Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!
I thought you'd like to see the final version of the book cover for Surrender the Night, (due out in March 2011)  it's the one on the top. The one on the bottom was the first draft.  Now, you get to tell me what changes they made!

When British soldiers invade Baltimore amid the War of 1812, Rose McGuire, alone on her family farm, is easy prey for a brutal lieutenant. In the midst of the attack, she’s saved by British 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Reed. Will she now have to heal, as well as hide, this enemy soldier?
Alex hadn’t meant to kill his superior, nor get shot in the process. Now badly wounded, he’s at the mercy of this tomboy who obviously hates him. Can he trust her or will she turn him over to the Americans?
Rose is having trouble keeping Alex hidden from her family, the townspeople, and the man intent on courting her. Will the discovery of Alex’s presence force her to accept an abhorrent proposal?
As their love blooms, trouble looms, for the British are on the move again. This time, their target is Washington DC. Will these young lovers at heart find themselves enemies at war?

Writing NEWS
This week I got back to work on Surrender the Dawn. I'm trying a new writing strategy. Before I used to write each chapter until it was perfect. I would go over and over it and read it over and over before I would go onto the next chapter. But that requires a lot of both left(logic) and right(creativity) action.  So, now, I'm shutting down my left brain (Boy, won't my scientist hubby love that!)  and I'm just throwing myself into 1812 and writing from my right brain. I don't stop for anything. Not for some historic detail I don't know. Not for some word I can't remember, not for editing or grammar or dialogue tags or smells, emotions or anything.  And I'm not going to look over what I've done until I finish the book. Then what I hope to have is a pretty good outline of the plot. At that point I can then look at the entire story as a whole and figure out if the story works. Do I need to insert another scene? Do I need to take out one. How can I create more tension? What characters came to life and which ones didn't...etc.  When I get everything the way I like it, I'll go back and edit and fix everything.
Well, we'll see if this works.  I'm already on Chapter 12, so that's a good sign. This is the story of Luke Heaton, the town rogue and Cassandra Channing the town Miss Priss.  I haven't gotten the cover on this one yet, but if you've read Surrender the Heart, you'll know who Luke Heaton is. I've already gotten lots of comments on him. :-)

Anyway, have a great Weekend!! Spend some time thanking God for all He's done for you. !


  1. It looks like the cape she's holding in the second one is a little darker and her eyes are popping more. Love it and cannot wait to read it! [=

  2. Friday, October 8th,
    Morning, MaryLu.
    Well .. the only visible difference that I can detect is: around the eyes. First draft - it's like there is black eyeliner going on ... whereas in the second and final draft, they have removed the black eyeliner, and Rose looks more 'natural' (and realistic).
    Just love your "new writing strategy" (and analysis of it all) ... hope it works well for you. Hmmm, creativity versus logic ... should prove interesting. It totally makes sense though, when writing. Just "let it rip MaryLu" ... let all that creativity out ... and just watch what happens ! "Surrender the Night", will be done before you know it ! Chapter 12 .... that's great !!!
    Yes ... it is our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend ... and truly "we ARE" a most blessed Nation, with so VERY much to be thankful for !!! Amen to that !
    Have a wonderful weekend ! Our weather here is amazing right now -- in the 17-19 celcius range ... warm, sun shining ... beautiful !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  3. It's definitely in the eyes!! And second one is better.....can't wait to read it. Blessings on your weekend!

  4. I think they softened her face, but primarily the eyes and made the sky a bit darker. Still love it though!! :)

  5. I definitely like how they softened her face in the final draft, makes her more real and suited to the time of the story!
    Can't wait to read this book and also Surrender the Dawn! :)

  6. The darkening of the eyes is much better in the final draft, along with what seems like the elimination of eye liner.

    I have been writing with the free flow outline approach this past year, creating the outline of a book. I enjoy it, but am afraid that I will lose interest in refining the details later on. That is what might take me another year to get done, but I am enjoying the craft nonetheless.

    I am sure whichever approach you use, your books will continue to be exciting reads! Please keep them coming:)


  7. I love the new cover! I really liked it before, but the eyes were just a little too intense for my, it's perfect! :-)

    That's the writing strategy I've figured out that I have to use, too, for a very specific reason: revision is my favorite part! So that way, by making myself finish the essay, book, or report first, I get the first draft done a lot more quickly because I can't wait to get to all the fine-tuning.

    Looking forward to Surrender the Night!

  8. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comOctober 8, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    Well, I know what was done because I read your Facebook page. Her eyes and manicure. Good changes. As for your changes in the way you write, I pray that it works for you. Just as long as you keep rolling out those great novels! Have a great weekend and God bless.

  9. Hello Marylu,
    Well, There is less eye makeup, her face has a softer glow, more peachy. The cape/shaw is slightly darker and so is the building. I like the eyes in the first one better. If they combined the softer glow with the sharper eyes I think it would be perfect. Over all both covers are great and I would be satified with either one. Can't wait to read it. I know that it will be very good.
    You new writing strategy is how I write. I hope to be as good as you one day. GOD only knows my life is in his hands.

  10. Thanks for the comments, Ladies! yes, they removed the heavy eyeliner and I think they removed some of the french manicure. I didn't notice the darker cape, but possibly. She's a farm girl from 1812, so no eyeliner for her!!
    Ah, yes, I see the softer glow now. Very nice. This book is done and turned in now. Whew.. The entire story is set on land, which is a first for me!
    Looks like you 3, Sapphire, Angel and Tiffany are way ahead of me in writing style! LOL. So far, I really like this way of doing things. We'll see how it turns out. At least I'm in good company.

    Happy Canandian Thanksgiving, Brenda!

    Hugs to all of you!

  11. Friday, October 8,
    Heh again, MaryLu.
    "Thank-you", for the 'Happy Canadian Thanksgiving' wishes !!! Most appreciated !
    I have my nine-year old granddaughter here visiting with us, this weekend .... always enjoy that !
    Heh .... your book is now finished and handed in to your Editor ??? Wow ... you are fast !!!!!!!!! Good work, MaryLu !!! (Can hardly wait to be reading it ....)
    Well now ... you can truly take a "R & R" weekend, and enjoy !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  12. What a beautiful new picture of Rose! You can tell her eyes and lips are the changes they made, very nice. It sounds like another great adventure so I hope I can wait that long to read it. ;)
    I like your idea. I think it might work. You can do anything so I am not worried about how this new strategy works. You have God guiding you as well. :)
    Have a great weekend, too!

  13. Wow, MaryLu! Too much work! I think I'd go mad...
    Yes, in Surrender the Heart, I caught that one line where you hinted at the two of them. I was hoping that you would write a book on them! Woohooo!
    Luke was one of my favorite characters in Surrender the Heart. =D
    WOW! Lighting change in the picture (I'll admit I liked the first one a little better). Still good!
    God bless,
    ~Abigail =D

  14. Brenda, Surrender the Night is done and turned in. Not Surrender the Dawn. I'm now working on Book 3. After I turn a book in, it's about 6 months before it releases. Honestly, I'm a pretty slow writer compared to most. Thanks for your comments.
    And you too, Tori!
    And Abigail, yes. Luke seems to be a fan favorite! I agree the first cover was a bit punchier. But women just didn't wear all that makeup back then. She's a beautiful model. though.
    Well, off to take a hot bubble bath.. the only thing that relaxes me. :-)

  15. After reading the comments I see the eyes and nail change. Before that what I saw was the railing on the upper portion on the left of the building in the background adjusted the position of the angled piece of the section farthest from the roof.

    Also a small tail of lace or fabric has been added to her blouse (perhaps a change in the shape of the blouse or draping of the fabric) approximately mid-back above the drape or tie at the waist.

  16. Ah yes, Frost Rose, I hadn't noticed those things before! Good eyes!

  17. Yes, I can see the newer cover version tones down the eye makeup a bit. Looks better, especially if she's supposed to be a tomboy?

    Your "new" writing strategy also sounds good. Let us hear if it's working for you.

  18. Hey Mary Lu!
    Oh my goodness!! The cover is GORGEOUS!!!
    It sounds great! I cant wait until it comes out!
    In the second cover her eyes are darker, and its just a lot more BOLD!
    I really like them both...not sure which one i like more....