Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 4 of Surrender the Heart month!

Now things get fun!  But first, our winners from last week are Heather and AppleBlossom!!  Contratulations, Ladies!!  And thanks to everyone for your comments on my trailer. But don't despair, I'm choosing two more winners next Friday!

Now that you know a bit about the hero and heroine and have seen the trailer, I'm going to pull a short scene out of the book and then cut off the character's final sentence.  Then I'll give you a selection of answers to choose from, based on what you know about that character.  Today we will try and guess what Noah Brenin would say. Next week, it will be Marianne's turn.

Here's the snippet:
Noah adjusted the cuffs of his white shirt then cocked his head toward her. “What has me quite vexed, Miss Denton, is what benefit this match is for you. It is obvious you loathe me.”

“Loathe is a strong word.” She batted the air, trying to avoid the question. The smell of wine and leather and aged wood filled her nose. She couldn’t very well tell Noah that she and her mother were nearly destitute, that without this marriage, they could not touch the inheritance her father left her and purchase the much-needed medicines to keep her mother alive. She wasn’t lying to him. He would receive the seven thousand dollars of her dowry the moment they married. But what he didn’t know was that he would receive nothing else, no jewelry, or silverware, satin sheets, china, Persian rugs, or any of the luxuries her mother had been forced to sell this past year. Instead he would acquire only Marianne, her sister, and a sick mother-in-law. So, Marianne simply responded, “Our fathers wished it.”

He eyed her curiously. “Your father would not wish you unhappy, miss. I assure you I will not make you a good husband.”

Marianne gripped the arm of the chair. Her throat went dry. “Why are you trying to dissuade me when you have admitted that you need my money?”

He shrugged and stared out the open door down the corridor. “I see how my presence upsets you. It would no doubt be pure torture for you should we marry.”

“What upsets me is your behavior.”

“Unfortunately the two cannot be separated.”

“That is not true. People can change if they want to. God can change people.”

“What has He to do with it?”

Marianne flinched. “God has everything to do with everything.”

“If that is so, then He has much to answer for.” He frowned and turned to stare out the stern windows.

“You should not say such things, Noah.” Marianne’s heart saddened. His family had faced tragedy, as had hers. But she had not forsaken God. Or had she? Certainly her trust in Him had waned.

She struggled to her feet. “Enough of this. I cannot sail to England with you. My mother is ill and needs my help.”

He faced her. “She has servants who will attend to her, I am sure.”

In truth, no. “Only I can see to her properly. And my little sister will be lost without me. I simply cannot be gone for months.”

Please choose from the following possibilities and leave a comment telling me your choice and why. Whether you are right or wrong, I'll still enter you in the contest to win a free book!

A. "Very well. Far be it for me to cause you or your mother any discomfort."
B.  “Then you shouldn’t have snuck aboard my ship.”
C.  "Perhaps you should ask this God of yours to transport you home."
D.  "Regardless of your sentiments, I relish the opportunity to get to know you better."
E.  "Why of course not.  I've been a complete scoundrel and will turn the ship around at once."


  1. July 23/2010,
    Good morning, MaryLu ! And, congratulations to last week's winners !
    Well -- I am debating between "two" choices for Noah's answer, both B and C.
    B. - "Then you shouldn't have snuck aboard my ship." -- Sounds like what Noah would have said. Smart-mouthed, angry, 'all-about-him' answer, with no care or concern in his voice.
    C. - "Perhaps you should ask this God of yours to transport you home." -- Also sounds like what Noah could have said to Marianne. Sarcasim in his voice, along with total lack of feelings, care or concern.
    I don't know MaryLu ... but my answer is: either B, or, C -- both suit Noah !
    Thanks again for the opportunity to be entered in your draw.
    Take care,and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. This is a tough one. hehe Um I'm gonna have to agree with Brenda on it having to be either B or C. Because those are the answers that show he loaths the idea of marring her. Plus they show that he is all about himself.

    But if I had(have) to decide between B & C it would be my final answer is B.

    Can't wait to read the rest of the book!!!

  3. Well first of all i cant wait to read it!!
    Anyway,i cant decide between B. or C. either. They both fit him.
    But like G.R.I.T.S. i'm going to chose B, Because he's rude, uncaring, and all around wonderful!!:) They are perfect for one another!
    Oh i'm so excited to read it!!!

  4. Both choice B and C seem like they would be the correct answer. But, I think I will have to go with choice C. I've already won so obviously don't enter me in again. LOL! The book still hasn't come, but I'm counting down the days until I can read it! God Bless!

    Amber Minnehan

  5. My memory's not the best, but I would almost bet money that it's B.

    LOVED the book, as I told you on FB. And my review copy just arrived for the blog tour, so I'll get to give that one away!

  6. Yeah!!!..That's me right? yippeee!!! Where do I email you my address information? I'll comment on this post later today!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

  7. Hmmm - I, too, am stuck on B versus C...but I think I'll go with B, just because it's not quite as sarcastic.
    This is fun! :-)

  8. I think it is B. I imagine him telling her off and bewildered by the audacity of her to ask him to turn around.

  9. Either B or C. B because he is obviously resigning responsibility for getting her back, and C because they have just been discussing what God has to do with their situation. I'm inclined a little more toward C. But....

    How fun!

  10. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comJuly 23, 2010 at 9:01 AM

    I REALLY want to read this novel! A,B,C,D OR E? Well, if his family has suffered and he lost his faith in God, he is more than likely very upset with God. I would say C; although, B would fit as well. Congrats to the winners!

  11. I am going with a guess but just looking at those I am going to have to go with "B". Just a feeling. This book is making me want to read it so much!

    Tracy C

  12. I think "B" is the correct response. It is exactly what someone who cares about no one would say.
    I can't wait to get my hands on this book and see how it all unfolds. Each week I'm pulled more and more into it!
    mommaof_3k [at] yahoo [dot] com

  13. Well, like most everyone else I'm stuck between B and C. I think I'm gonna go with B. I can't wait to read this book.

  14. I think Noah would say "C" because he doesn't believe in God and this response seems to fit his character--unfeeling and harsh. This exerpt is making me excited for more!

    Megan S

  15. It's between B and C, but if I have to choose one, I would say C. It seems like something a man against God would say.
    Can't wait to read more of this book!

    -Sarah C.

  16. I would have to agree with others before me and say 'B'. It just seems to the point, direct, rather rude. :) lol
    I honestly want to read this book so much! :)

  17. hmm, I'm stuck between B and C. Both seem to fit the character so well. Answer B characterizes him as untrusting but still with that rude, arrogant tone. Where C shows that he doesnt want anything to do with God and presents him as an arrogant cad. I think my final answer is C from the reading of the passage and from the way in which you have characterized past men in your stories (which I absolutely love! you are my favorite author!). I can't wait to read your new book! God Bless,
    - Amy M.

  18. I, too, have a hard time choosing between B and C. His pride might bring him to blame the situation on her (B). Or his doubt in God's faithfulness might bring him to mock God (C).

    Hmmmm...I'll go with B! :) I always enjoy these types of posts, and I'm excited to read the whole story!


  19. I'm going with "C" because he doesn't believe in God, and he wants to mock her.

  20. Don’t enter me.
    It would not be fair for me to comment since I own your book and have already read this part. I have not finished it; I am 2/3 of the way through it. I love it so far; I cannot put it down - until I cannot keep my eyes open. This is one of my favorites, since I’m an American!
    Great book!
    ~Abigail =D

  21. Don’t enter me.
    It would not be fair for me to comment since I own your book and have already read this part. I have not finished it; I am 2/3 of the way through it. I love it so far; I cannot put it down - until I cannot keep my eyes open. This is one of my favorites, since I’m an American!
    Great book!
    ~Abigail =D

  22. Love this contest; can't wait to read the book! I vote for C...I think he is very scornful, cynical to God and all matters of God. Please enter me. Thanks!!!

  23. I will say C also. This really looks like a great read. I have not read any of your books, but I am going to order this one, especially since it is a first in a series!!

  24. I would say B - "Then you shouldn't have snuck aboard my ship." :-D

    Katie M


  25. This is a hard choice!
    They all seem to fit him except E.
    So I am going to go with...B!
    Mandy Heffron

  26. Hello! I'm gonna say C. It is something that Noah would say. I have read all of your books and love them all. I can't wait to read this one. please enter me in the drawing. God Bless You!!
    My email address


  27. I would say B, because I can Noah saying that because that's his way of saying "well, it is your problem, I'm not turning the ship around." I'm looking forward to reading the book, and thanks for this opportunity!

    ~Michelle F.

  28. I have read this book and would highly recommend it. It is a wonderful story.

  29. My sister Tori received your book "Surrender the Heart." She was super excited when she got it. I hope I can be that happy when I get the chance to read one of your books when I'm older!! :)

  30. A definitely doesn't sound like a guilty, selfish personality.

    B & C could fit and like the others I kind of thought it could be either one till I read through the rest of the list.

    E definitely not it either. Selfish as he is and so focused on making the business profitable turning the ship around wouldn't even begin to enter his head.

    So that leaves me with D and no its isn't just to be different from the majority. It sounds exactly like someone who was making a snide reply to Marianne's concerns about her family being left to manage on their own. Neither of them is exactly looking forward to marrying but it sounds like they have little choice. As he is so selfish of course he would make it about him and say it rather sarcastically because he really means the opposite and he knows she wants the whole mess she's in on his ship to just magically disappear but he might as well take advantage of being stuck in the middle of the ocean with her since she can't really go anywhere to run away.

    Thanks for another chance at winning your book.

    forest_rose [at] yahoo [dot] com

    LOL my captcha is bookings perhaps thats a sign of good luck for the drawing.

  31. Hi MaryLu

    Reading this post has been really fun! I can see the scene playing out in my head and can only imagine Marlene's response to Noah's next answer.

    I would choose C as a reply. It is known from the video trailer that Noah wont turn the ship around and from his character description and the conversation that just took place he seems to be proud and have a lot of unresolved anger and bitterness toward God for things that happened in his past.

    Thanks for keeping the blog up to date. It's always nice to read everything you've written.


  32. i am very stumped on thhis one! all are deliciously sarcastic as it sounds like Noah may i will have to say for now...that i believe it is C

  33. i'm torn between B and C....i will choose C as my 'final answer'

    thanks for the opportunity to read your masterpiece :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  34. Congrats Heather and AppleBlossom; have fun reading the book!
    This is so fun and exciting to read a scene from your book!! I'm not entering- since i have the book already. However i failed to start reading it sooner and dont know what happens next in this scene. But i would like to give my thought, i really dont know what to guess?! A,D,E seem like something he would say if he were being sarcastic. B,C seem like something he would also say but if he were trying to be rude. I wont know by tomorrow so i cant wait to see what the answer is.
    You are such a wonderful author MaryLu!! And im not kidding about this, i can read this much of your book that you have posted and already be sucked in! That doesn't happen to me very easily, so you definitely have a special gift! The Lord is really doing wonderful things with you! God Bless and have a good weekend!!