Sunday, December 21, 2008

And the winners are......

Amber won a copy of Gallimore by Michelle Griep!

Pauline won a copy of The Red Siren! Congratulations, ladies!

Thank you so much, everyone, for all your comments! Tune in tomorrow for a brief Christmas message and another chance to win a copy of The Red Siren.

The contest for The Red Siren was close. The correct answer was 'D'. Faith is a pirate and she always acts first and talks later. But I have to say, I probably made the test too hard. Your answers were really close. Here's the rest of the scene:

Through the city gates, Dajon turned the horse onto the dirt path to Hassel Street, searching for an explanation for Miss Westcott’s behavior, any explanation besides the one that kept shoving its way to the forefront of his mind. Perhaps her father had trained her in arms. Perhaps she’d been forced to defend their home in the past. No. He knew Admiral Westcott. He would never allow one of his daughters to behave in such an improper and audacious manner.
She wiggled in the saddle and pulled away from him. “You do not have to hold me so tightly anymore,” she shot back over her shoulder.
He leaned toward her ear. “Enjoying yourself too much, perchance?”
Without warning, she elbowed him in the stomach. Dajon groaned beneath a premature chuckle but kept a firm grip upon her. “I am deeply wounded, Miss Westcott,” he managed to sputter as he caught his breath. “After all we’ve been through, ’tis only that I wouldn’t want you to fall.”

“If you don’t control those hands, it won’t be me who falls from this horse, Mr. Waite.”

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