Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Hope Westcott from The Blue Enchantress

I thought we'd take an indepth look at the two main characters in The Blue Enchantress. First, Hope Westcott, the heroine. You may remember her as the flirtatious sister in The Red Siren.

Brief Description: Hope Westcott is a rare beauty. Trouble is, she knows it. At 22 years of age, petite, shapely, with long golden hair and crystal blue eyes, she is not ignorant of the attention she receives from every man who crosses her path. But before you become jealous, let me explain that Hope believes her looks are her only worthy attribute. Inside, she is empty, insecure, and despite her name, desperately hopeless that she will ever be worthy of true love. She carries around with her the weight of a shameful past and the scorn of proper society, yet she continues down the same road, seeking value, meaning, and love by throwing herself into the arms of men who only use and abuse her. Until, of course, she meets Nathaniel Mason—the only man she’s ever know to be able to resist her charms. Despite these failings, Hope is a kind, loving lady who has a heart for the downtrodden and in particular for orphans and any child who is neglected and unloved.

Strengths: Trusting, Kind, Sensitive, Smart, Good listener, Loves kids
Weaknesses: Insecure, Impulsive, Spoiled, Dreamer, People pleaser, Craves attention

Quirks: Hope tugs at her hair when she’s nervous or uncomfortable. This stems from her past when a man she trusted used her hair to entrap her.

Inspiration: Dare I admit it, but Hope’s inspiration came from my own past and from my observation of many young girls in today’s world. What does every girl (or boy for that matter) dream of, but to be truly loved and truly valued, but when that girl comes from a family where she did not receive love and approval and when that girl has been abused by those she trusted, she often ends up giving herself away cheaply to any man who’ll have her, just to fill that need in her heart. It is my hope to show through Hope’s story that only God can provide the love and value we are all seeking. And not only that, He is the only one who can cleanse us from our pasts, and give us the courage and hope to move forward.

Personally, I see so many young ladies today using their bodies to attract male attention. All you have to do is go to the mall and watch the young girls go by. Observe what they are wearing and how they behave. Or better yet, turn on the TV and watch nearly any show geared toward young people and you'll see where they get the idea that they are only as valuable as what they look like. Who are the people our generation praises? The gorgeous Hollywood stars! Pick up any teen or women's magazine and it is filled with articles about how to look better and how to catch a man. The problem with focusing only on our outsides and only valuing people who look a certain way is that MOST people will never fit that image. The 2nd problem with this is that the kind of "love" and attention you receive from people who only "love" you for your appearance, is shallow, meaningless, and temporary.

As Hope finds out in this book, that kind of love will leave you empty, guilty, and miserable.

What do you think of Hope? If you read The Red Siren, did you find her unlikeable? Do you think she's someone you could befiriend? Do you know anyone like her?

Leave a comment and your name will be entered in a drawing for a free copy of The Blue Enchantress as well as the drawing for the gift basket I mentioned in my post on July 3rd. (pictured below)


  1. I like Hope. She has some qualities that are very endearing. She just needs the true and unchangeable love of God, which is what we all need. So, really, she represents me, you, and every other sinful human being. I like her because she is real, and her struggles are my struggles.

  2. Hope's desire for love was me as a teen. Thankfully, I came to know Jesus as my Saviour in those years and His love gave me the love, joy and hope so needed. Hope is a treasure in hiding, I look forward to her story.


  3. I think Hope was someone that a lot of people can relate to today. I found her very likable and someone to feel kinda sorry for because of the reasons you mentioned. Because society is so shallow in its thinking, it is producing a lot of teens today who are only focused on how they look and not so much on the 'hidden man of the heart'. Praise God, that He looks on the inside and that He knows us for who we really are and that HE STILL LOVES US!!! I so look forward to reading about Hope's journey.

    Julie =)

  4. I really look forward to reading this book. Hope is someone alot of women can relate to. Thankfully God loves us and thinks we are beautiful and loves us no matter what!

  5. When I read The Red Siren, I immediately felt sorry for Hope because one of my friends has the same issues - she keeps getting into relationships where guys don't treat her well and date other women behind her back because all she offers them is her appearance. She has a great, intriguing personality, but she just doesn't show it when she's around guys. It's like she doesn't think that it's as valuable or as wanted as beauty. It's so sad to see someone who has so much to offer not get the love she craves. She is a Christian, but I think that to her, it's more of a belief than a close relationship with God. I keep praying that He will reveal to her that He loves her more than any earthly man ever can, and will lead her to a godly man who will appreciate her for who she is on the inside.

  6. I'll be honest, if I met Hope on the street or whatever I probably wouldn't like her at first. But knowing what I do of her struggles with her father, the death of her mother, her assault and her need for attention to compensate, I'd be more understanding. I could see how dealing with those issues could make a person tend to be like Hope. I really want to see everything work out for her in The Blue Enchantress!


  7. I like Hope, I think she is someone we can relate too!! Her look for love is sad because she is going about it the wrong way!! She needs to realize she is already loved, truly loved. I am very excited to read the rest of Hope's journey!!

  8. While reading The Red Siren, I was more drawn and endeared to Hope's character than Faith. She was so much more needy and I warmed her a lot faster than to the two other sisters. Her redeeming qualities are so obvious...I couldn't wait to hear her story! I'm excited to see how she and Nathaniel find love and each other!!

  9. I think that Hope is a character who all teenage girls and young women can relate to on some level. In a time and culture where women are valued almost solely for their appearance and not for what's on the inside, we need a story about how much God values the real us, not the "us" that's on the outside.

  10. I found Hope to be a likeable girl, if somewhat spoiled. She so much reflects many girls in our culture where looks and popularity are everything. It's so easy to feel insecure and unworthy, but with a Father like Him it's also easy to feel loved and beautiful.

  11. Hope was like any girl at that age. I can relate to her, because at some point in their life almost every girl feels like she did.

  12. I read The Red Siren, i didnt like what Hope was doing with her life. Instead of making it better she was making it worse. I do know some girls/guys, very close to me, and they havent seen what they are doing with their lives yet. I pray for them and hope that God will help them in the way they need to be helped in. Its a good thing that not everyone in the world is like Hope, then they teach people like Hope a lesson.
    Cant wait to read it! I can tell this book will have a great lesson that some people still need to learn.

  13. At first I didn't really like Hope, but as I got to know her I started to realize that in some ways she reminds me of myself. I'm insecure in a lot of areas. I also have a bad habit of pulling at my hair, jewelry, or clothes when I'm nervous or uncomfortable.

    I really enjoyed The Red Siren, so I'm excited to read Hope's story, The Blue Enchantress.


  14. I just finished reading The Restitution (third in the King's Pirates series) and I absolutely loved it! Please, MaryLu, write more about Kent and Isabel! This is my first time on your website and I'm thrilled to see there are some other books that I can get in the meantime. I'll be looking forward to reading The Blue Enchantress and meeting Hope Westcott. She sounds like an intriguing character. Keep writing!

  15. Oh gosh MaryLu~ Hope represents so many many women today, both young and old actually. I am anxious to read how she meets her True Prince in The Blue Enchantress! I am also thrilled to have reconnected with you ladybug~ Blessings and Prayers from Oregon~ Deb Wells PS: I've added your blog to my google reader! Now I can keep up with you dear one!

  16. For me, Hope wasn't unlikable. I just felt sorry for her. She just wants to be loved. Find me a girl who doesn't want that and I'll give you the moon.

    I love BarlowGirl because of their positive songs that encourage girls. "Average Girl" and "Clothes" are fantastic songs. I feel so bad for the young girls who walk around with their bodies visible to everyone. They don't understand the damamge they are doing to themselves and the boys (and men) who are seeing them.

    Jonny Diaz has a new song out called "More Beautiful You" and I wish every girl would listen to it and let it sink into the depths of their hearts. Here's just the beginning of the song:

    "Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine
    Says she wants to look that way
    But her hair isn't straight
    her body isn't fake And she's always felt overweight

    Well little girl fourteen I wish that you could see
    That beauty is within your heart
    And you were made with such care
    your skin your body your hair
    Are perfect just the way you are

    There could never be a more beautiful you
    Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
    So there could never be a more beautiful you"

    Isn't that awesome, but unfortunately too true?

    I enjoy working with youth especially the girls because I want them to know 1st and foremost their worth is found in the Lord. It's something I'm still struggling with, and I'm a mom of 4!

    Thanks for sharing about Hope.

    Mimi in MN
    Woven by Words
    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

  17. at first read, i didn't like her. but after getting to know her, and know why she was the way she was, i liked her much more!
    rebornbuttefly {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  18. I cant wait to read this book Hope sounds like she will be good to get to know. Loved the Red Siren.
    I would love to enter
    ausjenny at gmail dot com

  19. If I met Hope, I don't think I would like her at first, but like a few other people have said, once you understand her sad background and you get to know her, you can begin to see the real her. And she does have a great personality hidden beneath all the flirtatiousness.
    Unfortunately, I do know a lot of girls like Hope. I am so glad I didn't get into the skimpy clothes and flirting, but I am still insecure about my looks. It is kind of hard for me to relate to her because I am the complete opposite. Personally I like Faith the best. But I am really excited to read more of Hope's story. I know somehow she is going to find a christian man who loves her for her mind and personality and not just her looks. : ) Can't wait to read it! And I would love to be entered in the contest.

    I hope everything is going well with you! Have a great day!

  20. P.S. Just wanted to add that in the picture here Hope looks like Scarlett Johannson

  21. I enjoyed The Red Siren and am looking forward to The Blue Enchantress. I am raising two teenage daughters myself - (both of whom I think are beautiful of course..) but the younger one is very curvy where the older one is more willowy - so the curvy one is always obsessing about how she looks as compared to her sister. It is very hard to convince her - at her age - what little importance that will really play when she meets the right boy/man. (and of course, the older one would like to have more 'curves!')

  22. I find that Hope is likeable, and makes you want to help her, despite what she's done! I can't wait to read what her journey to love is like!!!


  23. When I read the Red Siren I was hoping to be able to read more about Hope. So, I am very excited I will soon be able to read the Blue Enchantress!

  24. Hope certainly has issues and problems that need to be turned over to God. But what I find so beautiful and awesome about God's love is that anyone can come to Him and He will cleanse and purify us. God has worked in my life in so many different ways, all to make me a better, more godly person. I love my Lord with all my heart and I am excited to see just what will be held in store for Hope and the transformation that is sure to come! Can't wait to read it!!

  25. I think that Hope sounds amazing and very intricate. I cant wait to meet her. I think that she has a lot to teach all of us(including me), especially younger girls. How we need to be worrying about what is really important, the heart, so its not all about looks and stuff. I cant wait to read The Blue Enchantress, it is going to be a lot of fun!

  26. I really love how you describe the characters before each book. I feel like I already know Hope! I am looking forward to getting to know her more in the book!!

  27. I loved the Red Siren! Hope made me so sad. I feel bad for her. As a 17 year old girl I understand the where she is coming from...only valuing her looks. But, I am certain that she will learn the true way of things in The Blue Enchantress! Please enter me in the drawings!

  28. I like Hope because I think she sounds like a realistic character. Even though she is different from me, I can still relate to her because she seems real, if that makes sense. And she has many of the problems I see girls and young women today facing.

    please enter me

    rebecca191 AT aol DOT com

  29. I really want to find out more about Hope.She sounds like alot of girls today.Please enter my

  30. I can really relate to Hope. In the first book, my heart went out to her because I had been in her shoes, but then I also got angry at her for continuing to keep company with those she did. I had to take a reality check and realize that I did not hang out with the most "saintly" people in the world. :) I am anxious to read this book and hope that it will bring some healing to me from my own past. Thank the Lord he did most of the healing, but I still struggle.

    I would be honored if you entered me if it is not too late.

    Thank you.

  31. Hope's physical attractiveness would be seen by teens/young women as an asset, when in fact it is one of her obstacles to the love and grace she seeks. Can't wait to read the book and "experience" her redemption and rebirth in the "image" of her Holy Father.


  32. MaryLu, I like how you take on a real world problem in your historical fiction. It is sad that so many young women feel valued only for their appearance and then buy into the problem. I hope that your book makes it into the hands of many young women and that Hope's situation speaks to them.


  33. I love the pirates trilogy!:)
    And if its not too late I would love to be entered in for the contest!:)

  34. After Reading the Red Siren, and now the discription on Hope, I am really eagered to see what Hope will do in the Blue Enchantress! :)

    I do like that Hope is kind, has trust in her, a good listener, is smart and loves kids! I hope to see that Hope will over come most or all her weaknesses.

  35. I haven't read the Red Siren, but after reading your introduction to Hope, I am going to look for the book!

  36. I find some of my old self in Hope and a lot of my best friend in Hope. I rembeber when I was younger I would always get depressed over not looking perfect and not having a boyfriend, but I realize now that I'm beautiful just the way I am and I don't have to show my body to be beautiful. My best friend on the other hand doesn't realize that. I pray everyday that she will hear God and she knows that she is beautiful in His eyes. I won't stop praying until she can see that she is beautiful and you don't have to have a guy that just wants to use you to tell you that you are beautiful.

    I can't wait to read the Blue Enchantres!! Keep up the good work!


  37. I love your writing!! I loved The Legacy Of the King's Pirates, WOW! You have such a gift : ) I just bought the Red Siren and am very excited to read it and the Blue Enchantress. Blessings to you and yours~

  38. I think that hope is a very confused person. Even though she has had allot of struggles and challenges about her insecurities, she is still the kind of person that can change herself into something she may want to be. I would believe that if i met a "Hope", like the one in the book, i would want to help her with her problems. Tell her what she is missing. She should be told what people should see in her not just outside of her. She has so many strengths and with them she can be a completely different person if she tried. Looking at her strengths, she seems like she would be a very good friend to someone. I would want a friend like her. its sad that she had a rough life in her beginning but who ever said that you couldn't change it all around? I like the character Hope! I believe in her.

  39. I like Hope she reminds me of a few of my friends. lol i cannot wait to go to the store and get a copy. Thanks for writing such great books i'm a huge fan. Thanks again.