Monday, June 13, 2011

Got shallow faith?

Has God told you something, or promised you something, either directly or through His Word, but you feel like you just don't have enough faith to believe it will come to pass?   To make matters worse, you've probably heard a dozen or so sermons on the topic telling you that if you don't have enough faith, God can't operate. You remember the myriad stories from Jesus's life where he praised someone's faith and then healed them completely or granted them their request. And the times when he walked away, unable to do any miracles because of unbelief.

Funny how the enemy will bring up all those "faith" stories and pound you over the head with them until you feel like you're the biggest Christian loser out there. A complete failure. I mean, why would God help someone like you?

Faith is important, but it doesn't stand alone. There's something else vitally important, equally important and something that must come before faith.

I was reading the story in Luke 5 last week where Jesus first meets Peter. He uses Peter's boat to preach to the crowd. Afterward, He tells Peter to row out and cast his net into the deep. Now, Peter had been up all night fishing and not caught a thing. He knew full well that you can't catch fish during the broad daylight. What Jesus was asking him to do was crazy.  Yet, Peter only hesitated a second before he said "Nevertheless, at your Word, I will let down the net."

As it turns out, when Peter did so, they caught so many fish, the nets nearly broke. Now, I ask you, did Peter have faith that he would catch fish? No. He told Jesus as much. Then why did the Lord bless him with so many fish?

I believe it was 2 things: Obedience and Reverence.  I don't know what Peter believed about Jesus at this point, but he must have believed Jesus was either a prophet or some Holy man, perhaps even the Messiah. Because of that belief, he feared Jesus as one would fear God, in a reverencial, awestruck way. And because of that, Peter obeyed.

There are so many other examples of this in Scripture, but I urge you to search for those moments when Jesus healed or delivered. Some may have had the faith to believe Jesus would grant their request, others may not have. But I assure you all of them worshiped Him and obeyed Him first.

What are your thoughts of Jesus, of God? Do you revere Him, worship Him? Are you living in obedience? If so, then that is true faith. It is what astounds the angels as they watch us. That we simple humans can worship a God we've never seen and not only that, obey His Word. That is what faith is all about.

So, don't let the enemy tell you that you have no faith or weak faith. The fact that he's even attacking you with those thoughts prove that the opposite is true. Faith is not a feeling. Believe that God Loves you and that He is a good God, and a rewarder of those who seek Him. In Peter's case, that was enough.

So shove out into the deep, cast out your net, and see if God doesn't fill it with fish!


  1. Monday, June 13th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Another beautiful Word, timely, and in due season !
    I know there are things that have 'not yet come to pass' in my own life (and those I pray for too). But, I TOTALLY believe and know ... that God IS good, all the time, no matter what !!! I know He IS faithful, and just, and merciful ... and, that His Word is truth !!! Also, over the years, have come to know ... that "all things work together for good to those who know and love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose" ... and that "one day" .... these long-awaited promises or words ... "WILL come to pass" !!! My constant prayer is that: "Your will be done, oh Lord !" And, I do believe, that He is ... a rewarder of those who seek Him ! (NEVER give up !!!)
    Thanks MaryLu ... for the encouraging words !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Sounds like you're already out in the boat, Brenda!! I'm beginning to realize just how GOOD God is. I think believing in His goodness is the kind of faith that really pleases Him. Keep up the good work and never let the enemy steal your joy!

  3. Mornin Cap'n!
    So this was wonderful timing. Thank you SO MUCH for that :)
    and I know you have a very busy schedule...but could I ask anyone who reads this to send up a prayer for me? I have a friend that I'm trying to witness to. He says he's saved, but I'm beginning to wonder. If he's just backslidden, pray that I can be a light to him. God is SO good, I know HE will help me!! :)

  4. Another home run, MaryLu!
    This is soooo true. Thank you for sharing. I try to live in obedience to God every day and satan is right there trying to trip me up every step of the way. But, I count it as a good thing when satan bothers me, because it means that he is threatened by my faith. So, whenever you are feeling like satan is attacking you, it just means that you are on the right track.
    God bless you, Cap'n! :-)

  5. Yes, Laura, absolutely! Sorry for the delay, I was deep into my writing today. Yes, I'll pray for your friend, for God to give you discernment over what to say and when to say it and for God's love to shine through you. Many people call themselves Christians today. Only God knows the heart but if you aren't seeing evidence in this man's life, I'd be concerned too. Yes, God will help you! He loves this person so much!

  6. Yes, Debbie. I agree. Satan pays us a compliment when he attacks. How frustrating that must be for him. LOL