Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to St. Louis!!

Sunday morning (very early!!!) I'll be heading from California to St. Louis for the annual International Christian Retailers Conference! 
Tentative schedule is as follows:

Monday, June 28th, I'll be signing Surrender the Heart at the conference Town Center alongside Wanda Brunstetter and Mary Connealy!  Talk about great authors!!  I'm hanging with the best!

2:00 pm I'll be loitering around the ACFW booth seeing if I can help out .
3:00 pm I'm signing my new release again alongwith Mary Connealy at my publisher's booth. (Barbour)

Tuesday, June 29th. at 10:00 am, I'll be participating in what Barbour calls Fiction Cafe where retailers come by for free coffee and lots of giveaways, including copies of author's books: I'll be hanging out with Wanda Brunstetter, Mary Connealy, Kaye Dacus, Ronie Kendig, and Nancy Mehl!!!  What a lineup!!

Then, by the grace of God, I'll be flying back home Tuesday night.  I'm looking forward to visiting with my publisher and with my author friends. ICRS is always a fun time. Here's a link to the Show's main page if you want to look around :

Remember, next Friday begins Surrender the Heart Month on this blog. I'm giving away 2 copies of my book each Friday!!!  So, don't forget to drop by and tell your friends.

I plan on posting pictures when I return...
Have a great Weekend everyone!


  1. Not attending the Christy Awards, huh?!

    The ICRS sounds like such fun!

  2. I wish I could go there but that is to far away. Have a safe trip and have fun!

  3. Thanks Linda and Tori! No, no Christys this year. But I'll be watching online to see who wins! You aren't coming this year, Linda? it would be great to see you again!

  4. Have a wonderful time! I wish I could be there to have you sign your latest book for me. Maybe someday.... :)

  5. Have a safe trip, and I hope you have a wonderful time. I think I've mostly lurked, but I really do enjoy reading your blog.

  6. And I get the honor of picking her up at the airport in St. Louis!!!

    YAY! Can't wait to see you and hug your neck. :-)

  7. Thanks Michelle and Casey! And Yay!! Kaye! Can't wait.

  8. Fun...I love it...and you get to hang out with some really neat authors.!!!! I hope is fabulously fun and wildly successful.
    I read the earlier note about the Christy awards. I"m vaguely familiar with it. I've read the book by Catherine Marshall...and of course I have the original tv series on VHS and on DVD :) :) Love it!! There used to be a "Christy fans" reunion every year for awhile...not sure if that's still going on or not.
    Yeah, I'll definitely drop by on Fridays for the book giveaway...I loved the Charles Town Belle series...and now I can't decide which book to buy next...which one of yours, I mean!!! :) :) :) Have a fun time, MaryLu...Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)