Monday, January 11, 2010

Exceedingly precious

The story goes of this pastor who boarded a train in Africa. As he sat looking out his window at the mob of people clamoring across the train station trying to make their connections, he asked God. "What do you think of these people?"  God's answer came quick. "Some are wicked. Some are foolish. Some are blind. But some are exceedingly precious."
For some reason, that story always stuck with me. It's not that God favors certain people. It's that God Knows His own. He begs for the foolish, the wicked, the blind, to know Him, but it is ultimately their choice. In the meantime, those people who are His children are "exceedingly precious" to Him.

I love that term. Can you imagine what would happen to the world if everyone believed, I mean really believed deep down that they were "exceedingly precious"?  How many problems are caused by people who grow up in unloving homes, who feel like they never measure up, who feel they are weird, unloved, unwanted. Who believe they evolved from an ape and therefore are just a batch of molecules, an accident with no purpose or meaning, who feel as though they are just another face in a sea of faces far more important then they are?

I don't know about you but I still have trouble believing I am exceedingly precious to God.  But there have been those moments, brief and awesome, when it sinks in just a little bit--those times alone with God when I truly can feel His love and the light touch of His hand on my forehead, His kiss on my cheek. Oh, what sweet bliss. For it is in those moments when I know that I am safe, that nothing can touch me, nothing can harm me outside of my Father's will.  It is in those moments that I feel loved beyond measure, like I have truly come home.

Here's some other things in the Bible God calls precious

God's wisdom is precious                   Proverbs 3:15
God's thoughts are precious                Psalms 139:17
Jerusalem, God's holy city is precious  Micah 4:8
Jesus is precious                                 Isaiah 28:16
Jewels and gold are labled precious many times in the Bible
The truth is precious                           2 Tim 1:14
Faith is precious                                 1 Peter 1:7
The blood of Christ is precious           1 Peter 1:19
God's promises are precious              2 Peter 1:4

I don't have trouble believing those things are precious. But me?  

In Daniel 10:19, the angel, Gabriel spoke to Daniel and said:
“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!”

Now before you tell me that Daniel was some kind of spiritual stud. No way! He was no better than you or I. In fact, Jesus himself declared that of all the men born to women, John the Baptist was the greatest, but those of us in the Kingdom of God are even greater than he was. Who's in the Kingdom of God? His children. Those of us who believe.

I challenge you this week to write the words "Exceedingly Precious" on a sticky note and put it somewhere you will see it often. Maybe some bad things have happened to you recenly, or perhaps God has not answered an important prayer, and lately you haven't felt very loved or important to Him at all. Ask God to show you how precious you are to him. Remember it. Believe it, and allow God's love to melt away all your fears, your reservations, your despair.


  1. I'm learning. I think it's taken me most of my adult life to stop expecting bad things to happen to me when I feel like I deserve them.

    In one of my greatest acts of disobediance, He blessed me the greatest by letting me know how special I was to Him. Or maybe it's just because I finally was able to see it. Isn't that just like Him?

    I love how God chooses to bless me in the smallest things too...the things that only He would know. Like a private joke. Those moments, accumulating, are what tells me I am precious to Him and it's an amazing thing. I think I finally get it.

    Thanks for the post today. It really blessed me.

  2. Mrs. Tyndall,
    This is very helpful. What is your favorite Bible verse?

  3. Debra, I'm learning too. Don't you love it when the Lord does one of those tiny gestures that you know is from Him? It makes me feel so special. He's so awesome.
    And Abigail, I have so many favorite verses. I don't think I could choose one. I'll have to think about that..

  4. Aww thank you MaryLu for this post. It blessed me that you took the time to remind us of how God thinks of all of us so precious to Him! I do look around my classroom sometimes and ask God, 'Why do you love them so much and what life is in for them? They are not good people, they do horrid things that they are not even sorry for'. It is hard for me to see that in others. But yes if only people new that they were exceedingly precious, the world might be more happy. hehe
    I like those moments to MaryLu, it is hard though to feel that God thinks of you like that. I pray a lot to get the answers from God.
    Thanks for naming those Bible verses, i will read those some time. I love to read out of the gives me a boost when i need it. Its good to talk with our Lord!

    God Bless you MaryLu! I will be putting a sticky note of that to remind me of how Exceedingly Precious i am. :)
    Thank you!

    p.s. The Raven Saint is begging me to read it. But i have to wait. hehe This weekend i have time. You have no idea how hard it was to not go past chapter one. I didnt want to get to fare then not want to put it down. ;)