Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What causes you to put a book down?

Lately, I've read a lot of books that I have struggled to finish. How about you? I know each of us is different in likes and dislikes of what we like to read and what we find interesting, but I think there must be a common thread of things which frustrate each one of us in books. So, I thought I'd ask all of you since most of you are probably avid readers.

I'll start. For me the number one thing that causes me to put a book down and not finish it is
I don't care about the main character. I don't care what happens to him or her.
For me, the plot can be slow, the dialogue lousy, the story boring, but if I have connected in some way with the main character and I really care what happens to him or her, I'll stick it out.
What about you?


  1. Hmmm, I think one thing that will make me put a book down is if the author has loooong paragraphs of describing things. I find it hard to get into a story if a lot of time is spent describing things like what the land looks like or a room. Also, like you if I don't care about the main character that will make me put the book down.

  2. i can usually tell if i'm going to like the book within chapters 1-3. what actually causes me to put it down is how fast or slow the story is going and if i can't relate to the character. and what angie said about the paragraphs. it gets the the point where you're saying, "ok, we know what flavor the pie is and what it looks like. can you please move on?" that is when it gets boring.

  3. I agree with Angie and Annabell. Too much detail and not enough story are just plain annoying.

    I also don't care for it much when things happen in a story that aren't really plausible in that character's world. I've seen that happen a few times and I say to myself "That would never really happen, it wouldn't work."

    * Honey

  4. If a book does not have me interested/hooked by page 50, I put it down and pick up another one.

    Another reason I put down a book is what I call gutter language. I picked up a book with an interesting storyline, but could not get past the awful language and put it down after 30 pages.

  5. I once read a story where the writer did not think their reader intelligent enough to figure out what she was talking about. A writer needs to have faith that their reader's circle is able to diduce facts. I love a plot with twists and turns and unexpected corners.

    I apprecaite a book with rich langauge discriptions, but not too many. Once we know, let's move on please. I want a plot that is inticing and one I simple can not put down.(speaking of which I just purchased The Red Siren and I CAN'T wait!!!!) I have read books that you feel that you are moving three steps forward four steps back- you just can't get to the last page! I want to be disappointed when the book is over.

    But I have to say, I have read and enjoyed more good books that lousy.

  6. It depends. The big thing for me can be if the villian isn't villain. One book I read had villain that was ... dumbed down. Another thing for me is when you have charecters that you can't relate to, or when the author tries to mix in too many elements.

    ~ Ashley

  7. One of the things that make me pass up a book is if it isn't well-written. If I can't put myself into 'their' shoes, and if the research doesn't inrich me've lost my attention. I want to be captivated by words. I need them to become real. That's what makes a book better than a movie for me!! (I'm thinking Lady of the Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen).

  8. I kind of agree, if I really like or can relate in some way with the main character sometimes I will finish a not-so-great book. But, if the story doesn't flow well that frustrates me. It needs to feel well put together, instead of jumping with no connection.