Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Red Siren month - Week 3!

Is this month going by fast for you? It sure is for me. I just turned in The Blue Enchantress to Barbour (Book 2 in the Charles Towne Belles series) and now I'm scrambling to decorate my house, make cookies, and finish my shopping. Hard to believe Christmas is only a week away!

Anyway, I thought we'd do something fun this week. Now, that you've had in-depth glimpses of the two main characters in The Red Siren (Faith and Dajon), I thought I'd see if you can predict their actions. Here's a scene from the book where Faith and Dajon have just made a harrowing escape from a vicious group of pirates on horseback. They are riding on the same horse and Faith is perched in front of Dajon:

Dajon pulled back on the reins, slowing the horse to a walk as they approached the city gates. Visions of Miss Westcott storming into the tavern as boldly as she would her own parlor, and then standing her ground in a room full of drunken villains, pirates, and ruffians blasted across his mind. Not just standing her ground, but drawing her weapon, demanding her sister’s return. Why, she had not even blinked at the lewdness and profanity surrounding her. What sort of lady was she?
A pirate lady.
No. He could not believe it. He would not believe it.
Through the city gates, Dajon turned the horse onto the dirt path to Hassel Street, searching for an explanation for Miss Westcott’s behavior, any explanation besides the one that kept shoving its way to the forefront of his mind. Perhaps her father had trained her in arms. Perhaps she’d been forced to defend their home in the past. No. He knew Admiral Westcott. He would never allow one of his daughters to behave in such an improper and audacious manner.
She wiggled in the saddle and pulled away from him. “You do not have to hold me so tightly anymore,” she shot back over her shoulder.
He leaned toward her ear. “Enjoying yourself too much, perchance?”

Okay, now it's your turn. Knowing the type of woman Faith is, what do you think her response will be? Choose from the following options. And everyone who guesses the correct answer will be entered in a drawing for another free book.

A. "No, but tis most improper."
B. With a chuckle, Faith turned and blew him a kiss.
C. She snuggled back into him. "Perhaps you are the one enjoying yourself too much."
D. Without warning, she elbowed him in the stomach.
E. "I could never enjoy myself with the likes of you."
F. "How dare you?"


  1. I love the Part you've shared! sounds like a great book! I would say the answer is E. "I could never enjoy myself with the likes of you."


  2. I also say E would be the way she would react...with a deep scowl and a narrowing of her eyes of course. 'I could never enjoy myself with the likes of you.'...emphasis on 'you'.

    By the way, Marylu. I'd love to have that dress she wears on the cover!

  3. I'll have to agree with the others E sounds the most "Faith-ish"

  4. I'm going to go with D since she is a lady pirate after all.

  5. from all the book i've read and the ladies i've met that are like Faith, i think E would be the answer.
    sarahwoll at hotmail dot com

  6. I think I'll go with F.

  7. I'm guessing E. Sounds more like her.

  8. I also think E. "I could never enjoy myself with the likes of you." sounds the most like what we've read about Faith!


  9. I am going with E.


  10. I think the answer is D. I could see her reacting before thinking, perhaps doing what came first to her mind. Maybe she elbows him and then responds, wanting to make sure he realizes exactly how she feels about his bothersome comment.

    Thank you for sharing some more of the story and for giving us another chance to win the book! It sounds very thrilling!


  11. I'll go with D.

  12. I think the answer is E.tracee77@windstream.net

  13. I'm lousy at multiple choice, but I'll guess at "E". I'm looking forward to reading this book!

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net