Monday, June 15, 2009

Does God really love me?

Recently, I've run into several people who have trouble truly believing in God's love. These are wonderful people who have been Christians all their lives, who know the Scriptures, who attend church regularly and give to the poor. They believe God loves other people, and they believe God loves "the world", but they have difficulty when it comes to them personally.

As I got to thinking and praying about this, I had to admit that I have also struggled with this from time to time, especially in my early years as a believer. I wondered why so many people have trouble with this wonderful truth. Here's a list of people who might struggle with this.
  • People who grew up in an abusive or non-loving home have no concept of loving parents and therefore cannot relate to an all loving God as Father
  • People who grew up in the church and never had an extreme salvation experience in which they repented of gross sins and received the boundless mercy and grace of a loving God who forgave them.
  • People who have a very worldly idea that love equals "good things happening to you" and anger or hatred = "bad things happening to you"
  • People who carry around a heavy burden of guilt
  • People who don't understand that Satan will do everything he can to make you believe God doesn't love you because he knows once you truly believe that, your life will change.

As a woman who grew up without a father, my concept of Dad was basically someone who didn't want anything to do with me. I grew up thinking I wasn't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough to make my Father want to spend time with me. So, when I became a Christian, I wondered if God would be the same way.

Guess what? He isn't! But it took years for me to understand that, to get it from my head to my heart. I could quote you a hundred Scriptures that tell you how much God loves you. I could recite to you the story of calvary, but what really made the truth of His love sink in was spending time with my Lord. Think about it. If you have someone in your life who you love, maybe a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a friend, but you never spend anytime with that person, and all you had were some old love letters, after awhile you may begin to doubt their love, Especially if there's another person who is continually telling you that the other person doesn't love you. (aka Satan)

When I say spend time with God, I'm not talking about bringing Him your lists of requests and then leaving. I'm talking about sitting in His presence and having a 2-way conversation. It's not easy. Our minds wander so much. It takes practice, but it is well worth it! I'm not saying I'm there yet, but I'm on my way and I feel like I am beginning to really know the Lord.

I encourage you to talk to Him today and allow Him time to answer. Tell Him your fears, your worries, leave your guilt at his feet, ask Him to show you His love.

Perfect Love Casts out all Fear 1 John 4:18

There is GREAT power in believing in God's love. That is why Satan is always trying to convince you that God doesn't love you. The biggest benefit for me in believe God loves me unconditionally and has my best interest at heart, is complete and utter freedom from fear. No worries, no anxieties, no sleepless nights. Nothing can touch me or my family that God doesn't allow for our ultimate good.

What Freedom is found in that perfect love!


  1. Amen!!!!!

    * Honey

  2. Our growing up circumstances are similar and I had a hard time as well, but God has been so faithful to tenderly and patiently show His love for me over and over again!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I've been away from the 'blogosphere' for a while and am doing a little bit of catching up today. This is just what I needed. Especially the reminder at the end that perfect love casts out fear. I have been very afraid b/c of a current circumstance and have the head knowledge that I need to leave it at the foot of the cross, but Satan has really been attacking my mind. Thank you so much for this timeless reminder that God loves me and b/c of that i have no reason to fear.