Friday, July 15, 2011

Surrender the Dawn month - week three!

First to buisness. The winners of last week's drawing are:   Jackie S. and Sarah!
Congratulations, Ladies!!!!!  
But don't give up. Two more people have a chance to win again this week. Just read the post, leave a comment with your email and I'll enter you!

Now, the past two weeks we've looked in-depth at the heroine, Cassandra, and the hero, Luke. This week, I'm posting the wonderful video trailer of the book. If you watch it, it should give you an overview of the story. Here it is:

So, what did you like about the trailer. What did you dislike?  I didn't make it so it won't hurt my feelings. I'm very grateful for my publisher who had it made for me!  Also, did it make you want to read the book? Or did it turn you off? and why?  Give me your thoughts and I'll enter you to win a free book!

Tune in the next 2 weeks when we'll be playing guess what that character will say next!


  1. I thought the trailer was very well done. I liked the scenery that was portrayed in the background. Also, the bits and pieces of the characters perked my interest. From watching this trailer I'd definitely buy the book.

    I would love to win a copy of, Surrender the Dawn.


  2. Friday, July 15th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    "Congratulations" to -- Jackie S and Sarah, on winning a free copy of MaryLu's newest book.
    What did I like about the trailer -- 'the variety of the picture-clips' in the video (really liked them a lot), giving a good overview of the book, and a sense of the story that is about to unfold.
    What did I dislike about the trailer -- MaryLu ... please forgive me ... but once again, I still do not care for the commentator's voice. I felt she did no justice to your book. To me, there seemed to be no conviction in her commentary ... like nothing attention-grabbing or exciting, no depth to the tones in her voice.
    From watching trailers (of other authors and their upcoming books)... I have personally found the best ones .... are just of -- (1) a great video of picture-clips -- of the characters, scenery, and anything relevant pertaining to the story (which your trailers already entail); (2) an extremely captivating/exciting/dramatic -- musical background; and, (3) just the 'wording' coming up throughout the video (with NO voice talking at all).
    Again ... none of this critique was meant to be hurtful ... just think it would be better with no one speaking. (Only my opinion.)
    Thanks for sharing the trailer with us. I can hardly wait to read "Surrender the Dawn" !!!
    Yes, please enter me into the contest.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley
    ( )

  3. I enjoyed the graphics but I think I would have found it more compelling with text and different music. The narrator has a beautiful speaking voice but -- well I just read Brenda's comment and she said it very well. I want a book trailer to increase my heartbeat!

    I'll read the book because I love your writing, MaryLu and I need to know what happens, but the trailer wouldn't have sold me on its own.

    I'm going to follow this one around the blogosphere--please enter my name in the drawing!

    debraemarvin at yahoo

  4. Congratulations to this weeks winners.
    I have to agree with both Brenda and Debra, I like the pictures but would like it better without the commentator's voice.
    I was hooked on "Surrender The Heart" so really don't think the trailor would have anything to do with me buying the book.
    Would love to win it.

  5. I enjoyed the book trailer. It gives you something more to imagine when reading the book (like movies do if they are made after a book that you have read). I agree that narration could use some work like a more "hearty" tone to it to get you in to the love story and excitment about it all. However, the pictures are wonderful! I love your books, so that is what would get me to read them anyway!

  6. Hi. The trailer was great. I liked how it summed up the story well, a nice overview. I also liked the pictures that were used. I did not care for the voice, it didn't seem to work well. I will buy this book anyway because you are one of my favorite authors and I have enjoyed all your books. The trailer was just eye candy for me. Thanks. Please enter me.

    sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

  7. The trailer is nice, but I don't know that I would buy the book based on it. I agree that the speaking voice does not do it justice, not that the speaker does not have a nice voice, it just does not seem to fit with the trailer.
    For me, I will be getting the book because I have read and loved many of your others. Thanks for the chance to win the book. I can't wait to read it!

  8. Like others have said, I really like the visual aspects of the trailer - the picture quality and fades give it a professional feel - but the music and the voice gave it all an overly light-hearted feel, kind of lacking drama. I, too, have liked the trailers you've made yourself where the pictures are accompanied by dark, dramatic music and just text instead of a voice.
    Of course, anything with your name on it, I read, but I definitely think that if I hadn't read anything of yours before, the trailer gives enough of the story that I would still buy it based on the trailer alone.

    Please don't enter me again since I won a copy last week. :-)

  9. I liked the way Luke was described and the visuals that went with it. If I didn't know you were the author, I probably wouldn't buy it just because it was too warish for me haha but because I love your style of writing, it was a pleasant and informative trailer to a book I know I'm going to enjoy anyway :)


  10. Hello once agian Marylu,

    The trailer is great, the publishers did a good job. The one thing I don't like is the narrator's voice, I think it's too light for the story line. Anyway The trailer does make me want to read the book And I can't wait to do so. Truth be told I have liked all the trailers. If you can tell your publishers to continue them.

    God Bless,

  11. Unfortunately I have to agree with most of the comments. I want something that will get my heart racing, but it was still very well put together. I loved the pictures. I would buy a book with that video, but some might not. I can't wait to read it!


  12. Thanks everyone! I have to say that I completely agree with your comments about the voice over. The lady is too chipper.. too light-hearted for the type of book this is. I've noticed that about the last 2 booktrailers my publisher has made.
    I will ask them to correct that for the next trailer for Veil of Pearls.

  13. I think that having a trailer for a book is a necessity in today's world. This one was too "light". It lacks the tension that you are so anointed in producing! The only time I notice female voiceovers in either in the previews of kids movies or for something that is strictly woman focused (think makeup/vacuum/cooking infomercials).

    Cut the details, add a deep male voice and moving string music:

    "June, 1812; The ocean rages as Britain and America are at it again; Quick-temerpered, stubborn Cassandra will do anything to save her family. Will her wit, loyalty & devotion get her into more trouble than she can handle? Drowning in hopelessness & pain from the past, will Luke see that God has a plan for his life or will he surrender it all? As devotion & desperation clash, Luke agrees to captain a ship for Cassandra, hoping this will provide the answers they both seek."

    Just some ideas!

  14. Oooohhh! I like it! I'm definitely hooked.

    The only pet peeve I have about most Christian romance trailers is the voice-over. She just doesn't have that "radio" quality that's needed. (She's used in a lot of the trailers.) My hubby is always told that he has a radio voice. That's what made me think of it. Let me know if you'd like to interview him for the job. ;-) LOL

    Other than that, I thinks it's great and I am so hooked!

    lr dot mullin at live dot com

  15. Linnette, your husband comment cracks me up! :) so something my husband would say. :)

    Mary Lu, I thought the trailer was well-done. Love the character snippets and the summary of the books. I agree with Linnette though... I don't love that woman's voice for the voice-over.

    I can't wait to read this one!


  16. Well, I guess I have to agree with all the other comments. The voice in the trailer sounded too much like she was slightly bored while reading a script and decided to be overly cheerful to compensate. But, I liked the rest of the trailer very much. I especially liked the movement this one had in it. Instead of moving too quickly from scene to scene, it incorporated movement in some of the pictures (my personal favorite is the one where the ship sails across the scene).
    I think it does make me want to read this book. If I trying to find a good book, the action hinted at through the summary (though not in the music or voice) would make me want to read it. I love a book with lots of action.
    Can't wait to read this one!


  17. I loved the trailer! The effects and sound were really well done, and it has made me even more ecstatic to read the book!

  18. Hey MaryLu, I can't wait to read this third book in the series. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  19. The video was very well done, and regardless of the video, I would read your books. They're so well written and good adenture, romance, faith etc. My only dislike is the co mmentators voice. The commentator has an awesome voice, but for some parts of the story, the tone was too light...and the war of 1812 was not a funny time in our history. That would be my only dislike. Otherwise, I liked the video...and the visuals were really good :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  20. Congrats to Jackie and Sarah!
    As for the trailer, aside from the voice-over and the 'olives' LOL, I think it is very good.

  21. I didn't think the music fit in well with the mood of everything. Am still excited to read it...

  22. i enjoyed the trailer very much...looking forward to reading more of your work, marylu :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  23. Nicole ScheuermanJuly 15, 2011 at 8:00 PM

    I enjoyed the trailer quite a bit. As many said, I liked the pictures and scenery a lot. The voice of the narrator could have been changed for me to like it even more, but it was intriguing nonetheless. I'm excited to read the book and even more so after watching the trailer as it gave a good description of the book and characters.


    Nicole S

  24. Enjoyed the trailer very much! The imagery was exquisite. Made me want to read the book even more (if that's at all possible). ;)

  25. I loved the imagery and how the trailer was set up. I'm not very fond of the narrator's voice. But, nothing could turn me off from one of your books, I always love them and look forward to reading them!
    Amber Minnehan

  26. Personally, the trailer felt almost as if it were trying to combine too many different elements into one - voiceover (which I would have to agree was not suitable for the drama of the plot), a lot of images, video, music (which also didn't exactly fit the plot IMO) and a lot description of the book all attempting to be brought together by a weathered overlay patterned.
    I like the idea of several previous commenters, a more concise and hardhitting description of the book described either in text and dramatic music or a voice more suitable to the drama.
    All in all, I would read the book from this, but largely in part because I know you as an author, MaryLu and because of the setting on high seas! :)

  27. While the video was well-done, I think that the pictures were not enough. Too much of one thing for too long and not enough variety and not enough images of the people involved in the book, and only a short little picture of the American flag. Definitely should have had more American flag in it.

    The summary was fine, engaging, thought-provoking, if a bit simplified. But intriguing nonetheless! I mean, he's really blackmailed OoO And yet people are blackmailed and coerced into doing bad things all the time!! I just hope Cassaundra forgives him.

    I feel that the trailer was a teaser into the depths of the characters, which was the point.

    Would I read it? Naturally! Cassaundra and Luke are two characters I'm looking forward to learning more about ever since we met them in "Surrender the Heart"! The name Luke, I have to admit, is my favorite Bible name (other than Rachel (of course)) and I love that Gospel above the others!! (But I do love all of the Bible). I want to name my child Luke, should God bless me with one! Also, I look forward to Luke's mediocrity towards God to be changed!

    Anyway, usually book trailers aren't very well-done in my opinion, and usually don't inspire me to read the book. Bur yours did, especially the image of Cassaundra's eyes! Yay "Surrender the Dawn!"

    Lots of Love!

    Rachel Weatherford

  28. The trailer is okay.
    The woman's voice doesn't really capture what the book is about. It should be a man's voice.
    Anyway, it looks wicked good! The video looks good just not the audio.
    Can't wait for it to come out. Don't enter me in the drawing.

  29. I think the trailer looks good, but I suppose you mentioned, perhaps the voice is too chipper and lighthearted. The speaker has a lovely voice, but perhaps it's not quite right for the book.

    I would buy/read the book regardless of the trailer. I'm currently reading Surrender the Heart, and your writing is AMAZING! I would buy any book with your name on it. ;-)

    Thank you for a chance to win your latest!

    scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

  30. Wow! I love all the input!! Thanks so much everyone! And also for your compliments.
    I'm going to pass onto my publisher your opinions on voice over and music. So, I really appreciate it. I've entered all your names in the contest. I'll pick two next Friday! Have a blessed weekend. :-)

  31. I agree with what's been said so far. The trailer needs a deep man's voice if there is to be narration, and the background music needs to be more passionate. Lots of cello.
    I am so excited to read this book!

    notesofsilver @ hotmail . com

  32. Hi MaryLu! This is a great book trailer! Very eye catching and would certainly grab the attention of someone who hasn't read the others in this series. Truthfully though I've been dying to read this book since Luke's first scene in Surrender the Heart, so even if this trailer were just two stick figures sailing a rowboat it wouldn't matter, lol! But I do wonder who narrates the trailers? I've heard her voice before for others book so I think they use the same woman.

    Congratulations on your new book and sweet book trailer!! I'm so excited to read it!! Thank you for the chance :)


  33. Lady DragonKeeperJuly 19, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    Well, I couldn't hear the audio bercause I'm using an internet computer at the airport, but I thought the book trailer wasn't bad ... I'll have to watch it with sound later when I get home. Without audio, one thing that struck me was that if you were deaf or hearing impared, you wouldn't really know anything from the story other than looking at the first and last "scenes" with text ... so if you had never heard of the book/series, you'd have to look up the book online or something with the information at the end. I don't generally see book trailers, but the best one I've seen was Melanie Dickerson's "The Healer's Apprentice."

    I'm still excited for the finale to the "Destiny Trilogy"!


  34. The trailer was simple, but charming. I agree about the voice, it didn't quite fit. I suppose if this was the first book in the series then it wouldn't have been the greatest choice to advertise the book and entice readers to check it out, but since we are familiar with Luke and the other characters it was very nice. I particularly liked how the voice-over made comments that revealed a little about the story, but not too much, just enough to make you curious and really, really want to read the book when it comes out. I'll be reading this book whether I win your book drawing or not. I'm so excited! :)

  35. So, I didn't like the narrarator. But, the visuals were good. I would have loved to see Luke. Mostly because I want to see if what I see him as is anything like you pictured him! I'm so excited for the book! I Love me some LUKE!!!