Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleeping through the storm

Yesterday's sermon in church referenced the story at the end of Mark 4 where Jesus tells his disciples that they will cross to the other side of the Sea of Gallilee. So they set sail (my kind of story!) and head out, and Jesus, tired from preaching all day, promptly falls asleep. But a storm arises, not just any storm but a vicious storm with massive swells large enough to scare these seasoned fisherman and to flood the ship. I mean, water was ccoming over the bulwarks and rising inside the ship to such a point that they thought they would all die. And what did Jesus do? Nothing. He was fast asleep.

I did some research on Hurricanes in the Caribbean for my next release, The Blue Enchantress, and how dangerous they are for ships trapped out at sea. Very few ships survived a head-on collision with one of these massive storms! Having been raised in Florida, I also remember huddling in the middle of the living room around a candle with my Mom and Grandmother and sister, praying that our roof would stay on and a tree wouldn't come crashing down on our heads. It sounded like a giant beast pounding its huge fists all over our house! Could I sleep? No way. And I was in a strong house.
I've always found it fascinating that Jesus was sound asleep through the raging wind and the crash of waves and even the screams of his disciples. How could He do that? Because He had complete and unwavering faith in His Father. He knew nothing would harm him until He had completed His mission on earth, and He already knew he had a divine appointment in the country of the Gadarenes across the sea. Why should He be afraid of a little rain and wind?
Oh, how I wish I could be more like that! I hear God tell me to do some task, or perhaps He promises me a certain answer to prayer, or I read in His Word that He will do such and such, and I go happily about my way until BLAM, something happens that makes it seem that the thing God told me would come to pass, never will. And what do I do? I panic. I do what the disciples did. I scramble around in a frenzy, worried, anxious, fearful, depressed, trying to solve the problem on my own, until I finally go to Jesus and pathetically ask Him if He has forgotten me?

And just like in the story, Jesus arises, rebukes the waves and wind and asks me where is my faith?

Where is our faith? Why don't we believe God? Why don't we do something incredibly daring and actually take God at His Word and tell the Devil to take a hike when he comes slinking around planting all his doubts.

That's one of my goals for the new year. When the storm strikes, I want to be found sleeping like a baby. How about you?


  1. Such a timely post. I am right there with you, Marylu. Anxious. Depressed. Worried. God comes through in such amazing ways, and the good thing about all this is we are reminded that, even through we are children of God, we are weak but He is strong.

  2. Its an awesome thing to have such faith to sleep through the storm. I'm not quite there, (I used to watch the hurricane outside my window to see what it would do next)but getting closer. I just feel all warm and happy when I remember that God is in Control and I have no need of fear. Great Post!

  3. Thank you for your comments, Ladies. I'm glad this post helped you as much as it did me!
    May peace settle upon you in every storm.