Saturday, December 4, 2010

Amazing event at a Mall Food court!

Check this out!! 


  1. Goosebumps!!! I wish something like that would happen when I am in the mall. I probably would have felt led to join in.....(luckily, everyone else would drown me out. lol) Well, both of my daughters have friended you on Facebook now. My youngest, Jackie (Ramsdell) is an avid Beverly Lewis fan. I let her borrow one of your novels and she devoured it; reading more of them now. My oldest daughter, Debra Dawn(Smith) doesn't like to read books too much, but wants to try and find an author that makes her want to read more. So, she asked if she could borrow one of your novels. Needless to say, my family knows how much I love reading your novels. Prayerfully, you will be the author that really opens up a new world for her....have a great weekend! *<<<-

  2. How wonderful and what a blessing! Sometimes I feel like bursting out in song at different places I'm at, too. Maybe one of these I'll actually give it a try! Oh goodness, what am I saying?!


  3. Maybe it's because of my age but I would feel very awkward. I go to get a sandwich and people start singing. I'd be like, "That's weird..." Haha!
    It's cool, but odd.

    Oh, and I read that little bit of your next book from your newsletter. I liked it a lot! I can’t wait to read it!!!!

  4. Sunday, December 5th, 2010,
    MaryLu ... you are NOT going to believe this ......
    The "Hallelujah Chorus" that sang at the unsuspecting Mall ... was right here in Welland, (Ontario, Canada) where I live !!! Yes, it's true !!! The SeaWay Mall (in Welland), is about 7 minutes from our apartment. Unfortunately, we were not at the Mall, on Nov 13th. But it has caused a major stir of excitement, literally world-wide.
    This coming Wed Dec 8th ... the TV show called "Canada A.M." is coming to do a "live taping" of this same chorus, again. They are actually opening the Mall doors at " 6:15 A.M. ", for people to go to the food court, and sit and listen. Then, the actual taping begins at 6:30 A.M. !!!
    Isn't this incredible and amazing ??? Who would have guessed it happened .. right here in Welland, Ontario !!!
    And, funny that you would post it on "your blog site" .... from California !!!!!!!!!!! (Small world, huh ???)
    "If" my sister comes down to visit this coming week ... then we are planning on going over to the special taping.
    Thanks for sharing. Right after it happened (on Nov 13th) ... I received many e-mails from friends, from the you-tube taping.
    This is just amazing me on how many places (world-wide) are posting this video !!!
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  5. Debbie, I'm with you! I would have been thrilled to have this happen in our mall here! Thank you so much for sharing my books with your daughters. :-) I hope they like them and especially that Debra finds a new love in reading.
    Sasafras, you crack me up! I'm the same way. I always feel like singing and am always bursting out in song around the house, much to my kids' embarrassment! If I had a half-way decent voice, I'd do it in the mall too!
    Abigail, it is odd.. but in such an awesome way, especially because it's about Jesus. And so well done. Glad you liked the Surrender the Night excerpt!
    Brenda, OH MY GOODNESS. are you serious??? I can't believe this was a mall near you!! And especially in Canada! Oh I WISH I could come for the taping!! I hope you get to go. If you do, please take a video and share with us..!! How Exciting!!

  6. Oh how I wish I was there to witness this! It was so cool how many of the people just join along, even if they weren't part of the crew or anything. I hope that they'll do this in America as well. God knows we need it! I usually sing everywhere-even subconciously-and sometimes I don't even realize it until my younger sisters tell me to hush and stop embarrassing them. lol. But I prefer to think of people that need or just want to sing no matter what or where they go as people who have so much joy, that they just need to share it with someone, even if they are complete strangers. :D
    Awesome vidoe. Posted on my facebook.

  7. I really like this! It would be nice and cheerful if this sort of thing happened more often. To be honest I like to burst out in song as much as the next person, although I could never do it in public. haha
    By the way, I read the short excerpt of Surrender the Night and it was awesome. I cant wait to read more about it.
    Have a great week!

  8. MaryLu--I'm glad I was able to make you laugh. I'll tell you though, I actually kinda did that the other day. I got a job recently and I went in to do the orientation. And while I'm sitting there watching the videos, this kid walks by singing "Mele Kalikimaka." I've known this song forever, because my Mom has a CD with Bing Crosby singing it, and so I start singing it along with him. He said, "Oh, so you know that song too!"

    Seriously though, can you imagine the message Christians could spread if they just went around praising God in such a way as these people did, like if I started singing "Crimson River" in McDonalds or something? It would at least get people's attention.


  9. A great idea! What if every Christian just sang praise songs wherever they went? You know somewhere in the Bible it says something about how we bring the presence of God with us wherever we go... along with the sweet scent of Jesus. Maybe we could change the world. :-)

  10. MaryLu--Thanks for sharing this--loved it. It's inspiring ----Hallelujah! and Merry CHRISTmas!