Friday, November 5, 2010

Announcing Charles Towne Belles' Omnibus!

I'm very excited to announce that Barbour, my publisher, has just released all three of my Charles Towne Belles series books combined into one volume! That's The Red Siren, The Blue Enchantress and The Raven Saint, three full length books for a pretty low price, around $14.00.  If you haven't read the series, this is a great way to pick up all three books at once and save some money. If you have read the series, this would make a really great Christmas gift for someone you love. Hours of Swashbuckling romance and entertainment for  such a reasonable price. If I wasn't the author, I'd buy this for all my friends. LOL
Anyway, I just love the cover! 

While some of you may not have been too pleased with the election results from Tuesday, I was very excited. I believe we will be sending some new faces to Congress who will do their best to uphold the values and principles of this great nation as well as the Constitution. I am neither for Republicans or for Democrats as both parties, I believe, have become corrupt. I am, however, for America and for returning to the ideas and principles that made us great in the first place.

On June 30, 1775, Congress passed the Articles of War to govern the Continental Army. In it, Congress directed that:
It is earnestly recommended to all officers and soldiers diligently to attend Divine service; and all officers and soldiers who shall behave indecently or irreverently at any place of Divine worship shall... be brought before a Court-martial.

A congressional proclamation given by William Livingston on March 13th, 1776
The Congress. . .desirous. . . to have people of all ranks and degrees duly impressed with a solemn sense of God's superintending providence, and of their duty devoutly to rely. . . on His aid and direction. . . do earnestly recommend. . . a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer, that we may with united hearts confess and bewail our manifold sins and transgressions and, by a sincere repentance and amendment of life, . . . and through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, obtain His pardon and forgiveness.

Can you imagine the enormous blessing God would pour out on this nation if our current Congress did the same thing?


  1. Wow, MaryLu. I never knew that there was an Article of War. We didn't learn anything about it in my american history class, and we just finished a huge segment over the revolutionary war. Why didn't the teacher or the book mention it? I wish Congress would follow the Congress in 1775. If that would happen, then more honorable people would be in office. Just think of it, if money was taken out of the equation, a huge sweep over washington DC would take place. Thank you for sharing this MaryLu.Great post.

  2. P.S. Congrats on your Charles Towne Belles being combined into one book! I would buy it, but I already own all three! :D

  3. Wow! Congratulations Mary Lu!
    The cover is really cool!
    I loved this series!!!!

  4. Friday, Nov 5th,
    Good afternoon, MaryLu.
    Congrats on now having the Trilogy available ! I have all three individual books of the Charles Towne Belles ... but yes, it would make a great Christmas gift for someone ! (Working my way through, re-reading all of your books for a second time ... I am now in "The Blue Enchantress".)
    Wow ... reading the 'Articles of War' (1775), along with the Proclamation (1776) given by William Livingston ... Yes, we could "try to imagine" the enormous blessing God would pour out on the Nation, "if" the current Congress would abide by these writings !!! Oh, that our "World" would turn back to the beginning roots ... God, and His Word ! "If only ...... "
    Thanks for sharing, MaryLu.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  5. I, too, already own all of your books, MaryLu, but I am so happy for you that you now have your trilogy out there. I think this will make it easier and more affordable for 'new fans' to buy your novels. Thanks for the keep finding the most interesting readings. God bless.

  6. Hey MaryLu, I believe my aunts are in need of your Charles Towne Belle series! =D

    Sorry about Boxer. I liked the turn out of the election. My home state got a couple republicans in (which right now, seems to be the better option). Watching the TV gave me anxiety though.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but I feel like that could never happen. Congress wouldn't do that, most of them don't care. It's pathetic and sad, but true. I would cry myself to death if they did that (happy tears, of course).

    I do believe in miracles, though. And we need one.

    ~Abigail =]

  7. Love the look of your new omnibus. I'd get it if I didn't already own all the books separately, haha!