Friday, July 22, 2011

Surrender the Dawn - week 4

Winners of last week's drawing are: Lifedance and LadydragonKeeper!!   Congrats Ladies!

Now, for one of my favorite parts of my pre-release book party! If you've been with me the entire month, then you've had a chance to get an in-depth look at both the heroine, Cassandra, and the hero, Luke, and you have some idea of the storyline. In other words, you should know these characters pretty well.

Today, I'm going to take an excerpt from the book, and you have to guess what's the next thing Cassandra  would say, based on what you know about her.  Next week, we'll do Luke.

Here we go:  Luke has just rescued Cassandra from some theives

Sheaving his sword, Mr. Heaton collected his pistol from the ground, slid it inside his coat, and slapped his hands together as if this sort of thing happened every day. He started toward Cassandra. Her heart vaulted into her throat. Perhaps she was no safer with him than she had been with the scoundrels who’d assaulted her. He was the town rogue, after all. A drunkard and a ruffian. He halted, towering over her by at least a foot, and she resisted the urge to take a step back. He smelled of wood and rum. Recognition flickered in his eyes and something else—pleasant surprise? “Are you harmed, Miss Channing?”

“No, Mr. Heaton.” She gripped her reticule. “I thank you, sir, for coming to my aid.”

He glanced at the man lying in a heap in the dirt. “I’ve never seen a woman defend herself with a brick.” His lopsided grin sent an odd jolt through her heart.

“It does not always require a man’s strength to defeat a foe.”

“Indeed.” He chuckled. “Then perhaps I should have left you to your own devices. No doubt you could have pummeled them all unconscious.”

Cassandra narrowed her gaze. “Perhaps I could have.”

“Nevertheless, miss, you shouldn’t walk about town at night without benefit of an escort.”

“Lately, there are many things I’m told I should not do.”

He swayed slightly on his feet and the smell of rum once again stung her nose. “Indeed. I suffer from the same malady.”

“I doubt our situations are comparable.” She glanced at the dark frame of a schooner tied at the dock. “How did you come to my rescue so suddenly? I did not see anyone else about.”

“I was working on my ship when I spotted you across the street.”

His ship. But she’d heard no one would hire him as a captain. “A privateer?”

Mr. Heaton gazed at the vessel bobbing in harbor and sighed. “Alas, she could be one day.” He gestured toward her reticule. “What is it you have in your reticule that would lure such rats from their holes?”

She eyed him suspiciously, wishing she could see the details of his face more clearly. “Nothing of import.” She gripped it tighter. “I had business at the Merchants Coffee House.” A chill prickled her skin. Surely this man wouldn’t attempt to rob her after he’d defended her so admirably. She took a step back. “I thank you again, Mr. Heaton, but I really must be on my way.”

“Allow me to escort you home.” Closing the distance between them once again, he proffered his elbow. His massive chest spanned her vision even as his body heat cloaked her in warmth. Her breath quickened.

“There is no need.” Turning, she waved him off. “I’m sure there are no more ruffians afoot.” Except you, perhaps.

Mr. Heaton fell in step beside her. “Nevertheless, I would never forgive myself should any harm come to you, especially carrying such a fortune.”

Shock halted her. “What did you say?”

One dark brow rose. “They wouldn’t accept your money, would they?”

Cassandra flattened her lips.

Mr. Heaton scratched the stubble on his chin. “I was aware of the proceedings at the coffee shop tonight, miss. I would have been there myself looking for investors if I’d thought anyone in town would take a chance on me as captain.” Sorrow weighed his voice.

Cassandra took in this news and allowed it to stir excitement within her. If only for a moment. But no. Even if he would take her money, Mr. Heaton was not a man to be trusted. She clutched her reticule closer and started on her way.

Clearing his throat, he walked beside her. “You have nothing to fear from me, Miss Channing. I am no thief. A gambler, perhaps, even a libertine, but no thief.” He stumbled, but quickly leveled his steps.

Cassandra shook her head. How on earth had he managed to wield his sword so skillfully in his condition? She stopped and faced him. “You are drunk, sir.”

“Ah, yes.” He gave her a rakish grin. “How could I forget? Apparently, I’m also a sot.”

Cassandra searched for a glimpse of his eyes in the darkness, but the shadows denied her. How could he joke about such a disgusting habit?

“Wondering how I managed to fend off three men?” Luke asked.

       A. Her heart fluttered. "Indeed, it was quite impressive."
B. “Two.” She lifted her chin. “I took care of one of them.”
C. "No. I wonder why you bothered at all." Sorrow gripped her that this handsome man was such a rogue.
D. "I've already thanked you for your trouble. Now, I must be on my way."

Okay, so which answer fits best with Cassandra's personality? Leave your guess in a comment and I'll enter you to win a free copy of Surrender the Dawn!  You don't have to be right to be entered.  And if you're feeling creative, you can make up something you think she would say!


  1. B! HAHA. I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

  2. I'm going with B as well. So excited to read this book.

  3. I believe the answer is B. Too me that sounds like her.

    sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

  4. Friday, July 22nd,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    "Congrats" to -- Lifedance and LadydragonKeeper re - winners of last week's drawing.
    Trust me ... I am not a copycat ... but I also believe the answer is "B". Knowing a little of her personality, I think Cassandra would boldly and confidently 'proclaim' ... that "she" had knocked one of the ruffians out, all by herself.
    Thanks for sharing more of the story today ... can hardly wait to read the book !!!
    Yes, please enter me into the contest.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley
    ( )

  5. I really enjoy this excerpt. I think the answer is B. with only a slight feeling of deja vu :)


  6. I have to say 'B' as well. It sounds the most like her. I can't wait for the book to come out!

  7. although B is funny and witty. I'd have to say D.

  8. It has to be B!! Can't wait to read this!!!

  9. I am going to say it is D. I think she is trying to get away because she is scared of how she is attracted to him. But she isn't sure if she can trust him, but she is getting desperate. She is trying to leave and get away....Can't wait to read it!! Thank You!

  10. Nicole ScheuermanJuly 22, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    Definitely B. The tone in that choice fits Cassandra perfectly. I can't wait for this book to come out!


  11. B. I can't wait to read it!

  12. I would have to say B - it seems like something she would say! :) Goes with her red hair ;)

  13. I just received the copy you sent me in last night's mail, and I can't wait to start it - thank you again! :-)

    Since I haven't started it yet, though, I'd still like to play (but obviously don't enter me): I'll join with the general consensus and say I'm torn between B and D, but leaning toward B.

  14. Hello, Marylu

    I can't wait to read this story. I am hooked already. I am going to go with B. I really like her character in this bit. She is someone I want to be.
    Can't wait to read the rest. You truly have talent. God Bless!


  15. HI MaryLu,

    I, too, must agree w/ the answer is 'b.'

    Have a great weekend.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  16. Loved this preview! I have to say I'm going with B

  17. I am so excited to read this. Can't wait, love this series.

  18. Definately have to say B! So far, Cassandra sounds like she has enough spunk to fire off a retort like that. It's what I would have done in her place!

    Can't wait to read this book!


  19. I think the answer is B.


    joyce.williams2 at yahoo dot com

  20. i think casandras answer woul be b
    she sounds like a strong willed strong headed girl!

    please enter me

  21. I am between choices B and D, but I am going to choose B because that response shows more spunk, which I think Cassandra has plenty of! She would certainly want to remind Luke of her role in defeating the thieves. I can't wait to read the whole book!!

  22. Oh, and I forgot to leave my e-mail address!

  23. I am going to be one of the odd ones out and say D but I also believe that she would have said B.


  24. Definitely B! Love the excerpt.
    I hate that I've missed out on the first 2 books in your new series. But, I'm loving Luke and Cassandra already, so I know this book is going to be great.
    Love Ya,


  25. I think it's B. It just really sounds like something Cassandra would say. I can't wait to read this book! Have a good weekend!

  26. I think that B may be too obvious; so perhaps it is C? Or maybe she said, "No, I'm wondering how you managed to even get out of bed this morning!" LOL Good thing your the writer. LOL

  27. I think the answer is B (first choice)...or D (second choice)

  28. I would say B because she seems spunky.

  29. My first thought to Cassandra's answer would be B. If I had to pick a second choice it would be D. I dont think A and C are right.

    Great post! I'll be here for the next one.
    God Bless!

  30. I'm definitely gonna have to go with B. I love it! LOL!
    Amber Minnehan