Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Take the Thanksgiving day Quiz!

Happy day before Thanksgiving! Test your knowledge of the holiday.

Answer True or False to the following 9 questions. I'll post the answers tomorrow so you can see how well you did!

True or False

  1. Thanksgiving is held on the final Thursday of November each year.

  2. One of America's Founding Fathers thought the turkey should be the national bird of the United States.

  3. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln became the first American president to proclaim a national day of thanksgiving

  4. Macy's was the first American department store to sponsor a parade in celebration of Thanksgiving.

  5. Turkeys are slow-moving birds that lack the ability to fly.

  6. Native Americans used cranberries, now a staple of many Thanksgiving dinners, for cooking as well as medicinal purposes

  7. The movement of the turkey inspired a ballroom dance.

  8. On Thanksgiving Day in 2007, two turkeys earned a trip to Disney World.

  9. Turkey contains an amino acid that makes you sleepy


  1. 1. False
    2. True
    3. False. George Washington was actually the first.
    4. False. It was actually Gimbels.
    5. True AND False. The larger birds cannot, but the lighter "heritage" turkeys and wild turkeys can fly.
    6. True
    7. True
    8. True
    9. True


  2. 1. F
    2. T
    3. T
    4. F
    5. T
    6. T
    7. F
    8. T (has to be because it is just to wierd to be made up :)
    9. T

    Can't wait to find out the answers.

  3. 1. F

    2. T

    3. F

    4. T

    5. F

    6. T

    7. F

    8. T

    9. F

  4. 1. Technically false - Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday of November, which is not always the last Thrusday.
    2. True - Ben Franklin.
    3. False - it was George Washington. Most people think that it was Abe because he was the first president to place the holiday in November.
    4. False - it was Gimbel's.
    5. False for wild turkeys, but genearally true for domestic turkeys.
    6. True - they also used them to dye their clothes.
    7. True - the Turkey Trot (not a very imaginative name)!
    8. True - they were the two turkeys that President Bush pardoned that year. Before those two, no turkeys had been sent to Disney World, but two had gone to Disneyland.
    9. True or false, depending on your perspective - while turkey does contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which is metabolized to create the drowsiness-inducing neurotransmitters serotenin and melatonin, it is only activated by other amino acids. Turkey by itself can't make you sleepy, but with combined with other foods, it's basically a gravy-covered sleeping pill.

  5. 1. False. 4th Thursday.
    2. True. Ben Franklin, and he was quite perturbed about it.
    3. False.
    4. False.
    5. False.
    6. True.
    7. True.
    8. True.
    9. True.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Lu!

  6. 1. true
    2. true
    3. false
    4. true
    5. false
    6. true
    7. true...?
    8. false
    9. true

  7. OK, I'll do this for fun...not that I know all the answers!

    1. False, it's the 4th Thursday not necessarily the last

    2. True, I believe it was Ben Franklin!

    3. False, I think it was actually George Washington during the Revolutionary War

    4. True, maybe?

    5. False?

    6. True

    7. True? or maybe it's not exactly a ballroom dance?

    8. ??? No idea

    9. True, or definitely sounds like it could be!!

  8. Thanks for playing, ladies! You all did much better than I did! I posted the answers today. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!