Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday news and quote!

I'm starting to work on my Christmas newsletter and wanted everyone to know that I'm planning on putting a link to a secret excerpt in it from my next release, Surrender the Night, which comes out in March. So, if you'd like to get a wee taste of coming attractions, you should sign up for it.

Writing news:
I've turned in the FINAL galleys for Surrender the Night. Now, I won't see that book again until the UPS guy comes to deliver my author copies!
Surrender the Dawn is coming along nicely. I've finished the first draft! Now, I'm doing a bit of research to answer some questions that arose during the writing before I dive back into it and spit and polish it before I turn it into my publisher on January 31st. This may be the best of the three. I adore the hero, Luke Heaton. But he really does get himself into quite a jam!

I also want to bring to your attention a huge Holiday book signing bash (see below for details) I'm one of the 75 authors participating. Just go to the ChristianReviewOfBooks website during the dates and you'll be glad you did.

Now for the Founding Fathers' quotes of the week!
During the Revolutionary war, the American Colonies had a shortage of Bibles. Consequently, Robert Aitken, publisher of The Pennsylvania Magazine petitioned Congress for permission to print Bibles here in America on his presses rather than import them. He pointed out that his Bible would be "a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools."  Congress approved the request and Mr. Aitken went to work.
On Sept 12, 1782, Congress approved the first Bibles rolling off the press saying that they "recommend this edition of the Bible to all the inhabitants of the United States."

An early historian of the day, W.P. Strickland, observed in an 1849 book. "Who in view of this fact, will call in question the assertion that this is a Bible nation? Who will charge the government with indifference to religion when the first Congress of the States assumed all the rights and performed all the duties of a Bible Society long before such an institution had an existence in the world!"


  1. Friday, Nov 19th,
    Morning, MaryLu.
    Well, my comment to your quotes: that the Nation should turn back to being a "Bible Society" .... once again, and, remain one !!!
    Imagine ... once upon a time -- Bibles were actually recommended and approved of to go "into" the schools. And now ... they are "not" allowed to be used (or seen) in the secular school systems ! What a mess, eh !!! Thanks for sharing.
    I'll check out the "Christian Review of Books" site.
    How do we sign up for your Christmas newsletter, by the way ?
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Amazing! I never knew any of this-they don't teach it in my American history class, not even in my Tuesday night church group! But this is incredible..Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Thanks for the book news! I can't wait to read the excerpt! :-)

    I think the teachers and principals need to read that first quote and bit of history - the schools support Islam, Buddhism, etc., but they won't let anything to do with Christianity in those doors.

  4. How do we sign up for you Christmas letter?

  5. Yes, it's so sad to see what our forefathers intended and to compare it with where we are now. I NEVER learned any of this in school either. Very sad. They take one small phrase from a letter by Thomas Jefferson "separation of church and state" and twist it out of context but then IGNORE all the quotes proclaiming God's providence and worship in ALL of the other original government documents!
    Brenda, you can sign up for my newsletter here on my blog (scroll down on your right) or on my website.

  6. Excellent MaryLu! I just finished reading Surrender The Heart last night and I am still smiling...My two favorite quotes: "Amazing how something so base and dirty could become so beautiful when exposed to the light".....and "You do not know the end yet." You really outdid yourself this time. I can't wait for the next novel to come out. I believe that out of all of your novels, this one was the most 'biblical'....the references to Esther were perfectly written. You really make it hard to pick a favorite book. That's what makes you such a blessed writer. Keep it up!

  7. Where is your Christmas newsletter with this secret excerpt of Surrender the Night?? I think we should have every month until March be Surrender the Night month. :) lol That would be awesome. I cant wait to read it!
    If you say Surrender the Dawn is the best one then it probably is...I want to know so much more about these next two books in the series.
    Have a great weekend, MaryLu!

  8. Wow, thank you Debbie! Glad you enjoyed Surrender the Heart! I was really trying to get the point across that everyone of God's children has a grand destiny!

    Tori, just sign up for my regular newsletter either here on my blog (there should be a spot on the right hand side) or on my website. You know that's a good idea.. maybe I will share a brief excerpt each month until the release. After that, I'll start to share more about Surrender the Dawn!

    Thanks everyone for being such good friends and readers. Your comments always brighten my day. !
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I agree with Debbie Mitchell. Surrender the Night had wonderful references from Esther. I love the book Esther (no surprise their), and I love how you used it to show that God DOES have a plan and destiny for all of us. Whenever I meet new people, and they find out my name is Eszter, they always quote to me the verse "for such a time as this..." But I don't think that only pertains to me. Every one has destiny "for such a time as this".

  10. This is all making me think of One Night with the King which is an awesome movie!

  11. I love those quotes! What a blessing to remember that so many of our founding fathers had such a great faith.

    And I'm excited that your second book is finished! I can't wait to read it! Meanwhile I have your trilogy to keep me busy!

  12. Absolutely Ezster! Everyone has a destiny or destinies that will be perfect for them. God fashioned each one of us for a reason. It's really very exciting to think about it. It took me 45 years to find out that I was supposed to write! I'm a slow learner! But I'm so glad I found my destiny.
    Yes, I love that movie, One Night with the King! I think I may have it. Maybe I'll go watch it.
    Thanks Julia. The more research I do on our history, the more I discover how deeply this nation is grounded on God and His Word. Amazing since I never learned that in school.
    It's pouring down rain here in No. Cal and even lightning and thundering. It never does that, so I'm fairly excited! Reminds me of Florida where I grew up.

  13. Ooooh...cannot wait for the newsletter!!!!
    I loved Luke in Surrender the Heart! I can't wait to read his story!
    Nice quote!
    ~Abigail =D