Friday, April 23, 2010

I normally don't post about my personal life. When I started this blog I wanted to do three things.
Glorify God in order to bring people closer to Him,
Give information about my new releases
Help promote other authors. 
I hope I've been able to do that. Keeping this blog up to date (posting 3 times a week) has taken quite a bit of my time, and I'm so grateful for those of you who are faithful to read it and leave comments. It makes me feel like my time isn't wasted. As a writer, I'm required to be on as many social networks as I can: Facebook, Goodreads..etc... but I have to tell you these things go against my nature. I prefer to just write my stories and stay to myself! I've never been a very social person. And I find these marketing avenues very taxing. If there's anything of particular interest to you that you'd like me to blog about, I'd love to hear your ideas!

But I wanted to tell you that my eldest daughter is getting married next month (acutally in 3 weeks) and it's such a special time for me. My entire family if flying in from Florida for the event. My mother, sister, niece, my brother, his wife and their 3 children. Over 100 people are attending the ceremony and there will be a full dinner and dance reception afterward. So, not only have I been trying to write my next novel, I've been dealing with tons of wedding preparations.  But it reminds me of how wonderful and special weddings are. (I do write romance novels, after all)  The union of 2 people with a promise to love and stand by each other forever. Now that's a good cause for a party!   Which also reminds me of the Wedding we will be attending in Heaven one day. The union of Christ and His church. Now that's going to be a party!  I hope to see you there. I wonder what flavor the cake will be?
Here's a picture of me, a great friend of mine, and my daughter at her Bridal shower. I'm in the pink shirt.

I pray your weekend is blessed! 


  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter! She looks beautiful in that photo.


  2. Wow, I really appreciate your opening up to share about your personal life. What a special occasion for all of your family. God bless you and may it be a wonderful time! I do understand what you mean about just preferring to write and forget the social aspects of the job. That's what I'd rather do too. But you know what, I feel like I know you through this blog in spite of the fact that we'll probably never meet this side of heaven. It does help (me at least) to be more supportive of and in touch with your work. Thank you for the effort and sacrifice of sharing yourself with others. Please don't stop.

  3. Yes, I believe you have accomplished those three things on your blog!
    You’ve helped us all a lot, I think, as well.
    Congratulations to your daughter!

    ~Abigail =D

  4. You are doing a great job MaryLu. God hasreally blessed me through your books and blog. I'm thankful that you still take the time to post a blog with all that is going on in your life. Thank you!

    P.S. Your daughter looks beautiful! Congratulations on her wedding!

  5. Enjoy this wonderful time in your family's lives, MaryLu. When all is said and done I hope it is even more amazing that you'd hoped for.

  6. Thanks Sasafras, my daughter is a beauty. Inside and out. Thank you Diane for your kind words! I think many writers are loners, don't you? Eszter, it blesses me to know that God has blessed you through the work He's given me. Thanks! Me, too, Debra! But isn't God just great that way? He always exceeds our expectations.

  7. Congratulations on gaining a son-in-law! Your daughter is beautiful!

  8. Congratulations to both you and your daughter! Aww, how beautiful you both are. Tell her she is beautiful and loved! God has given her a wonderful man in her life and that is very happy. Have a great time with family and good luck finishing your next book! =]
    God Bless you and your family!!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter (and to you as her mother)! How exciting! May God bless her and her soon-to-be husband and their lives together!


  10. Congratulations to both of you!
    And yes, you have definately accomplished the three things you set out to do. I have been so blessed by all that you write, and the devotional-type posts you do on Mondays always give me something to think about. So please don't stop, Marylu! :-)

  11. Thank you so much, ladies! I hope you're having a great weekend. Our weather here in CA is fabulous.. although rain is expected this week. Sigh.

  12. Congrats! How wonderful. :o)

    I have an award for you on my latest blog. I don't often comment, but I am often touched by your blog and sometimes read certain entries several times because they really spoke to my heart. Thanks so much for ... well for being such a blessing.

  13. Thank you so much for the award, Lee, and for your kind words! And congrats on your hubby getting a job offer. That's no small feat in today's economy.

  14. MaryLu, I think you have definitely accomplished what you set out to do with your blog. You have really helped me with your insights into the Bible and what God teaches, both through your blog and your books. You have a wonderful talent that allows you to touch people's lives and hearts for God. That you can do all that and plan for a wedding is amazing! I pray that God will give you strength, energy, and ideas to keep writing. : )
    Like Diane said, it's really cool to be able to talk to and read the thoughts of one of my favorite authors. It makes you, and your books, seem more real, if that makes sense. You're not just a faceless name on book covers. Those of us who read your blog get to actually peek into your life and see where you get the inspiration for your stories, and that is just so cool!!

    Congratulations to your daughter. I hope she and her soon-to-be husband enjoy a great life together!