Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hero deficit

I am told that I write great heroes. From Merrick and Kent in my pirate series, to Admiral Randal in Falcon, to Dajon Waite in The Red Siren, the leading men in my stories seem to settle well in the hearts of my readers, (and perhaps even cause a flutter or two)
But that got me to thinking about the types of men we consider heroes in this day and age. Here's a list of qualities I came up with, most of which I try and incorporate into my heroes

Strong (physical and emotional)
Protective (ready to protect their lady no matter the cost)
Successful (good at what they do)
Passionate (believe strongly in something important)
Driven (They have goals they must achieve)
Good hearts (Whether or not they are Christians, they have a moral sense of right and wrong)
Integrity and a sense of Honor
Chivalrous (they know how to treat a lady)

If you take a look at any of the heroes women swoon over today in books or movies, or public figures, I believe you'll find they posess most of these qualities.

My next question may take you by surprise: Why do we not see men like this today? Truthfully, I look around and see very few. Maybe it's because I live in the big city or maybe it's because I live in California, but many of the men I see have become soft, passive and weak. Metro-sexual seems to be the term used today. They have no drive, no passion, no chivalry, no goals and don't ask them to protect a lady. Most won't even open a door for one.
So, where have all the heroes gone? Can you help me out with this research question? I have my own opinion, but I'd like to know yours. I'll gather up all our ideas and post them next week.


  1. I read your post and at first couldn't think of anything but then it hit me...perhaps the heroes are few and far between nowadays is because so many women don't want to be treated like a lady anymore. Does that make sense?

  2. I like Angie's thoughts. So many women think they can do what was meant for men to do and go against the grain of what God intended of them. They don't know how completely unattractive it looks when a women steps out of their intended a fish out of water for too long a period of time, gasping for oxygen? Reminds me of some of leading ladies in our political arena!!

    I do not think men are what they are today because that’s how they want to be, but because there's a lack of positive role models for them. With so many broken homes, there comes the lack of a godly father who teach and instruct ‘little men’ how to be real men. Wasn't it Abe Lincoln who said, "In order to train up a child in the way that he should go, you have to walk in that way yourself."

    BTW, Marylu-I love your male characters as well! More so than the ladies...!


  3. They are among us, Marylu. Often times in the shadows. They are the firefighters who went into the buildings on 911 to save lives. They are the Red Cross workers that give aid to victims of tornadoes, fires, and national emergencies like Katrina.

    But I ask the same question. I think our liberal society has broken men. They are more velvet than steel. They don't believe they are solely responsible to support and protect their wives and children. Then there is the moral and spiritual decline in our society. It's a struggle for everyone, both hero and heroine. I think every person has it within them to be a hero/heroine, but rising to the occasion is another thing.