Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring in California

Every day I go for a walk behind my house. We live next to some foothills here in the Bay area. It's a great place to walk and pray and sing and plot the demise of my characters!  But it's particularly pretty in Spring. I thought you'd like to see some pictures I took yesterday.

Field of wildflowers

Don't know if you can see the tiny purple flowers or not

California Poppies!

My Neighbors!

Isn't God's creation magnificent?  Even in the midst of a world gone mad, His majesty and glory are all around us!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Friday, April 29th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    What a nice surprise and treat this was today .... to see the pictures - from behind your house !!! How wonderful, and beautiful ... and yes, I could very much see/understand 'why' you would -- walk there, pray, sing, and plot your book-characters' actions ! Yes, God's creation is magnificent ... full of His Majesty and Glory !!! Thanks for sharing ... absolutely beautiful photographs !!!
    (Just watching the 'live' broadcast of Prince William's and "Princess Katherine's" wedding today ... history in the making.)
    - Also ... just want to acknowledge the recent storm-victims in the south ... and remember the many lives lost; plus, the devastation of the destruction.
    Thanks for sharing, MaryLu.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Oh, how lovely! :D Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with us!

    I live in Northern California, too (except even farther North!), and I'm excited to return home from college in about a week! :)


  3. You live in a very beautiful part of our state, MaryLu. The Redding/Anderson area can get quite pretty as well. I will try and post some shots on the crew blog one day. I didn't watch the Royal wedding. To be honest, I have too much on my mind right now to focus on it. I have, however, been praying for the storm victims.
    May God bless everyone's weekend.

  4. Wow! I want to live there now :D Actually, I grew up around farm fields and cows and beautiful scenery, too. I don't know how city people can cope without all that! Thanks for posting these pictures!

  5. Beautiful pictures and a great day to take them. Spring is my favorite time of year. :)

  6. Thanks Ladies! Yes.. it's pretty now, but beware in about a month all the flowers will die and the hills will turn an ugly brown for the entire summer. But, I'm not complaining... It is a great place to live.
    And my heart and prayers go out to those struck by tornadoes in the South. I cannot imagine the horror. May God bring them comfort and help them rebuild their lives. Even my Mom up in Tenn had some pretty severe winds.
    I'm not really into the Royal Wedding. Although I wish the best for them and don't fault anyone for enjoying the festivities. My sister-in-law is using the entire thing as a history lesson for her kids. She's great.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. See! The winter is past;
    the rains are over and gone.
    Flowers appear on the earth;
    the season of singing has come.
    Songs of Solomon 2:11,12

    Creation is constantly singing His praises. These pictures bring to mind days of heaven on earth. Fields with flowers and cows are one of my happy places!

  8. Thank you, Kirsten... what a lovely reminder from Scripture of God's glory in His creation. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Lovely photographs. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  10. What a beautiful Blog, Lloyd! A pleasure to meet a brother in Christ. God Bless...

  11. Lloyd, I agree with MaryLu. Your blog is beautiful! I really like how you have the song that goes with your title playing in the background : )

  12. The pics are beautiful. Makes me homesick for Oregon. :)

    I live in Cleveland TN, and the whole town suffered badly. A tornado ravaged homes just 15 minutes away from my house. We didn't have any damage, but I know a lot of people who did. It was pitch black by 5:00 pm! I tell you, it was like hearing a war going on. Constant lightening, and thunder loud enough to shake the earth. Sort of like fireworks, but much closer to the earth and without the colors. Two funnel clouds formed in our backyard-BUT we prayed. It was a miracle. The clouds swooped up-as if somebody grabbed them from above-Totally a God-thing!

  13. Eszter, my goodness, I got goosebumps reading your story. How awesome that God took away the funnel clouds in your backyard!!!! He is so awesome. I'm so glad you all are safe.

  14. Thanks MaryLu! God is indeed awesome- out of all 312 tornados that came from that storm, He saved us from every single one of them! We're still rejoicing over his protection!