Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another cover preview for Surrender the Sea

Yesterday, my publisher sent me the next version of the cover they are designing for Surrender the Sea. They felt it was too dark and too harsh so they wanted to lighten it up and soften the writing a bit. What do you think? The new version is the top one. The old one is at the bottom.


  1. Is the theme of the story stormy and emotional? Then I'd pick the darker one. If it's more romantic and cheerful then the colorful book. Honestly? People are less likely to buy a darker book (I've noticed with other good books that don't seem to sell well even though the story is amazing).

  2. I like that they kept the model with the gorgeous dress. :o)

    I didn't know that about dark covers. I always thought they should just fit the mood of the book.

  3. Personally I like the dark cover LOL! I don't know if it's my computer or not but the dress on the right appears to be a brighter shade of red, which I like better. But I think the cover on the right would suit the book more if were a gothic novel or something. So yes the new cover would be better for your book! So now the question is when can I preorder??? :-P

    xoxo~ Renee

  4. I like the sepia, antique look of the darker cover.

  5. If you choose the lighter one, I think the model should be placed slightly more to the right of the cover with something a little more dynamic to the left of her where she is looking back. Since the font in the darker cover slanted, it didn't bother me that she was centered on the cover.

    Personally, I liked the darker cover and the turmoil behind her, but I would read either:)

  6. Wow - that's starkly different! While I do like the darker one a little better because it seems to scream action, I think that the darker dress on the new cover still portrays that. I like the font on your name quite a bit better - it worked great for the title on the last one, but now that I think about it, it does seem a bit gothic when put on both the name and the title. The font they used now looks like how they used to brand barrels and cargo, which is awesome!
    But I think anyone who's ever read anything of yours will grab it just because it has your name on it, regardless of what the cover looks like! :-)

  7. I prefer the darker cover, but the font on the lighter color. But really, whichever one happens to match the tone of your novel would be best.


  8. I personally like the lighter cover better. Think one reason I don't care for the darker cover is the font.

  9. Yes, Michelle, the theme of the story is stormy and emotional. Hence the reason I like the darker cover. But I agree with my publisher that it may deter some readers by looking too sinister. LOL
    REnee, I don't think you can preorder this for another couple months! Thanks!
    Thank you all for your comments. Funny how there are so many varying opinions. I guess picking up a cover is really a matter of personal taste!

  10. I would more likely pick up the darker cover over the lighter one. It seems more mysterious and draws my attention more than the lighter version. Also, the font and lettering of the lighter one seems too bland whereas the darker grabs the eye.
    Well, whichever one you choose, I'll still read it because I love your books!

    Random Ruthie
    Scribe of the King

  11. Hmmmm. I like the font better, but I most certainly like the darker cover better. It goes better with the dress and screams action (the cover, not the dress. :) The light blue just doesn't work for me with the light red and then the blue, too many different colors. But like another commenter said, I would still buy it. :)

  12. It's a toss-up for me. I usually like lighter things, but I like the darker cover too. Except I don't care for the font on the darker one. It's too hard to read at a glance and is just too "busy".

    But when two things are being compared, that's when it's hard to choose. Either one of them is fine if you didn't put it against something else! LOL

  13. I think that although both covers are beautiful, the top one has a more modern font and a more modern look to it that actually appeals to me more. I also like the colored seascape in the background of the top cover. On the other hand the bottom cover looks to be set in a Sepia color for the background which would look better if the title was something to do with an old letter or antique's or something like that...hmmmm
    Just thinking aloud.

    Hope all of this input helps :-)


  14. Thanks for all your input, ladies! I just love book covers for some reason. Done well, they can give a good indication of what you'll find within the pages. Having said that, however, I've read horrible books with great covers and great books with horrible covers. Sigh. I think my publisher will use the lighter one and change the font on the title. We shall see.

  15. The new one is better! It gets someone's attention more than the old. [=

  16. I like the old one better.I like how dark and intriguing it looks. It draws the reader in. The model is wearing such a beautiful dress, but against the lighter background of the new one, it looks a little odd and out of place. But I would pick up Surrender The Sea in a heatbeat.No matter what the cover looked like!:~)I can't wait to read it!
    Love Y'all,

  17. MaryLu,
    Sorry. The new cover turns me away more. The font of the original was not my favorite, but I certainly liked the first a lot better. Either way, the inside better be awesome!

  18. Both covers are great! As long as I can see "M.L. Tyndall" on the will eventually end up on my "keeper" shelf. YAY!

    Congrats, MaryLu! :)

  19. Honestly...

    I like the dark one best. To me it looks dramatic. Yeah, it does seem a bit dark, but it looks like something that would catch my eye and make me look at it more closely. It isn't your run-of-the-mill CF cover.

  20. I like the dark one best. To me it looks older or historical. Waiting for it to reach the shelves.I love your books.

  21. I loved the old cover, except for the font. It's fun to read all the opinions, too and thanks for letting us have our hand at choosing.

  22. Wow, the new one is much better to me! I think its more your style MaryLu. You dont seem like an author who would have dark covered books. lol. The darker one seems to me a bit of a change from your other book covers.

    But honestly, I would buy your books no matter what the cover looked like. :) I wonder whatever happened to 'Dont judge a book by its cover'? lol.
    Whatever you want MaryLu i will be ok with it.
    God Bless!!

  23. Thanks everyone! I'm going to pass these comments to my publisher! And thanks for the kind words, too. :-)

  24. Love the new version. Definitely something I would be more likely to pick up.

  25. I like the colors better on the new one, and still like the dress, but still not a fan of the headless cover! (not sure why headless covers are so popular)

  26. Well, my personal taste would be for lighter, brighter colors in general. But don't worry, the cover won't influence whether or not I read your book! I think once a person knows the writer's work, then the cover really has little to do with that. The darker sepia look of the first cover does give it a certain atmosphere more than the second. The font is a definite improvement though, I feel.

  27. I'm a big fan of the old cover. I thought it fit the title really well and I love the background and the sepia tones on it. The new one just looks less historical to me.

  28. I enlarged both pictures and have to say that the darker one is more appealing to me, especially if the mood is stormy and emotional like you said. Her dress is exquisite and stands out beautifully in contrast to the dark background. And it tells me that Surrender the Sea has great depth, whereas the lighter cover just looks like an average historical novel. But the font on the dark cover is hard to read.

    Bottom line - it's the M. L. Tyndall name that sells!

  29. Honestly, I kinda like the darker cover better. It seems to draw my attention more. And it is so different from all your other book covers. If the lighter cover was to be used, then I think that the color of her dress would need to change too. I think that it would clash otherwise. But, no matter which cover is chosen, I will buy the book, and I'm sure that it will be great!
    God Bless,
    Amber Minnehan

  30. Hello Mary Lu -

    As things are winding down to the 31st - I know you have created another wonderful story of faith and courage! There is no doubt in my mind that it will be perfect and wonderful.

    Definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I liked the first cover the best! Loved the script and love the intrique of it. It just had elegance and made me so curious about the contents.

    I loved the battleships in the background. I also loved that the ships were not in color. They added to the sense of adventure. See the cannon booming in the background just made a shiver of expectation run up your spine!!!

    On the new cover - it almost looks like she is in a calm, resort type town. It just doesn't make me "wonder" about what is inside like the first cover did. You knew she was in trouble and that she was fleeing or hiding or in trouble of some kind. What was it? How would someone so lovely be in such an obviously serious mess?? That's what the first cover made me think!!

    To me, the first cover set the book aside as unique. The second cover looks like everyone else's book!!! Well, except no one else writes about the sea etc :). The second cover just looks more like YOU!!!

    HOWEVER, I am certainly no expert on the subject and I am quite sure your publisher will do what is best for all readers.

    As everyone else said, no matter what the cover is - it will be read and with great relish!! Can't wait. August will be here before we know it but for now... it seems forever away!!

    Praying for you Mary Lu and believing always for supernatural creativity to be yours every time you sit down to write. Big hugs. joi

  31. P.S.
    One more thing!!! The first cover said, "Surrender to Destiny".

    The second says, "Surrender to Destiny Series".

    I know that it is probably best to have the word series attached but...

    There is SUCH a strong hidden meaning to just the words... "Surrender to Destiny".

    When I saw those words on the first cover - I was just thrilled. What a powerful message for us all. Can we - any of us - all of us - do it? Can we surrender to destiny? Does it take a lifetime or can it happen in a moment? How does it come about in this book??? Can't wait to find out!!!! j.

  32. I like the lighter of the two. It would definetely grab my attention off the shelf for sure. The dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to read it!

  33. The original ALL THE WAY!!! I Love the original... the cover just sucks me in... the new lighter one is ok but I absolutely love the original cover!

  34. I like the darker one with the lighter one's font. Both are beautiful!

  35. I awarded your blog with an award. You may pick it up here

    ps. love the cover.

  36. hmmm i like them both...but they are right the first one is very dark.....
    the second one is softer but then again, what topics are you righting about? if they are dark and slightly more mysteriuos then by all means use the first one.