Friday, June 24, 2011

Casual Fridays

Congratulations to Greenduckie13 who won the drawing for a free download of K. Dawn Byrd's new book, Mistaken Identity!!  And thanks to all who entered here and on facebook!

It's been really hot here in Northern California this week. (Wasn't I just complaining about it being too cold?)  Anyway up in the 90s is no picnic, especially when one doesn't have air conditioning and is trying to sleep at night. But who's complaining?
Picture left is of the Bougainvillea in my front yard!

Despite the heat, I've managed to get nearly four chapters of Veil of Pearls done this week and am about to embark on a sea battle between the hero's merchant brig and a British Privateer. Oh, be still my heart!  I know it must seem weird to you all that I'm working on a completely different book than the one that hasn't even released yet, Surrender the Dawn, which releases in August. Well, it seems weird to me too!  However, that seems to be an author's life. I'm editing one book, marketing another and writing a third. So, how do I keep all my characters and plots straight? I have no idea! Must be the grace of God because I'm already a bit skatter-brained! Just ask my husband.

As you know Surrender the Heart went on sale for FREE this past week. It remained the #1 free book on Kindle for 4 days straight!  My author friend, Camy Tang, warned me, however that although many people would be reading my book (a good thing) many of those people would hate it and write scathing reviews, either because they truly hated it (hard to imagine. LOL)  or because of the Christian message, or perhaps just because they are mean people. Though I certainly don't always expect glowing reviews (good thing, cause I don't always get them), I had to brace myself for the onslaught of hatred spewed my way. We authors are a sensitive breed by nature, so a harsh review can be quite painful.  So much so, that I've decided not to look at any more reivews. (Please keep my hands off the keyboard!)

All this to say.. that God came through in a marvelous way and reminded me that none of my books or my writing career is about me. Newsflash!  It's not about me!!  It's about getting the message He gave me out into the world.  My purpose is not to draw attention to myself, but to God. Jesus didn't even make His ministry about Him. He always avoided the accolades and directed the crowd's attention above. Oh, that we could all follow His example! 

Consequently my entire attitude has changed. The more people who read my book, the better. They can call it trash and preachy and horrible all they want but the Word of God, the seed of His Word was placed in their minds. Oh, Lord, let it be fed at the proper time!

I pray you all have a blessed weekend!!  And REMEMBER, next week starts SURRENDER THE DAWN month! Every Friday I'll be posting something about the book and giving away a free copy. So, don't forget to drop in!


  1. Hi Marylu, I downloaded 'Surrender the Heart' on my kindle and have just finished it. It was absolutely amazing. I have to admit to crying my eyes out!!! Chapter 20 was so romantic and beautiful I had to reread it! I can't wait to start 'Surrender the Night'
    I live in the UK and have to admit to my sorrow that the UK market does not seem at all receptive to Christian Fiction. Many kindle users seem to leave bad reviews for books simply because God has even been mentioned in the book. It is such a shame that so many wonderful books have been hammered down just because the author is trying to portray Gods wonderful love and gift of salvation. I'm hoping however it does not discourage you or the many other Christian authors doing God's work. I have discovered so many new Christian authors since purchasing my kindle (Christian fiction is rather hard to source here in the UK or if available is very expensive generally) and I have been very blessed. So keep up the good work - can't wait to August for 'Surrender the Dawn' so I can get reaquainted with the characters that almost seem like old friends!!!!
    God Bless,

  2. Friday, June 24th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    First off -- "Congratulations" to "Greenduckie13" - who won the free download of K Dawn Byrd's new book.
    Yes, I heard how hot it is in California right now, MaryLu. Humidity is what bothers me, more than anything. No a/c ??? Oh, MaryLu ... how do you sleep at night ... do you have ceiling and floor-fans around your home ?
    Your Bougainvillea is absolutely beautiful ... what rich colour, and the plant/bush is so full !!!
    Well, my hat is certainly off to you !!! How you -- edit, market, and write ... three different novels all at the same time (and keep your characters straight) ... it must be by the Grace of God !
    I love what you shared, saying -- "It's not all about me" .... Our Pastor is always saying that to us as a congregation. The way I see it though ... "if" people are reading your Kindle book (for free), and 'if' they are saying mean/nasty/negative remarks about it -- it would simply tell me, that "their spiritual eyes, ears and hearts" -- have 'not' been opened to Jesus yet. At least, they read the book. However, all of that being said .... I personally, would be -- crushed, hurt, and offended-to-pieces ... to receive an onslaught of hatred being spewed at me ! I say, we just take all of that 'spewed hatred' being shot at you ... lay it down at the feet of Jesus, and 'ask Him' to deal with it ! I totally hear you, about being sensitive. My prayer will be - that the Lord's love and blessings will continue to pour down "from Above" on you, MaryLu ... and His peace and presence and acceptance ... will fill you ! (Yeah, probably best 'not' to keep looking at those reviews ... they will only tear you down !) 'We' ... the 'true fans' ... of the Lord, and, of your writing talents (from HIM) ... already 'know' that your books speak - the truth in word.
    So thrilled to hear "Surrender the Dawn" month is coming !!! Can hardly wait !!!
    Well, by the time you are reading "all" of this ... I 'should be' at my sister's place. Thanks, MaryLu for the 'well-wishes' of a safe trip, and, wonderful time. Most appreciated.
    Everyone have a great weekend.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  3. I don't know how you keep up with all either, but you are doing a fantastic job.

    You have a such a good attitude about possible negative reviews and you are so right. The seed will be planted.

    Love your picture of your Bougainvillea. (whew, that is a hard one to spell!) I had those when I lived in Texas, but they never got as big and beautiful as yours.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Good morning, ladies!! How wonderful to wake up this morning to your sweet, encouraging comments!
    Thank you so much, Myrtle! I'm so glad you enjoyed Surrender the Heart! I'm sad to hear about the lack of good Christian novels in the UK. Britain used to be such a God-fearing country. My fear is that the same thing is happening over here....
    Brenda, safe journeys! I'm glad you were able to drop in before you left. And at your advice, I'm laying all the hateful reviews at the feet of my Lord. I do feel His peace. Thanks!
    Sheri, thank you so much as well. Yes, Bougainvillea's grow well here.. also in Charleston. I saw a lot there. I hope you are feeling better... still praying for your healing!
    You are all dear to me! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello MaryLu!
    Love the picture! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I'm on vacation right now and the weather is perfect! But the state that I currently live in is having really hot weather too. Almost 90 degrees. Yuck! Glad I'm not there. There aren't any oceans or lakes...unlike my home state where I am!
    I love all of your books. I know people right mean reviews of your books and they're seriously missing out. I used to read them but they made ME mad. I read them on Amazon. So I'd click to see other reviews they made and they wrote nice reviews about books that were about aliens and vampires and books with explicit sex... So naturally they wouldn't give your books a good review. So you shouldn’t even give it a second thought because you’re right.
    I think it's really awesome that you're able to handle so many projects at once! I believe I would go insane!
    Can't wait to read them! God bless you,
    ~Abigail =D

  6. Oh yeah, and the whole sensitve thing...totally know what you're saying.
    I have Bipolar Disorder so if I read the hateful comments and I was the author I would probably cry my eyes out. I would probably feel weakened...
    But you have God supporting you so really, they lose.

  7. First of all, congrats to the winner!
    Sorry it took me so long to comment on this. I actually slept in this morning! It felt good. Yesterday, I was out in our back yard weeding, so I was pretty beat. Anyway, #1 for 4 days! That's great! And as for the 'bad' reviews, don't sweat it. Take a page from your last devotion and know that it isn't about 'you'. Satan knows how many souls your novels have touched and it scares him......SCARES HIM!!!! So, count any and all reviews as good ones, because even the bad ones are 'good'. That seed was planted and satan is just trying to dig it up, but God holds the roots! So, my advice is that you continue to read all reviews and when you come across a bad one, smile, because you know that that person has a seed of truth inside him/her. Then, say a quick prayer for that person. You will feel refreshed each time.
    I am anxiously awaiting the next crew package! Have a great weekend, Cap'n and God bless. *hugs*

  8. Hi MaryLu :) :)
    The bougainvillea (spelling?)is gorgeous ;) :) I love the bright color and looks ginormous, too :) )

    I'm really excited about your book and more peoploe being able to read it ;) :) I love your writing style very much...and I'm confident others will too :) :) You write well...and the Gospel message fits in so easily. It doesn't seem forced or fake at all. It flows really naturally :) :)

    Have a great weekend :) :)

    One random question...there's this little "plus one" box that people c an click on. It's above the boxes where we can mark this post as funny, interesting, cool etc... What is that "plus one" box for?

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. Abigail, you're so sweet! Thanks for your kind comments. I did cry but only for a few minutes before God set me straight. Enjoy your vacation!!!
    Debbie, good for you to sleep in this morning. I try to do that but my mind tells me I have too much to do! You're right about Satan. He must be pretty mad at me. I appreciate your encouragement! And I'm going to pray from now on for my bad reviewers. Good idea.
    Heather.. thank you so much! Your sweet words mean the world to me. What a great group you all are!

    I have no idea what the plus box is for!! LOL. Maybe there are more options to click if you click it. It comes from blogger.
    Have a great weekend too!

  10. Hi Marylu!
    You are so talented to be working on so many books at once, and your God-given talent shows in all your books, so don't let any of those reviews make you feel bad. As you said, God can use your books to help these people, even if they don't realize it right now. Besides, you know that you are doing what God wants you to do, so what the world thinks and says does not really matter. Keep up the great work, and we hope the weather by you grows more bearable!
    Heather and Cortney

  11. Heather, if you click on the +1 box, it will tell you what it is. If you do not want to do it, just do not confirm. I personally decided not to do it because it's too public for me.

  12. Love the reminder, "It's not about me!" We tend to forget that, eh?

    Your bouganvillia is beautiful!