Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

May God grant you full sails and a clear horizon!


  1. I love this. It's very beautiful...and romantic :) :) I'm still thinking Charles Town Belles :) :) :) Where do you find these great paintings?
    Greetings and hugs from Oregon,
    Heather :)

  2. I love the colors in this one! :) All these pictures you post make me want to set sail and say with Jack Sparrow: "Now, bring me that horizon."

    Thanks for sharing! Love it!


  3. Hmm…I like the ocean and the sky (of course, I’ve always loved the ocean…and I guess I love the sky).
    Nice picture!

  4. This is interesting. The colors are very beautiful. I really hope the ship is not falling. Great picture.

  5. I love the tidbit about "bring me that horizon", very fitting, and exactly what I was thinking too! I feel that way right now with the changes going on in my own life, and seeing this beautiful picture reminds me of it. It's very encouraging. A great new horizon of exciting things to come. :)


  6. I agree with my sister Tori. I hope that ship isn't falling over! :) But other than that, I love the picture and the GREAT use of colors! I hope you get more pictures on your blog looking like this one! :))