Monday, September 13, 2010

God is a gentleman

In my books, I like to write about gentlemen. Men who are honorable and noble and who do the right thing. But how often do we think of God as a gentleman? Depending on your background, you may picture him as either a gruff father type who's always chastising you for wrong doings, or you may think of Him as a big Santa Claus lovable type. Either way you'd be wrong. For years I thought of God as distant and unloving and judgmental. I couldn't have been further from the truth. But just because He is willing to forgive us, doesn't mean He is a soft wimpy pushover either. It's up to you to discover who God really is and the only way to do that is (like any relationship) by spending time in His Word and with Him.

One thing I have learned is God is a gentleman. The definition of a gentleman is a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man. He never forces himself on anybody and the minute He senses that He is not welcome, He leaves. You may have heard this sort of thing before, but recently I've come to realize another aspect that really impacted me.
And that is that each person controls how much God is involved in our lives. You don't want God, He won't bother you. You seek Him with all your heart, you get all of Him.
You only want enough of God in your life to not cramp your style, then you get exactly that much God in your life.  

This last statement scares me a bit because honestly, I wonder if there aren't moments when I get too caught up in my own life and sort of push God off to the side.  
  • Moments when you're with some people who aren't Christians and you sort of change the way you talk and say things to exclude any mention of God. 
  • Or the times when you really really really want a particular thing that God has said no to, but you go ahead and get it anyway. 
  • Or you really want to get involved in a certain relationship and you rush headfirst into it without consulting God because you're afraid He'll say no.
  • Or when you're just too busy to pray and too busy to read the Bible and you relegate God to Sunday mornings at church.  
  • Or maybe you just want enough of God to get into Heaven, but living for Him day to day is just too hard.

Whatever the reason, when we do these things, God says, Okay. I'll step back. I'll withdraw my loving hand. And He gives us what we want, only a small part of Him. And then we wonder why our life gets so messed up and we get hurt or head down the wrong path and get into all sorts of trouble. And we wonder why we don't feel the presence of God, why miracles aren't happening in our lives and our prayers aren't being answered.  

If that's you right now, take a moment and see if you haven't wanted only a small part of God in your life. Because that's exactly what you'll get. And believe me, you'll be missing out on SO MUCH! I don't say that because I'm always seeking all of God, because I fall short many times, but I'm saying that because the times I have sought God with all of my heart and given Him complete control are the times when great things have happened in my life, sweet moments and fantastic miracles! Whatever God has done for you, He has so much more planned. Don't push Him away. Because He's a gentleman and He will grant you your wish. 


  1. Mon Sept 13th,
    Morning, MaryLu.
    "Amen" to what you shared today. How true it all is. He is always, but a prayer and conversation away ... and yes, at times I have ignored Him, too. How faithful, and kind, and patient God is ... always loving, always caring, always forgiving ... and always .... "a Gentleman" !!! I love Him so very much !!! He is "the" perfect Father, and "the" lover of my soul ! He wants to be "all", but He can only do so when we "allow" Him -- the time and freedom into our lives, to carry out His perfect will for each of us. I definitely need to spend more time in His Word !
    Have a blessed day. Thanks again !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comSeptember 13, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    MaryLu, you choked me up. Your words are so true and so many people need to hear what you wrote. This passage has something for everyone. I can't say any more, because you said it all! (Dear Heavenly Father, I praise You. I lift up MaryLu to You, Lord, and I ask that You bless her life in a wonderful way. I thank You for all that You have done in MaryLu's life, Lord, and I ask that You continue to bless her each and every day. I ask that You help her to feel Your presence in her life, Father, always let her know that You are near. I pray that You continue to speak through MaryLu, Lord, let her always write in a way that touches hearts and souls. I ask that You touch her heart, mind, body and soul. I give this to You, Lord, and I ask that Your will be done. I ask it all in Jesus' name, AMEN.)

  3. Wow - calling God a gentleman is the PERFECT word to describe Him!!! It just works on so many levels - He defends our honor against the accusations of the devil, He treats us like ladies even when we are wenches and treat Him like mud, He is the ultimate model of all that we should be in a world full of sin and scheming...

    It certainly puts into perspective just how foolish every one of us is when we (repeatedly!) shove Him out of our lives in pursuit of whatever else.

  4. Thank you ladies. Glad the post inspired you. Brenda, yes,.He is the ultimate gentleman and father and the lover of our souls! Amen. And Sapphire, I love your statement that He treats us like ladies even when we are wenches! How true!!
    Thank you Debbie for your incredible prayer! I needed it. I'm going through a bit of a trial now with some serious stress. It's a real test of my faith and trust. It's one thing to preach it and another to really live it, huh? You all are such a blessing to me.

  5. What a wonderful post...thank you MaryLu so much for that! I really love to read your posts about things that will bring me closer to God. You have a blessed gift for impacting people with your words. I think its so awesome you call God a gentleman...I never thought about Him like that before but I love that. How true to, God is all the qualities of a gentlemen! I will try more and more now to let God into my life...although the most difficult time for me to pray to Him is at night time. I always fall asleep on Him lol.
    You have a blessed week MaryLu!

  6. I love your blog and your books. I all of them so far. Thank you for you insights. I am glad your enjoyed your time in Ohio. Also, magnet, pens, post cards, bookmarks are great,I also enjoy the book flaps and the little booklets, sometimes the author will sign them. They are great keepsakes.Blessings.

  7. Thanks Tori!! I can't pray at night either, although I do say goodnight to the Lord when I lay my head on the pillow. But what better way to fall asleep than talking to your father, eh?
    April, thank you so much for your kind words and your ideas.. I'll pass them onto my publisher. :-)
    I'm heading out to Sacramento today... and won't be back until tonight... have a great day, all!

  8. Thankyou so much for this post, it was very inspiring for me. :) I never thought to refer to God as a "Gentleman" but that is certainly what He is. I sometimes fear I may be growing 'lukewarm' but your post has shown me that as long as I continually seek and put the Lord first, that will never happen. Thankyou!

  9. Thank you BookMaid! I'm so glad my post helped you. You're absolutely right! As long as you keep seeking God and make Him number one, you'll never drift away. He won't let go of you!