Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another chance to Win Surrender the Dawn!!

Come read my interview and leave a comment to enter the drawing:


  1. Hi MaryLu! I just wanted to express how much I LOVED the Surrender to Destiny series! I actually ordered your other two series because I loved it so much. I look forward to reading more of your work! I noticed the picture of Dexter at the end of Surrender the Dawn and I was curious if he happens to be a Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle? I am the proud mama to a Goldendoodle, and he looks a lot like my dog. Just curious! =D

  2. Emma, yes, Dexter is a GoldenDoodle!!! He's my brother's dog and the picture was taken in West Virginia at my brother's vacation cabin. Actually, I just went there on a visit. Dexter is the most gentle, sweet, friendly dog I've ever met. Is your dog like that?

  3. That sounds a lot like my dog! Everyone who meets him just loves him! He adds a lot of funny moments to my life! :)