Monday, February 22, 2010

The Scroll of Remembrance

The Bible speaks of many books here on earth and in Heaven.

The Book of the Covenant  (Exodus 24:7)
The Book of the Wars of the Lord (Numbers 21:14)
The Book of the Law (Deuteronomy 28:61)
The Book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13)
The Book of the Acts of Solomon  (1 Kings 11:41)
The Book of the Chronicles of the King's of Israel (1 Kings 14:19)
The Book of the Chronicles of the King's of Judah (1 Kings 14:29)
The Book of Moses (Nehemiah 13:1)
The Book of the Living or the Book of Life (Psalm 69:28)

But here in Malachi 3:16, we read about a Book or Scroll of Remembrance
Then those who feared the Lord spoke with each other, and the Lord listened to what they said. In his presence, a scroll of remembrance was written to record the names of those who feared him and always thought about the honor of his name

Did you realize that every time you speak about the Lord with a Christian friend, the Lord listens! Not only that, but your name is written down in this Scroll of Remembrance.  This scripture really started me thinking. Is my name only listed or is what I said recorded? Does my name get listed everytime I speak about the Lord? What is the purpose of the book?  Will God read from it on judgement day?

We are told in Scripture that our words hold great power. In fact, James declares that the tongue holds the power of life and death. We are also cautioned against complaining and gossip and slander. We so often hear the negative consequences of using our words poorly, but here, we see such a fabulous positive consequence of choosing the right words.
I think it's so cool that when we talk about the Lord with our friends or classmates or co-workers or family, there's an angel standing nearby taking notes!
I hope that thought blesses you in some way today and throughout the week!


  1. Hmmm. I haven't thought about it that way. I makes God a whole lot personal, doesn't it? Makes me wonder if my name is written in the book of rememberance. I think more people should focus on this issues, even pastors. Especially since we are living in the last days.

  2. Exactly, Eszter. I've never heard a sermon on this!

  3. There should certainly be a bit more of an emphasis on what God see us doing and how he rewards and acknowledges it
    all I ever hear about is how we will be punished and a myriad of odious things that will happen if we do not...
    God has such an amazing way of speaking so plainly to the generations that came before, yet it still makes us ponder it thousands of years afterwards

  4. Hi MaryLu,

    I have not heard about the book of remembrance.
    WOW, then I might actually get noticed:) What a wonderful thought.
    Always, when I have spoken words about the Lord, I thought that the Holy Spirit enters me to share a good word.
    It is also a concidence that I have read it just right now after contacting one person who is so hard to reach. I have written that everything is in hands of God if she will respond to me or not. But I have used the words about God to fill the other person more spirutually to touch the other person and added even words of encouragment to fill other person with happiness inside. I do not believe that the other person would be expecting it, but something turned me that way to write things to another person. I believe GOD has a hand on things that we do and is using us to do things to touch other people and lift them up when necessary. Whe we do listen and open our hearts, I believe that God appreciate us. We are his dear children.
    Anna Labno

  5. Not a coincidence, Anna. That's God letting you know He's pleased that you spoke His name to this other person! We never know who we will touch with our words of encouragment about God.

  6. I had never heard of the Book of Remembrance either. It sounds so cool! I will have to read more about it : ) Thanks for blogging about it.

  7. This is of course an encouraging thought in many ways, but it did make me want to go out and get a padlock for my lips!

  8. Lovely message, after reading Malachi for our evening bible study I discovered the scroll of remembrance. Never knew of it, and why dont our leaders bring this to light, its such a beautiful thought! Recently I wrote to our churches leader, a very well educated and thoughtful rector, asking that we as Christians, worldwide, should be focused on healing and calling out so many demons that are in all the headlines. I believe God expects that of us, as a whole, to unite and collectively pray for them, and that His light prevail.
    Thank you for your words, because no, I did not know every time we speak with other believers that we were being listened to by angels, recording our thoughts. Perfect! That is wonderful to share with others. Thank you.
    May I ask how did you realize this?

    1. Hi Llb, I just came across this Scripture while I was doing my daily Bible reading and it truly shocked me. I asked the Lord if it really meant what it said, and He told me yes... so awesome! There is so much we can't see or know in our physical bodies. I agree with you that Christians worldwide need to pray hard in these times against all demonic forces at work. I am doing so, and I hope others are as well!