Friday, November 28, 2008


Here's a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I couldn't get to my computer yesterday because I am the cook! As much as I adore a Turkey dinner with all the fixin's, it is a lot of work. Four hours of cooking and 20 minutes of eating! Usually I'm too tired to enjoy my meal but I'm ready for leftovers tonight. Regardless I feel extremely blessed because all my children, save one daughter, were able to spend the day with us. Our daughter, Christine, who is attending the Naval Academy flew in on Wednesday night and it's been wonderful to catch up with her. After dinner we all sat around and watched a James Bond movie marathon. It's one of the few days in the year, I don't spend glued to my laptop. Anyway, I pray everyone's Thanksgiving went well and you were blessed with family and good food.
There's been so much bad news lately in this country, the economy, the terror threats, gas prices, layoffs etc... seems like we have much to complain about. But yesterday, I stopped and thought about all we do have to be thankful for. So, I made a list of the 10 things I'm most thankful for.
1. Jesus
2. My husband
3. My kids
4. Good health
5. Book contracts
6. Friends
7. Good movies and books
8. Talls ships and the age of sail!
9. The ocean
10. Good food

I'd love to hear what 10 things you're most thankful for! I really enjoyed all your comments on my last blog. I read every blog posting, so don't be shy. It really helps to stop and list the good things God has blessed you with. A sure fire way to pull yourself out of a bad mood.
For those of you brave enough to comment, I'll choose a name on Dec 8th, to receive a free copy of A Constant Heart, by Siri Mitchell. I just finished reading it and it is really good.


  1. Ten things I'm thankful for...(not necessarily in order)!

    1. That "His mercies are new every morning"!
    2. My parents
    3. My students who bring sunshine (and sometimes frustartion) to my day.
    4. LONG bubble baths with a GOOD book.
    5. MY LAPTOP (really how did I live without it).
    6. This piece of land I call home!
    7. The smell of clean, crisp, 100% natural-dried laundry right off the washline!
    8. The young man whose won my heart!
    9. Weekends!
    10. Vegetables/fruits grown right in our backyard (I love the smell of dirt)!

  2. I'll Play!

    1. My Aunt, who is back in the u.s. after a year!

    2. Having to NOT have to go to the Black Friday sales!

    3. holidays!

    4. Spending time with those i love

    5. Having room for my music!

    6. a place to write out my thoughts.

    7. chances to win great book like this!

    8. A love of books

    9. The bunches of new books available at my library

    10. of most importance!
    My Jesus!

  3. 1, God
    2, My family
    3, My friends
    4, Freedom
    5, Everyone in the armed forces, past, present and future
    6, Food:D
    7, That I am alive
    8, Finding out that guys aren't that bad to have as friends...
    9, Being 18
    10, Being in the baking program at school!:)

  4. these are somewhat in order..

    1. That God put me where I am to serve him and to love him

    2. My family

    3. All the Christian influences in my life

    4. My friends, in general. And specifically my friends who inspire me with their lives, and their writings.

    5. The various opportunities I've been given to serve

    6. My church congregation

    7. The money I have to spend on Christmas presents for my family

    8. My guitar, and my ability to play it

    9. The fact that God loves me unconditionally

    10. This holiday season

  5. It is so cool that your daughter is in the Naval Academy. My Dad is in the Air National Guard. We love our military. :)

    I have A Constant Heart but I have not finished reading it yet.

  6. 1. Salvation through Jesus Christ.
    2. My wonderful hubby who spoils me rotten
    3. My 3 kids
    4. Our church family, especially our close-knit Sunday School class
    5. Our land, home and farm
    6. Authors like you, who write such wonderful stories!
    7. Good friends
    8. Good health
    9. My 5 siblings :o)
    10. My nephew, soon to be born - any day now!! (can't wait!)