Friday, February 25, 2011

Surrender the Night month - final week!

Last Week's winner is: Courtney and Heather! Please contact me as you forgot to leave your email!!    
Congratulations and thanks everyone for all your nice comments!

Now the fun part!  I've copied two small sections of Surrender the Night below. After you read them, it's up to you to choose what each character would say. Now that you know a bit about Rose and Alex, you should be able to predict their response.  Every answer, right or wrong, will be entered into a final drawing for a free copy of this book!  So, don't be shy... and just have fun!! No cheating if you already have the book!

Scene 1:  Alex is injured and staying on Rose's farm until he can return to his ship. In this scene, Rose has wandered out to the stables where he is staying just before dawn.
Rose backed away. “I doubt you understand much about me or my country.”
“I assure you that I have no intention of staying but a few days.”
“Is that a promise?”
“Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, yes.”
“Do you even know how to be a servant?”
He shrugged. A breeze tugged at a loose tendril of his dark hair. “I passed the lieutenant’s exam with honors, how hard could it be?”
A giggle rose in her throat. This highbrow had no concept of hard work, at least not the kind required by the only male servant in the house. Perhaps that was how she could get rid of him. She would give him the most  vile tasks—tasks that a man of his breeding would consider far beneath him. Tasks so repulsive that his pride—which was obviously enormous—could not suffer the humiliation. Then perhaps he’d leave when he promised. Or better yet, even sooner.
Picking up the pail, Rose held it out to him. “Milk Liverpool.”
“Milk who?” Mr. Reed stared at her as if she were an apparition floating outside his door.
“Milk the cow.” She gave him a supercilious smile. “Did you think this was merely a social call?”
Mr. Reed gazed past her, confusion wrinkling his face. “What hour is it? Where is the sun?”
“It is five-thirty, Mr. Reed, and the sun shall make its appearance soon, I assure you.”
“Five-thirty.” He yawned. “Only thieves and murderers lurk about at this hour, Miss McGuire. Go back to bed and call upon me in a few hours.” He started to close the door.
She shoved her foot against the wood and the pail against his chest. “We milk the cow before dawn.”

What does Alex say next?
 A, Of course, anything to please you, my dear.
 B. Need I remind you, I am an officer, not a farmer?
 C. When did I become part of your rebel American family?
 D. Tell your precious cow to sleep in today.

Scene 2:  Earlier after Alex had saved Rose, she hid him in the barn to tend to his wounds.  He's just beginning to get better.

“Your color has returned, Mr. Reed.” She kept her eyes on the ground as she handed him the steaming bowl.
“Indeed. I feel stronger every day.” The sound of his accent grated down her spine. Lifting the dish to his lips, he took a sip, then another and another as he hungrily devoured the stew.. “Thank you. I realize that aiding the enemy does not bode well for you or your family.”
“No sir, it does not. And the sooner you are gone the better.”
“I assure you, I am of the same mind.” Dark eyes as deep and mysterious as the swirling water in Jones River remained upon her. “Regardless that our countries are at war, I do not wish you or your family harm.”
Rose found no insincerity in his gaze. But that didn’t mean she could trust him. She lifted her chin. “Yet when you are well and return to your ship, you will continue to terrorize my friends and neighbors.”
Regret clouded his eyes. “I am a part of a war that I did not start nor choose to engage in, miss.” He stretched his shoulders, flexing the muscles in his chest.
Averting her gaze, she plucked fresh bandages, a knife, and a satchel from the pocket of her gown. “My aunt returns from Washington tomorrow. If you think you can walk, we should move you to the ice house where you’ll be hidden.”
“Sounds rather cold.” He gave a mock tremble, followed by a grin.
Ignoring his playful demeanor, Rose pursed her lips. “We have not used it in years, Mr. Reed, but it’s down by the river and out of the way. Nobody goes there.”
He glanced over the barn, his nose wrinkling in disgust. “And with whom am I to share these chilled quarters? Pigs, chickens, rodents? Or perhaps a sheep or two?” A slight grin toyed upon his lips but his tone held a hint of hauteur. “Will I at least have a bed?” He grabbed a handful of hay and flung it to the side. “Or do all Americans sleep in the straw?”


       What does Rose say next?
       A. Rose narrowed her eyes. "I'm afraid it's all we can afford."
       B.  She smiled at him sweetly. "American beds are reserved for Americans."
       C. Rose's heart sank. "I'll see what I can do for you, sir."
D. Rose grimaced. Pompous bore. “No sir. We reserve our barns strictly for odious beasts.” 

This has been fun!!  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.  Thanks to all who've participated!!!


  1. Fri Feb 25th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    "Congratulations" to both Courtney and Heather, as last week's winners.
    From Scene 1, my "guess" to what Alex replies is: "D". ("Tell your precious cow to sleep in today.")
    And, my "guess" to what Rose replies, in Scene 2 is: "D". (Rose grimaced. Pompous bore. "No Sir. We reserve our barns strictly for odious beasts.")
    Just 'guesses' though.
    Thanks, MaryLu ... SO very much looking forward to reading this new book ... can hardly wait !!!
    And thank-you for entering me into the contest.
    Hope all is well.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. LOL! Cannot wait!

    Scene 1: B
    Scene 2: D

  3. Hi MaryLu!

    I think D is the answer to the first one, both funny and snarky:)

    The second one is a little tougher, I think it could be B or D, probably D.

    I can't wait to read it! I love the tension between the two of them already.


  4. I say "D" for both of them, now I need to go get my book and find out for real! :) I got my package the other day, THANK YOU MaryLu!! I can't wait to read it. :D

  5. mishi
    Congratulations on the new book
    I read it on one day ,and I loved it
    I can't wait for the next to be out
    thank you

  6. Hahaha oh this book is going to be great! Each post you make gets me even more excited! I would say probably D for the first one and D for the second!

  7. Not copying above comments...honestly, but I would say D to both! I have enjoyed this month's contest...can't wait to read the book! Thanks for the chance.

  8. It would appear that the rest of the world had the same thought I did when they read the comment about the cow sleeping in. Definitely D. Though I was a little stumped on the second question. I think I'm going to go with A.

  9. I think it's D for both of them. Can't wait to read the book! :-)


  10. This book sounds so good! :)
    These excerpts are tricky, but I think it is D for both the first and the second! :)

  11. I already started reading the book, so I won't put an answer. I am soooo enjoying it so far, MaryLu, you are such a blessed and talented writer. I can see each character and scene so clearly in my mind. Good luck to all of those in the contest......and for those who want an update on my daughter, Jackie, she has gained about 4 pounds so far. She had her first prenatal visit yesterday. She fainted when they took blood and then threw up in the office. My poor baby girl.....but the doctor said that all is well with her and the baby. Keep praying for her, please. God bless.

  12. I agree with Casey, I'm guessing they're both "D." Argh! I can't believe she got her package before me!!! ;) We're both Oregonians...

    Ah, well, maybe it will be here today! :) I can't wait to read this book, MaryLu, and I'm so grateful for the chance to review/promote your book!!!


  13. I would say D for the first scene and B for the second one. I can't wait to find out the real answers!

  14. I think D. for both. Nothing like being up before dawn.

  15. Hi Marylu,

    I think for scene one the answer is either B or D, but most likely D. I am going by the playfulness of the conversation.

    Scene 2 is a litte harder, but I will go with D. I believe she thinks his remark is uncalled for.


  16. Hey MaryLu!
    Hmmmm......for the first one, I think that I'm going to go with choice B. If I had to pick a second one I'd say C. For the second one, I would say choice D.
    Amber Minnehan

  17. In scene1 i think that Alex would respond with asarcasm the responce would be D:Tell your precious cows to sleep in!

    And in scene 2 rose would probably as sarcastic her responce is a D Pompous bore. “No sir. We reserve our barns strictly for odious beasts.”
    Nina Abramov

  18. Congrats to the winners.I think D.It just sounds like the right thing to say"No sir.We reserve our barns strictly for odious beasts:

  19. We're so glad we won last week! Thanks MaryLu! For the first one, probably D, and for the second one, either D or B.
    Heather and Cortney

  20. Ahoy, all, I'm back in town! Anyway, thanks for all your great comments! Glad you enjoyed these little snippets from the book. I do believe, however, that I didn't make this quiz hard enough! Anyway, thanks to Mishi for dropping in to say you loved the book!
    And, Debbie, I'm so glad to hear Jackie has gained weight! She'll get over the morning sickness soon.
    Hugs to all!

  21. Congratulations to the winners last week. I would have to say D for the first one and B for the second one, but it could be D. I think she has a little humor so I believe that it is B.

  22. I can't wait to read this new book!! :) I'd say D for both of the scenes.

  23. I think for Scene 1, Alex would say D. And for Scene 2, I think Rose would say D, as well. I can't wait to read it!!! I loved all your other books!! My email address is:

  24. I would say:
    scene 1: B (although it could be d)
    scene 2: d


  25. Giving a wild guess...I would say...

    Scene 1 - D. Tell your precious cow to sleep in today.

    Scene 2 - D. Rose grimaced. Pompous bore. “No sir. We reserve our barns strictly for odious beasts.”

    LOL! I think both lines are rather funny! :-P Thanks for the chance to win!!

    ~ Katy

  26. This interactivity before your novel comes out is fun! Even though I feel like I know them, I'm not sure on the first one. I'm thinking D for both, but 1 could be either D or B.

  27. Hi MaryLu,
    Hope I'm not too late for the draw. I've been out of the loop for a while--what fun getting on and learning about all the new characters. I was pleased to meet up with Lt. Reed again, although a little surprised since I was convinced that you would write about Luke Heater next! Please do something on him! Actually I just finished "Surrender the Sea". Loved it!!

    My answers to the questions:
    Question #1 - B.
    Question #2 - D.
    And I had a hard time with these, more so than before. In both questions, I thought a couple of the other answers might have done as well. But they seemed more humorous, so that's why I opted for the ones I did.

    God bless from Chile, I'll be in the US in April so will be able to get this new book almost as soon as it comes out--yay!