Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why do bad things happen to good people--part 8?

To pave the way for the miraculous! Think about it, there are no miracles without disasters. Every single miracle in the Bible, whether it was the parting of the Red Sea, or the casting out of demons, the healing of the sick or raising of the dead, every miracle fixed a horrific problem. Here's just a few examples:
  • Daniel had to be tossed into the Lion's Den in order for God to close the Lion's mouths
  • Moses and the people of Israel had to become cornered against the Red Sea with Pharoah's armies closing in on them for God to part the sea and deliver them
  • The demoniac in Gadarene had to live possessed by many demons for quite some time before Jesus cast them all out
  • Lazarus had to die before Jesus could raise him from the dead
  • The woman with the issue of blood had to be sick for 12 years before Jesus could heal her.
You may be experiencing similar problems in your life, a health issue, a problem with your children, financial troubles...etc. Maybe it feels like enemies are surrounding you and closing in and all is lost. Perhaps this is God's way of preparing you to receive His greatest miracle yet! But there is something you need to do. Stop complaining, stop trembling, and get on your knees. Bring your problems to God and then trust Him for His deliverance. It may not come right away, but I challenge you to find one place in the Bible where God did not deliver His people from harrowing circumstances when they humbled themselves, prayed, and believed that He would. How many people miss out on God's best because of pride and unbelief?
Don't lose heart. Don't lose faith. Keep praying and keep believing. God is good and He loves you more than anything.

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