Friday, July 16, 2010

Surrender the Heart - week 3! Another chance to win a free book!

I chose three winners from this week because one of the winners from last week never answered my emails or contacted me. So, if you leave a comment, be sure and leave me a valid email and then be sure and check it!  Anyway, the winners for this week are: Sarah McNiel, Albert'n'Carly, and Amber Minneham !!

This week, I'm showcasing the Book trailer for Surrender the Heart, and I'd like you to answer 2 questions for me after you watch it.

What about the trailer made you want to read the book?
Was there anything in the trailer that you didn't like?

So, leave your answers and I'll choose TWO more winners next Friday.  Then stay tuned because in the final two weeks, I'm going to post excerpts of the book and ask you to complete sentences by the main characters to test how well you know them now!  Fun, huh?

Okay, here's the trailer:


  1. Heh MaryLu,
    What was in the trailer that made me 'want' to read "Surrender The Heart" .... is hearing how very much the two main characters -- Marianne and Noah, dislike/detest each other ... and yet are destined to marry. I am left 'wondering' how ... is this all going to play out ... it increases my curiosity and interest greatly.
    What I did not like so much about the trailer was ... the narrator's voice portraying the outline of the story. It did not sound "swash-buckling/thrilling" enough ... that's all.
    (MaryLu ... I know this probably does not matter ... but I have a birthday coming up ... on the 27th of this month, and I will be turning the big "6-0" ! It would be so very neat to win a book this month ! But alas ... I do realize ... this "is" a contest/draw .... so whatever is meant to be, will be !)
    Thanks again for writing these thrilling and enjoyable novels. Can hardly wait to get a hold of this newest one !!!
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    Love In Him, Brenda H

  2. Hmm...for the first question, I would say I like the mystery of it all: I want to know the answers.
    For your second question, I don’t like the pictures of the people, I don't like having a picture of what the characters should look like: I like to picture them myself. I would say, however, that pictures of people in a trailer are necessary. Besides that, it got my attention with the first line! Looks great!

  3. Oh I loved the trailer. Just finished reading this book and what an amazing, exciting story. Marianne and Noel are interesting and high spirited. Waiting for the next installment.Blessings.

  4. What I liked about the trailer was the description of the book (Marianne following Noah and then being discovered during the journey, especially!). I also liked the photos, especially the ones of Noah and the ships... :)

    What I didn't like was the narrator's voice. Like someone else mentioned, it just didn't seem to fit with what the book is about...


  5. The trailer made me want to read the book (even more) because of the way that they so dislike each other, but she is determined to go through with it... The fact that some of it is on the sea...and the War of 1812 (I Love history!!!)

    I'm not so sure on what to say for the part I didn't like...The fact I didn't have to book sitting here when I was done watching it:)!

    Rae byuel

  6. Wow! This was really fun to watch!
    1.The trailer makes the book come to life! It makes me excited to read the book because it has a lot of mystery and it makes you want to find out what happens and how it all ends!
    2.I liked the WHOLE trailer!

    Mandy Heffron

  7. Hey MaryLu
    How are you doing?
    What I liked so much about this trailer was the pictures... They seem to fit nicely with the story and create vivid pictures in my mind leaving me to imagine a 1000 different ways the story might turn out and the undercurrent of destiny is very interesting. I think what makes me want to read the book is less the romance and more to see where they all fit into God's destiny for them and how they fit into each other's destinies.

    The voice of the narrator was very annoying and monotonous to me. Maybe they could try a different pitch or different voices for the two main characters. I don't know.
    Anyway blessings & hope you have a great week!

  8. What I liked: how the trailer played up the drama. The biggest part of that was the details from the storyline that it included, but I also thinked that the dramatic music and zooming in on the pictures added to that quite a bit.
    What I didn't like: the narrator's voice - I've always preferred book trailers that you only hear the music, and the words are written out (like the trailors for your first books). I think it's because, on a movie trailer, the characters themselves speak more than the narrator, but on a book trailer, it's just the narrator, so it's almost like there's a separation between me and the characters, because they seem to dictate the words, but the narrator is saying them.
    Other than the minor issue of the voice, though, the trailer was GREAT!

  9. Hi MaryLu!

    I thought the trailer was great! I can't wait to read the book. I liked how the trailer expressed the tension between the two main characters. Between that and the fact that the book takes place on the high seas during the War of 1812, I think that this maybe my favorite book of yours yet!

    For the second question, I agree with some others that maybe the narrator's voice didn't quite fit with the book.

    Have a great week and God bless!

  10. Loved the trailer, MaryLu....made me more anxious to read the book! I want to know more about the two main characters...their destiny, the tension, etc. Please enter me to win! Thanks!!!

  11. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comJuly 16, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Hello MaryLu....and good morning to you......In my opinion, your novels don't even need trailers. They take away some of the mystery for me. If it was a movie trailer :) it would be different.....the narrator, in my opinion, should be a male voice. I used to read your books just for the escape and adventure, but now, as you know, I read them for their insights into God's plan for our lives. Hey, I have a new hero name for you, 'Captain Jack Walter Mitchell'. (my husband's name..ha ha ha)Have a great day and God bless you.

  12. I enjoyed the increasing drama in the trailer with the combination of story, pictures and music; it drew me into the adventure. The narrator grew on me as the trailer continued but her voice was kind of stark at the beginning. Surrender the Heart has my heart beating in anticipation, I can't wait to read it. Thanks for another chance to win it.

  13. What about the trailer made you want to read the book?
    The whole being forced into an unwanted marriage, to unlock her inheritance has me very intrigued for this story.

    Was there anything in the trailer that you didn't like?
    There wasn't anything that I didn't like. However, if I have to pick out something, it would probably be what's also my one issue with the cover. You describe a very plain looking girl, and even used a pic of a plain girl the other week ago. However in both the trailer and on the cover, you use a beautiful girl. I just don't think it fits.
    At the same time, I do understand that it's to draw people to the cover, who are unfamilier with your work. Sadly, people will be more likely to buy a book with a beautiful girl than one with a plain girl on the cover.

    -Sarah C.

  14. "I would rather boil in oil then marry Noah Brenin." That is a great line. The entire trailer makes me want to read the book. It has intirgue and mystery. It is the best of all of the previous ones. Ehat I did not like about the trailer is the narrators voice, It is not dramatic or mysterious enough for me. Win the contest or not I will be reading this series. Thank you.

  15. Hi, MaryLu--Loved the trailer!!One thing that caught my attention was the line "forced to face their darkest fears..." Am going thru a hard time myself and sometimes you gain insight reading a great book and seeing how the characters handle their trials/challenges. Can't wait to see how our great God factors into Mary Ann Denton's situation! The only thing I didn't like about the trailer was that it was too short!! Thanks and blessings to you!---

  16. The trailer gave a sense of action and swift moving plot that tend to grab my attention when I read a book. There was no lull or slow spots in the description or graphics of the trailer. Of course I already know from experience that your books deliver in that respect so this mostly confirmed my expectations though without the character descriptions you posted the trailer didn't give as much insight in to their personalities as some promos do.

    As for what I didn't like it is minor and can be pretty easily fixed. The code you used to embed it in the blog sized it too wide for the column and cut off the right side. At least I was able to click the full screen button (which was almost hidden off the screen because of the object sizing) to run it so I could see the whole frame of the slideshow. If you don't know how to go in and adjust the sizing ask someone who knows computers or blogging to help you. There are usually 2 spots within the code where it sets height and width change them both proportionally to the current size so that it fits your post column with a small margin on either side and there's really not much else I can complain about besides having to wait on the book very impatiently.

    forest_rose [at] yahoo [dot] com

  17. hi marylu...i enjoyed watching the trailer...looking forward to reading the book :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  18. I love spitfire heroines. It sounds like Marianne is very determined. The surrounding of the marriage and all is intriguing. Historical aspect also a getter.

    I too didn't care much for the narrator. Don't know what it was to monotone I guess. no fluctuation.

    I'd love to win this book
    it would make for a nice birthday gift in the next two weeks. My is 25th.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  19. I really like the trailer. I especially like that it gives just enough of the plot to make me want to read more to see how everything plays out. I am curious to see how Noah and Marianne fulfill their destinies. The only thing I did not like is that the music and voice could have been a little more suspenseful. I'm excited for the book!
    Megan S.

  20. What makes me want to read the book? The arranged marriage and the "dislike" between the betrothed. It makes for a very interesting, and at times, intense story. And it gets even more intense by the battle they are forced into. I can't wait to read this book!
    As for the part of the trailer I didn't like, the narration didn't seem to hold quite as much intensity as the book seems to have.
    Thank you for the chance to win and to get to know your characters along the way!
    mommaof_3k [at] yahoo [dot] com

  21. Before I read your books, I didn't know that any book had a trailer! I love it, though!
    What really made me want to read the book is all the teaser info. I feel the desperation of both of the characters: Marianne for money for her family and Noah to escape her.
    The only part of the trailer that wasn't my favorite was the way the voice at the beginning said, "boil in oil." I think it sounded like a witch's voice... although maybe that was the idea since a witch might say that. Anyway, it wasn't bad, just a tad creepy. :)
    Mary Lu, your books are awesome! Thanks for writing them!
    -Brittany K. bjkmaryville[at]aim[dot]com

  22. Well as quite a few people said the thing that i most liked about the trailer was the Dislike that they have for each other. I LOVE books like that!!!
    The pictures in the trailer were really cool.
    Also as someone else said the girl on the cover is really pretty but, then you said that she was,
    but the trailer was really good! i LOVED it!!
    thank you for all your books they are SO good!!

  23. This is an amazing trailor. I would love to read the book. I think I have read all your books in the past.

  24. This was great! I love the sound of it already. I cant wait to read it- I should be getting it in the mail any day now. So you will not have to enter me in, but thank you for the chance to win your book. I love this, two people who have known and hated each other since childhood will find out later in life that they were meant for each other. Such an awesome idea! Awww, how exciting. Have a wonderful weekend MaryLu!!

  25. What made me want to read the book? That first line is fabulous! What a hook! I also LOVED the pictures and the building tension of their dislike - their family needs - the party - then it's war and history is at stake! It made me want to go raid a bookstore.

    It's hard to pick anything negative. The whole trailer wasn't visible on the blog & the narrator was a bit flat for such a high tension and mystery story. The words sounded exciting but...

    It really is great though. Congrats.

  26. I love just about everything about the video, it really captures my attention, my only wish and I wouldn't really call it a dislike, just an opinion is that I wish it didn't reveal so much of the story. It seems to tell a lot that I would like to find out in the reading of the novel.

    Other than that, can't wait!! Do you mind entering my mom again? THanks!

    Here is her email:

  27. I absolutly love your books! I cant wait to read this one! I'm hoping this is where I post the comment to enter to win one. I havent watched the trailer yet and I dont really plan on it because I agree with Casey; these trailers do reveal way to much of the plot and I like to be surprised and held in suspense. Cant wait to read your new book!

  28. Oops this is Amy again, forgot to leave my email address haha!

  29. Oh, everything visually about the trailer makes me want to read the book. I love the sea, old ships and ladies who dress up in beautiful dresses. I love this era...lots of romance, danger, intrigue etc...I like the drama and difficult choices both of these people face and how they'll learn how the choices they make will affect each other and those around them.

    The only think I didn't like about the trailer was the voice over. It wasn't dislike so much as I felt that her tone didn't really match the drama that I feel coming from the story. The lady's tone was a tad too light-hearted for the fact that this story will have some funny, romantic, but also serious parts to it :) ::) my humble opinion of course :) :) :)

    Thanks for hosting these giveaways...Congrats to the three winners. That's wonderful!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  30. Well the whole storyline makes me want to read Surrender the Heart! It sounds so exciting.

    And I agree with everyone else who said the voice over wasn't great, it reminds me of the voice over on that show Desperate Housewives which isn't a bad thing but I don't think it fits in with the exciting story she's describing.

    It sounds like an awesome book! Can't wait,

  31. 1. The trailer made me want to read the book because I like how the main characters hate each other and do or don't want to go through with the marriage for their families sake.

    2. I agree with everyone else. I didn't like the trailer because the voice wasn't exciting enough!


    ~ Michelle F.

  32. 1. What about the trailer made me want to read the book... The choice to show the book cover again. It's very good, mysterious. The conflict between the two main characters sounds intriguing. A stowaway is always exciting!

    2. What I did not like about the trailer... Believe it or not, I wanted to say the voice, but was hesitant to...until I skimmed some of the other comments and realized a lot of people had the same opinion as me. I hope it is not anyone near and dear to you, MaryLu, but whoever it was sounded like they were reading a dry script that they were not very interested in. The expression/ emotion seemed fake and forced. And I'm sorry to say the script itself contained several cliché phrases. The trailers for The Blue Enchantress and The Raven Saint were a lot better.

  33. Thanks for all your opinions, everyone! I have to agree with you about the voice on this trailer. I hated it, but the company that I hired had already paid the person to read the script. I was not given a chance to listen to it first. Sigh. You should have heard the music they chose! It sounded like a circus. I insisted they change that. Funny thing is, most of you have enjoyed my prior trailers better and I made those! This is the first trailer I've paid a great deal of money to have made by someone else. Last time I'm doing that... Live and Learn...
    Hugs to all!

  34. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comJuly 17, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    We readers learn from you and you learn from funny.

  35. Wow - I had no idea that you made the previous trailors yourself; I thought they had been professionally done! :-) Did you do them on Powerpoint?

  36. The trailer does a great job of summarizing enough of the story to give me an idea of what it's about, then leaves plenty of room for speculation and mystery, so I want to read it (NOW!). Love that 'boil in oil' line. I like the music--it fits the sense of danger and war. I look forward to reading this one.

    I don't really have any complaints about the trailer.

  37. Sapphire, I made them using a tool called Windows Movie Maker. It comes with the general Windows package.. Pretty easy to use, but you can't do anything fancy.
    Thanks for the compliments on my trailers! I had fun making them but it takes ALOT of time and I didn't have the time for this book. Word is, my publisher is going to create one for my next book. I'm excited about that...
    God Bless Everyone!! And thanks for entering the contest...

  38. Wow, you did such a great job with the past trailers! You should keep on making them yourself. :)
    God Bless you!

  39. i must agree...the very first thing that i thought was that the voice did not suite nor match what the story was about!
    but all your other trailers are all sooo good!