes our pride for what it is and forces us to realize that we are not god, that we are in fact, nothing without Him, and that we desperately need Him. Suffering ultimately gives us an accurate picture of who God really is. Search the Scriptures and I dare you to find one instance where God blessed or revealed Himself to a prideful person. On the contrary, He ALWAYS shows up for those who with true, heartbroken humility cry out to Him in despair. He can't help Himself. He loves the hopeless.
So, utlimately if suffering produces humility in your heart, be happy, for God is opening up the pathway for great blessings in the future.

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