Monday, December 27, 2010

Let go and let God work through the storm!

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and that you were able to spend the day with family and friends.  Christmas can be such a special time for some, while for others, it can be a very trying time. Let's face it, some of us are parts of hugely dysfunctional families. And getting together at Christmas all in one place seems to only accentuate that fact.  First, let me say that God richly blessed me in so many ways this Christmas. I had all my kids and grandkids around me, we had plenty of good food, and we all received great gifts.

But there were also trying moments as well and a few times when I felt like hiding away in the bathroom and either screaming or crying!  But I learned some very important lessons I'd like to pass onto you.

  • Don't challenge the enemy unless you prepare for battle. 
  • Sometimes it's simply time to Let Go and Let God.

You see, I have some dear loved ones who are aren't believers and one in particular, a prodigal, who seems to be spiraling further and further down a very dark abyss every time I see him. The day before Christmas I had made up my mind to deal with the evil spirits plaguing him by praying silently while in his presence. But in the business of the day, I completely forgot. But the enemy had not forgotten my threat. And he came at me full force through this person!  I didn't realize until later on that night what had actually happened.  So, I caution you to take this spiritual battle we are in very seriously. Your enemy does. If you intend to go after him, then you better get equipped and prepared by prayer, fasting, and calling upon the Holy Spirit!

Secondly, and equally important, I realized that despite repeated attempts to place this person in God's hands, I always try and hang on,  try and make things happen on my own. I fret and worry and rush about trying to please this person in the hopes he'll see Jesus in me.  But God showed me that all these things show a lack of faith in Him. They show that I truly don't believe God will handle the situation. So, the Lord clearly told me to Let Go. I had to let go of this person and let him fall into God's hands. I mean really let go. Stop trying. Stop doing. Stop fretting. That doesn't mean I stop loving but it just means I had to take a step back and release my grip.

So I did. I pictured myself on this ship in the middle of a huge storm and this person was hanging over the side of the ship, totally oblivious to the raging waters below him. I was clinging to him, so afraid to let him go!  But then I obeyed and released my grip and I pictured him falling...falling...falling...into the violent sea. Guess what? Down below, Jesus was waiting to catch him! And He spoke to me. He said. "How do you know that I didn't create this storm to ultimately save this person?"  In other words, I was so afraid of the storm harming my loved one that I never considered that God was allowing it to bring him to God. And I was preventing that from happening by hanging onto him! 

Is there something you're hanging onto? What is your deepest fear? What is your number one prayer request? It could be for a lost loved one or maybe for a situation. Whatever it is, ask God if you're clinging on too tight. Maybe you're preventing God from doing His perfect work. 


  1. Mon Dec 27th,
    Morning, MaryLu !
    Well, this blog truly spoke to me ... and I have already had to do, the very thing you spoke about. Jeff (a very troubled son of mine, a definite prodical) ... already we weren't getting along, before Christmas.
    Christmas came and went ... I did not call him to wish him a 'Merry Christmas', nor did he call me either. The last time I spoke with him, was 'about' Dec 22nd or so. Things had not ended on a good note. I have been desperately trying to -- hold on to him, trying to save him, trying to help him change, trying to rescue him ... all to no avail. And then, through my 'youngest son - Stephen' ... he told me: "The only reason Jeff hasn't hit rock-bottom yet, Mom ... is because you keep running in to rescue him". How can God work, and do "His thing" .. when I keep barrelling in like some kind of a super-hero-Mom ... and trying to fix it all up ? I am learning (too slowly) ... that I can't fix the situation !!! I can't fix him !!! I can't make it all better. And, so ... I have strongly felt it was the right thing to do ... to back off. Even you had said that to me, MaryLu, in a personal note. To -- let go, and, let God !!!
    It doesn't mean that I don't love Jeff; and, I most certainly will not stop praying for him .... but, I must physically ... back off, let go, and, let God work !!!
    (And anyway ... "trying" to be a super-hero-Mom ... is really draining and tiring !!! I am NOT up for the job .... and further more, I no longer want to try !)
    And, it is robbing me and draining me from giving the attention I need to be giving ... to the rest of my sons, their families, my grandchildren, etc.
    Thanks MaryLu ... for a great post, and, yet another "timely Word in due season" !!! Most appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am still praying for 'your prodical' too !!!
    Thanks for sharing so personally !
    Lots of love and Blessings,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. There are certain people that I have been praying for. With one or two, I have had the opportunity to present the Gospel to them and I did, but I'm not close enough to any of them to be able to do any more. So I just pray. Some of these people I know or have known, but there are some that I only know from a distance, and yet they are on my heart. I don't know if any of these people I'm praying for are saved or not, but I'm not willing to stop praying and let them go, possibly lost.

    I feel sometimes that I have no choice but to Let God, and only being able to pray for them feels like I'm doing so little, like I don't really care. But I have to remember that just my intercession for their souls may be the only thing that's keeping God from giving up on them, so I will never let myself stop. I just don't want to get to heaven someday, and look around and realize that certain people I care about aren't there.


  3. Great post, MaryLu! I am always telling my children to 'Let go and let God'...I think all of us have someone in our lives that we need to give to God; but our human nature keeps telling us to do it ourselves. I said this before and I am saying it again, MaryLu, you should really consider writing a book of devotionals. Your writings are very inspiring and really do help others to be better shipmates for God. God bless.....I had a very nice Christmas with my children and grandson. My daughter gave me a new Wii dance game that really 'made' our day fun. I posted a few videos on my facebook page if you need a good laugh.

  4. Good morning, Ladies! Glad this post blessed you. It came out of my own pain and heartache. Brenda, I knew you would understand.
    Sasafras, intercession for people's souls is the MOST Important thing you can do. Don't give up. But sometimes you have to let go so it doesn't cause you to be discouraged.
    Debbie, LOVED your videos!. I needed a laugh today.
    Hugs to all of you!

  5. This was a nice post MaryLu. Thank you for sharing. I will keep this man and you in my prayers. I can definitely understand how this can be around someone who is so far from the truth and letting go. It is very challenging to be like Jesus around them but no body said being like Jesus would be easy. If it was to easy no body would think much of being like Him.
    I hope you had more positives then negatives when you were celebrating Christmas. :) I feel like rereading a book of yours, to bad the one I want to read my friend is borrowing it. I will read another one though.
    God Bless!!!

  6. I have a hard time letting go of my fears and worries of the future and the problems that I face today out of my control. When I was around 12, I had to face and deal with a lot of change, so much so that I went depressed for about a year. Now, It's like that if I let go, I'm afraid that something worse will happen. Ever felt that way? I bet everyone has. It's a battle that I struggle with constantly. But God is slowly teaching me that He was in control before I came along, and HE will be after I'm gone.
    Anyways, thanks for the message, MaryLu. You don't know how much better it made me feel. Like "Yay! I'm not the only one!" lol

  7. Thanks Tori! Yes, there were alot of positives too. I think I'm just moody today. And yes, authors get moody too! LOL.
    Eszter, no You're not the only one!! Yes... that's what I was feeling, like if I let go, this person would suffer and things would get worse. But yes.. we need to trust that God has all things under His control. A constant lesson that I struggle with each day. God Bless!

  8. What an insightful post. Have you read Ruth Graham's book on her prodical? I've found it helpful to me.

    I have a prayer list for my blog friends who need special prayer. I will be praying your prodical will find God.

  9. Thanks once again for sharing your personal life. It is so true that it always seems to be harder to deal with family members than with anyone else. I loved your "picture" of letting loved ones go...into the arms of Jesus!

  10. Thank you so much, Pamela, for your prayers for my son. I REALLY appreciate it. I, too, have a heart for prodigals because I once was one. :-) I haven't read Ruth Graham's book, but I've heard it's good.
    Diane, I guess I share my personal life with you all because I want you to know I'm just like you. I have problems and struggles just like everyone. Actually, that's probably why I can write about people who have problems and struggles! LOL. God Bless!