Friday, December 31, 2010

Book news and my new bumper sticker!

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!  I can't believe it's almost 2011.  I remember watching the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey when I was a kid, thinking that 2001 was too far in the future to even consider!  Funny, how time just zips by when you're not even looking.  Which reminds me of how short our time is on earth and how important it is that we focus on the things that matter: God, family, and love.

I usually don't go out on New Years Eve and join the "crazies" but tonight we are taking our friends to dinner and a movie to celebrate their anniversary, so that should be fun. I think we're seeing True Grit.  But whatever you're doing, please be safe and be smart. Start the New Year off in a way you can be proud of and one that sets the trend for the entire year.

I thought you'd like to see my new Bumper Sticker! A very good friend of mine had it specially made. It looks great next to my Pirate ship one I got last year from another dear friend and reader. 

And I thought you'd like to know that I just signed another contract for a Single book entitled, Veil of Pearls. The release date won't be until 2012, but I'm very grateful to have another book lined up after my Destiny series.  Here's a quick blurb about it:

Adalia Winston, a runaway slave, arrives in the bustling port town of 1812 Charleston, South Carolina, having escaped her vicious owner on the island of Barbados. Only one quarter Negro, she is able to hide her heritage and use her herbal medicinal skills to procure a job with a local doctor. When she meets Morgan, the handsome, spoiled son of a rich plantation owner, she finds herself swept up into the extravagant, pampered lifestyle of the Charleston elite, relishing the attention and opulence of a world she never dreamed existed. But in her efforts to be a part of popular society and capture the heart of Morgan, has she pushed the God who has never left her into second place, while being ashamed of the person He created her to be? And when her owner comes to stake his claim, will Morgan and her new friends stand up for her when they discover who she is, or will her world come crashing down around her? 

Happy 2011 Everyone! And may God bless you in the new year with an ever growing knowledge of how much He loves you! 


  1. Happy New Year! The new book sounds wonderful!

  2. Fri December 31st !!!
    Morning, MaryLu.
    Wow ... hard to believe that another year has come and gone !!! Enjoy your evening out tonight ... sounds like fun. And, where are you going to eat ? (Drive carefully ... it's all the "other nuts" out there on N-Y's-Eve you need to be wary of !)
    I managed to tape a few Christmas movies (during December) ... so tonight .. I will probably veg out, get into my flannel pj's and sheets ... and just watch movies ! (May 'sound boring', but I've just had my 10-yr old granddaughter here for 5 days, and I'm ready to be quiet, and have some 'alone-time'. Suits me just fine.)
    Heh, your newest bumper sticker is really cute ... how appropriate !
    And, "Veil of Pearls" sounds really great ... uhhhhhh, 2012 is to look forward to. But to get there, we "first" need to travel through 2011 !!!
    And speaking of that .... a most "Happy and Healthy New Year" wished to you MaryLu and your family; and to 'all' of the reading fans as well !!!
    (And you will be happy to hear that our temperatures are in the "plus range" now (4 to 7 degrees above freezing; and most of the snow has melted ... for now.)
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  3. Fri Dec 31st,
    Heh again MaryLu,
    I've tried clicking on the arrow to see your blog several times now (for the new book) ... but to no avail ... I'm unable to open it or even get it started. (Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?)
    Just wondering ....
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  4. Brenda, we usually stay home and watch movies too on New Years Eve. Sounds perfect to me. This is the first year I'll be out in decades. Anyway, glad it's warming up a bit there! Also. what arrow to see my blog are you talking about?

    Thank you Miss1941! Same to you!

  5. MaryLu, congrats on your new contract! The book sounds great....I will be ringing in the New Year with my two dogs. They will be sleeping and I will be more than likely reading. (hubby and son have to work)...I love your bumper stickers. They are soooo 'you', Cap'n. Have a safe night and may God bless you in the new year. And a shout out to all of your fans as well, 'Happy New Year to all'....God Bless.

  6. The book sounds fantastic (as always), and Happy New Year! :-)

  7. Fri Dec 31st,
    Heh again, MaryLu.
    It's the large grey square area (right below your new bumper sticker picture) ... and right in the middle of the grey square, is an arrow (to click on) ... to view the blurb about your new book. Only, when I click on the arrow (and wait for something to appear) ... nothing happens. It's just this large, grey square area ... empty (except for the arrow). Honest, I'm not making this up .... Is there supposed to be something behind the arrow ? Just wondering ......
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  8. A cozy evening reading with 2 dogs sounds good to me, Debbie!
    And thank you, Sapphire!
    Brenda, there isn't supposed to be any blurb or arrow about my new book. I don't see anything like that on my screen. ??? Wonder what's going on. Anyway, you're not missing anything. :-)
    Happy New Year, everyone!

  9. Well, I get the same "arrow" as Brenda.....nothing happens!
    Happy New Year to all!!!

  10. Happy New Year! I'm starting the new year with my other Christian friends, we are going to hang out before going to Church. I cant wait.
    Love the bumper sticker!
    How exciting, another single book. Sounds like a fun story, cant wait to hear more about it. :)
    Have a great day!
    God Bless!

  11. Happy New Years Eve! Have fun with your friends, and tell us if that movie is good! We always sit around home doing nothing, but tonight I'm going over a friend's!

    Thanks for sharing the picture of your new bumper sticker (though I like the other one better).

    You keep teasing us with up-coming releases! It sounds really, really good! Can't wait!

    Happy New Years Eve, everyone!

    ~Abigail =D

  12. Happy New Year to you as well! I am currently reading your book "Surrender the Heart"! I am really liking it! Keeps me reading and reading! I really like your bumber stickers, and now I wish I had something like that (My other car is a pirate ship)! God Bless you and your family in the New Year!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Another great novel in the works. It sounds fantastic, Marylu.

  14. Chocolate, a peppermint-scented candle, Mr. Grinch pjs, and a good book. A great way to spend begin 2011.

    MaryLu, I love the new sticker and the new book.

    I'm feeling really good right now, because I just sang a song I wrote as part of the special music at my church. Only two people knew that I wrote it, but several people came up and told me they loved the song. Thank you, God!


  15. Oooooh this sounds so good!! I'm so excited. Now I'm wondering if this is what got you thinking about what you posted above, about worrying too much over what other people think about you. Congratulations on the book deal, and cool bumper stickers!! :D

  16. Sasafras, wow, you wrote a song? And than sang it? That's very cool. Perhaps God has gifted you in this area..
    Thank you, Tracy, glad you're enjoying Surrender the Heart!
    Thank you Abigail, Tori, Rita, Jackie! Happy New year to you all!
    And Sarah, good point, but no I didn't get the idea for my new book from my post, it was more the other way around. I've always battled this fear of man, but I see the Lord working on me quite a lot, lately.
    Hugs to all!

  17. That is interesting book that you have coming.
    Anna Labno

  18. Lol that's what I was saying, I guess it just came out wrong. I was asking if your book inspired your post.

  19. Veil of Pearls sound very interesting. 2012 seems so faraway especially since we just started the new year. Did you come up with the title? It sounds mysterious and well worth a read. GOD's willing I will be getting it, I love everything you write. GOD BLESS.

  20. By the way I can't wait for the next book in the Destiny series. Not too long of wait now.

  21. Ooops, sorry Sarah. I must have read your question wrong.
    Thanks Anna!
    And Thanks Tiffany! Yes veil of pearls has a very important meaning to the them of the story.
    And yes, Surrender the Night releases in March!