Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year brewing with turmoil

No doubt you've heard about all the trouble brewing in Israel. I keep a steady eye upon the middle east, and in particular, Israel, not only because it was the birthplace of my Savior, but because I believe it is God's end-times clock. We can gauge how close we are to the last days by what is going on in Israel. The Scriptures tell us Israel will be at the center of all the trouble in the world. Israel is the place from which Jesus rose to Heaven and it is the place where He will return. Jerusalem is where the antichrist will set up his throne and persecute Jews and Christians. There is also a great war described (The war of Gog and Magog) in which many nations band together to attack Israel and are then destroyed. So, when things start to heat up there, it gets my attention.

For up to date information, check out Joel Rosenberg's blog

Last I heard, Israel was planning a land invasion. If that happens, Hezbollah in the north have threatened to attack Israel as well, and quite possibly Iran will jump in the mix as they have been supplying Hamas with weapons for years.

Please pray for God to intervene and bring peace to the area. Pray for minimal injuries and deaths on both sides and for all to come to a saving knowlege of Jesus.

Yet, even in the midst of all the wars, the economic crises, the sicknesses, we as believers in Jesus should not be afraid. Therefore, let me end on an encouraging note from A.W. Tozer:

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlastingarms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say,"Destroy!" --Deuteronomy 33:27

Surely Bible-reading Christians should be the last persons on earth togive way to hysteria. They are redeemed from their past offenses, kept in their present circumstances by the power of an all-powerful God,and their future is safe in His hands. God has promised to support them in the flood, protect them in the fire, feed them in famine,shield them against their enemies, hide them in His safe chambersuntil the indignation is past and receive them at last into eternal tabernacles.

If we are called upon to suffer, we may be perfectly sure that we shall be rewarded for every pain and blessed for every tear. Underneath will be the Everlasting Arms and within will be the deep assurance that all is well with our souls. Nothing can separate us from the love of God-not death, nor life, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature. This is a big old world, and it is full of the habitations of darkness, but nowhere in its vast expanse is there one thing of which a real Christian need be afraid.


  1. Thanks for blogging about this Marylu. My attention is fixed on this event as well...it is definately a "sign of the end times." May our hearts take comfort and courage that the LORD is in control...even when evil seems to prevail.

    I can't confess to not having my moments of fear though. Having been to Africa and seeing what war can do to a nation and the question "WHY" keeps spinning through your head...you wonder how far away soemthing like that is from our own doorstep. From seeing the destruction, the moral corruption-decay- it can do to a people, I pray that I will be able to withstand such a severe test...

  2. This whole thing is pretty freaky. Thank you for the post. Tozer's words are right on and I'm thankful you posted them.
    Even though it's tempting to fear (and maybe sometimes I give in to that), it's important to remember who our strength is.
    Great post!