Friday, July 17, 2009

Winner of Ransome's Honor and ICRS

The winner of Kaye Dacus's new book, Ransome's Honor is Julianna! Thank you all for entering, but don't despair, you can order this book online or find it at your local bookstore. It's well worth the price!

Just a personal update. Last weekend, my husband and I traveled to Denver for the yearly ICRS conference (International Christian Retailers Show) This is my 4th time going to this event and it's always so much fun! Producers of all sorts of fun Christian merchandise descended upon the Denver convention center last Saturday to set up booths across a huge show floor and display their wares. These wares include anything you might see in a Christian book store across the nation, including books! Hence, my reason for being there. My publisher (Barbour) sets up a very nice booth where they promote their author's latest releases. They organize book signings for me and other events that will introduce me and my books to the mass of bookstore owners who attend the show. For me, it's a privilege to be able to chat with bookstore owners from all over the world and hear about how the industry is surviving our unstable economy. And it gives me a chance to tell them why I write and what I hope to accomplish with my writing and my books.

I always feel like such a little fish in a huge pond when I attend this show as there are so many big names and far more important people than me walking the isles. To name a few that I happened to see: Marie Osmond, Terri Blackstock, Karen Kingsbury, Randy Alcorn, Phillip Yancy. My husband and I were also able to hear the Sunday message given by Anne Graham Lotz.

I wish I'd thought to take some pictures for you, but alas, I NEVER remember my camera. Denver is a gorgeous city and we were able to take a day and drive to Boulder and go up into the Rocky Mountains. It was breathtaking! God certainly can create some beautiful scenery!

Anyway, I pray you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Stay tuned next week for more Blue Enchantress giveaways!


  1. Thank you so much!!!

    I hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday. Be sure to let us all know when you're in south!

  2. Congrats Julianna! Hope you enjoy the book, i might want to buy it to, it sounded like a good book!
    Never heard of this author but im glad i did. :)

  3. Congratulations Julianna : )

    The conference sounds really fun. I would love to meet Karen Kingsbury. And you of course, MaryLu!

    You talking about forgetting your camera reminded me of something. I was in Delaware last week and we were a block away from the beach and I saw the masts of a huge ship. I was going to go back the next day to see it and take pictures, and I would have emailed it to you, but the ship wasn't there anymore :( Oh well. I didn't get to see the whole thing, but I think it must have been a pirate ship : )

  4. Congrats Julianna!

    It would have been great to see pictures of the rocky mountains. One summer between my soph/jr years at college I spent it in Estes Park - north of Boulder - it was a wonderful summer and it was absolute beautiful. To be able to drive along the road to work and see Elkhorn Rams just grazing was amazing. I loved to go on long hikes up in Rocky Mtn National Park - the cabins I stayed at were just separated from the park by a little stream, so we walked up often! Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  5. Way to go, Julianna! The ICRS sounded awesome. Colorado is one beautiful place to go.