Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go away!!

 Winner of Winning Him without Words is: Brooke !  Congratulations. And thanks everyone for entering.

It's been raining here in Northern California non-stop for over a week.  I thought you'd like to see how my backyard his slowly being transformed into a river.
This is right off my back porch.

My vegetable garden

I don't know if you can see this, but there's a waterfall trickling down the rock wall.

And even worse, it's cold!

Now, this is what I want to see when I step outside.

I actually have a Caribbean DVD that I can pop on the Flat Screen that flashes up live pictures of different gorgeous beaches.  Sometimes, when it's so miserable out for so long a time, I have to put it on, grab a cup of hot cocoa and sit on the couch just staring at it.  
This will be my heaven. I hope God puts me in charge if warm, tropical beaches! 

On that thought, have a great weekend, everyone. Stay dry and warm but either way, give thanks to God!


  1. Friday, March 25th,
    "Morning, MaryLu".
    Well, this is just interesting .... California has turned into a giant pond; and in Canada ... we have gone right back to winter (temporarily). It's well below zero, and, we have "snow" ... yet again !
    Thanks for sharing your personal photos ... and of "all" the rain ! Certainly hope you don't float away !!!
    Now, as to your final picture .... my "dream" MaryLu ... is to go to Hawaii !!! Yes, since "GRADE 8" ... (mega years ago now) ... I have wanted to go there !!!
    Your Caribbean DVD must be a delight to watch .... but notice I said "watch" .... Wouldn't we actually like to "be right there" ??? I keep checking out "" ... but, I'm finding that it is 'somewhat depressing' ... as I can only "look at" ... the places, where I'd truly like to be !
    How would you feel about organizing a trip to Hawaii, or some Caribbean Island ... and we could all check out the gorgeous scenery ??? .... Just a thought ...
    And yes, as always ... we shall continue to "give thanks to God" ... the One to Whom all thanks is due !!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Methinks your vegetable garden is a watered enough. Isn't it amazing? There is such a delicate balance between too little and too much. As a farmer, we are all too aware of this.
    If you get a chance, check out my post today - It's on the Rains of Life too! :o)

  3. Brenda, yes, I agree... looking at a picture is not anywhere close to being at that spot. But Alas, it's all I have for now. I would love to organize a trip to some exotic locale. Hawaii or Puerto Rico or one of the more safer Caribbean islands! Maybe someday. But that's a great idea.
    Yes, Sheri, my poor vegetable garden. Maybe I should try a fish farm instead? I'll hop over and check out your blog later on as time permits. Right now, I must head to the grocery store or hubby will be hungry tonight!
    Hugs all

  4. Oh, MaryLu, I know just what you mean!!

    I'm back home in Northern California right now, as well, for my spring break. It is pouring outside! However, it's really not that much different from where I go to college in Oregon...rain, rain everywhere. ;)

    But rain does have its charm, and here in way-up-North California, the redwoods and the pretty (yet cold) coast make it a lovely place nonetheless. ;)


  5. Congrats to Brooke!
    MaryLu, your backyard is similar to everywhere around here. And the wind! Man oh man, shouldn't we be at the 'Out like a lamb' part of March? Sorry about your yard. I can relate.
    I love the beach scene, very inviting.
    Have a great weekend and stay dry.

  6. Amber, you are soooo right. Northern California is a gorgeous place to live and we do need the rain. But every day for 2 weeks? LOL. Anyway, It will be over soon. ... As Debbie said.. the "out like a lamb" should be kicking in any day now!
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  7. In south east Nebraska it has been sunny with a nice breeze, warm and the birds were chirping. It was beautiful. Then last night it rained and snowed...about two inches. It's all gone now, but wet and cold. Sigh....

    Nice waterfall.


  8. Friday, March 25th,
    Heh again, MaryLu.
    "Please know" ... that I was not making fun of you for "watching" a Caribbean DVD. Actually, I am sure it is quite -- relaxing and dreamy. (Was only 'hoping' that someone else "had the bug" for wanting to physically travel to somewhere exotic.) Yes, I too, "have the bug" for "wanting" to travel somewhere .... but, it's not happening right now either !!!
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  9. So hard to have spring at your doorstep and then lose it, Abigail! So sorry.
    Brenda, of course I know you weren't making fun of me. (Which you are more than welcome to do at any time!) I'm right there with you on traveling someplace warm and tropical! I may have a MaryLu Caribbean cruise someday for all my readers.. wouldn't that be cool?

  10. Saturday, March 26th .....
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh .... "if only" !!! A "MaryLu Caribbean cruise" .... W-O-W ... wouldn't that just be wonderful !!! (One simple request though .... please don't wait until I'm 75 or anything like that ... okay ???) This would be great ... to have "travelling buddies" ... whom we all felt "safe" with ... to travel together ... and, to somewhere incredibly beautiful and restful !
    Okey-dokey ... sounds like a "tentative plan" anyway !!! (I live in "hope" ... as we keep this 'thought' ... on the 'back-burner' -- okay ???)
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  11. If you ever do the Caribbean cruise for readers. Count me in! :o)

    That's a fabulous idea!

    We're supposed to be getting between 2-6 inches of snow this weekend. Yikes!

  12. Snow, Yikes, Sheri. I'll stop complaining about my rain! Anyway, a cruise does sound like fun. I'll have to check and see if I can get a discount rate for a group. Just not sure how many people could come. Most of my readers are fairly young. But I promise, Brenda, if we go, it will definitely be before you're 75! :-)