Monday, November 2, 2009

God uses your past to create a beautiful future

If you're like me, there's probably many things in your past that you aren't proud of. Since I spent 37 years without God, you can imagine how much trouble I got into during those years. I was extremely wounded from my childhood, young, attractive, self-centered, and very volatile. When I look back, I cringe at some of the memories and ask God, why, why didn't you rescue me sooner? Before I hurt so many people, myself included. Before I ruined lives and created so much regret? I often battle tremendous guilt over some of the things I've done. Even though I know Jesus has forgiven me of all of it. Not only forgiven, but forgotten. Boy, do I praise Him for that!

Yet, it occurred to me lately that there's no way I could write the type of stories I write, there's no way I could write the type of characters I write about: broken, sinful, wounded, self-centered, vain, desperate characters, unless I had the exact past that I have. I began to wonder if God hadn't allowed me to fall so far into the pit just for this purpose. He always had ahold of the rope but as long as I was willing to keep moving downward, He was going to let me, because in His divine knowledge, He already knew that He wanted me to be a writer, and He already knew exactly the type of stories He wanted me to write, to reach certain people that He had already chosen to read my books so that they would come closer to Him.

Isn't that mind-boggling?? His incredible wisdom and knowledge astounds me. Then, I began to realize that my difficult childhood was also part of the plan, because without that, I wouldn't have fallen so deep and drifted so far from God.

How often do we complain about our bad childhood, or our abusive friends, or tragedies that have happened to us. When in reality, if we would only trust God, we would eventually see that He had a Good plan in the end?

But it goes so much deeper than that. Even our sins, our failings, He can use for His glory! Like the recovered drug addict who now helps addicts or the woman who used to be a prostitute but who now loves Jesus and she helps get young girls off of the street by telling them God loves them and there's another way.

It blows my mind! So, whether your past is filled with tragedies, difficulties, or sin, or all of the above, rest assured, God allowed it all for a reason. Everything!! Even your mistakes. (That doesn't mean your sin is good or that God approved of it in any way!) So, seek God's forgiveness, learn from them and ask God to show you the future He wants to create from your past.

Tune in next week when I'll give my thoughts on the precious moment when God calls you to do that task He's planned for you to do since before you were born.


  1. This is so true. Thanks for the devotional. I enjoy your blog.Blessings

  2. Thank you for this reminder. My brother is once again in the middle of trouble due to poor choices and I needed this reminder of God's sovereignty. My brother just may not have experienced all he needs to accomplish God's plan.

    I can see him many steps along my path that have led me to where I am and I'm looking forward to what he has in my future.

    Thank you,
    Julie =)

  3. Thank you for a great post and for your honesty. I love how God takes our mistakes, or the difficulties inflicted on us by others, and uses them in wonderful ways to help others find Him. Our God truly does redeem, restore, and renew!

  4. Yes, God defiantly uses those people to change the world just in little ways. I know a priest-a very good man, never thought that he would become a priest. He did bad things in his life, he thought he would never be forgiven or loved by some God. Of course, The Lord is all forgiving and all loving showed him a better way. Showed him things and spoke to him deep in his heart and that changed him. Is why he is a priest today. I cant imagine him doing the things he told me, he is such a wonderful man of Christ. God Bless him.
    I know a lot of people like that, and I have learned that you need to pray for those and loves those that are not loving The Lord the way they should. Because they just may be one day a better example to others. Like God did with you MaryLu, He used you to spread the word of God in your stories from your experiences. God gave you the gift of writing-which you do so beautifully! That must tell you He had a plan for you. That is so wonderful.
    Awesome post, thanks for the reminder. God Bless Everyone!

  5. Hi! I finally got my new books to South America and read both The Red Siren and The Blue Enchantress this week!! I have to tell you that I absolutely could not put them down, especially The Blue Enchantress. A very touching, satisfying story. I have to tell you that I'm not always crazy about the tough, "take-over" girl characters so I was reluctant to like Faith Westcott, but she did catch me in the end (pirate that she is!:-) And of course neither Hope nor Grace are particularly attractive personalities in The Red Siren, but Hope has you rooting for her before too many pages into The Blue Enchantress. I'm sure Grace will do the same in the next book. Can't wait for The Raven Saint now! By the way, I hope you are going to try to rescue poor Charity from the wicked clutches of Lord Villement as well! Nathaniel Mason is a WONDERFUL character, and I LOVED Captain Poole too.

    And to comment on this blog post: Yes, when I was younger, going through some rather unhappy and negative teenage years, God gave me this particular insight...that I was going through experiences and learning things that I probably would never have learned any other way. He was setting me up for the rest of my life, in a certain sense. Unfortunately, not everyone reacts the same way to the same situations in life. God chooses what we go through, but we choose how we go through it. Choices, choices...

    Keep writing, MaryLu. Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you, Ladies, for all your comments. What a blessing you are to me! Your words comfirm in my heart that I'm doing and speaking what God wants me to. And that means more to me than anything.
    Thank you Diane for your kind words about my books!
    God Bless you all!