Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How can we live up to this?

I thought this was really interesting and goes along with my recent discussions about the unrealistic expectation and emphasis placed on beauty in our culture! What are your thoughts?


  1. That is so amazing. I've never actually seen the photoshop part of it! We know that's how it's done, but to see it on the computer was jarring! I hope Dove can stay true to their campaign with "normal" women. I watched another on on YouTube and the transformations is astonishing!

    ~Mimi B

  2. Yes we are to be Beautiful in Yeshuas eye, but the distortion the world puts on things like beauty...scary...
    P.S.totally off Blue Enchantress Finally came in today!!! Can't wait to read it!!!(just have to finish LOTR first!!)

  3. Wow that was interesting. I knew people did touch-ups on actors to make them more appealing but I never saw how they did it and how much that makes a difference.
    It's sad people change their image just to look attractive in pictures or elsewhere.
    Thank you MaryLu that was something interesting to discover.

    Hope everything is going well with your research on your next series. God Bless you and keep you safe on your trip to Baltimore!

  4. Wow! That was really interesting to see the transformation. I can't believe the change. I don't know why they have to photoshop everyone. No wonder young girls have a hard time believing they are beautiful!

  5. my mom showed that video to me a little while ago when we were talking about that sort of thing...the woman they were using was beautiful to begin with but then they have to go in and do all that stuff on's amazing what people think they have to do in order to be beautiful.

  6. Wow! If only they would show this stuff to pre-teens today and save them a lot of unnecessary heartache. She began as a regular woman you would see at the store.

  7. Wow. That's pretty much it. Wow.

    I knew that a lot of detailing and editing went into making someone 'beautiful' in pictures and tv commericials. But the digital editing process was astounding. I hadn't realized that they would actually go in and reposition and shape the neck, head, chin, and eyes. That's really crazy.

    * Honey

  8. How much they alter the picture not only sets too high of a standard for average women and ruins their self esteem, but it also must make the models feel horrible about themselves - even the most beautiful women have to be chopped up like a Frankenstein via a computer just to meet society's defenition of "beautiful."
    No one can ever measure up.

  9. I've seen this video before and I absolutely love it! It is amazing.

  10. Holy Crow, anybody at all could come out looking like Miss Universe with the right digital artist!! Why should we worry about being beautiful when even the cover girls can't recognize their own face when the professionals are through with them? Reminds that Liv Tyler ("Arwen" on LOTR) said that her singing voice was so changed in the movie that her friends didn't even recognize the background part that she sang. My daughter and I downloaded a music program that did something similar with our voices. We could probably do a pretty good performance of the National Anthem! Anyway, back to the subject...besides all the obvious implications that others have mentioned, don't you think this kind of thing might make people a little lazy too? Let yourself go, don't bother making an effort or developing your talents? Of course it is always good to focus on developing our character, but oh, for balance--the crown jewel!

  11. I agree with you Diane. I wouldn't blame the girls if they didn't recognize their self's. It is a whole lot of changes.

    My mom told me to watch the music video 'A More Beautiful You' by Jonny Diaz and its just like this. If you listen to the lyrics they are all true. Good song!

  12. I knew they made girls look thinner on the computer, but I thought everything else was just done with makeup. I am amazed that they actually made her eyes bigger and moved them, made her neck longer, etc.